Pokies, which are also called online slot machines, have become a standard feature within the online gaming world. They offer hours of endless entertainment choices and plenty of opportunities to win real money for those who play in New Zealand.

If you’ve ever wondered how the games work, or how to do it responsibly, this brief guide to the inner workings of real money pokies in New Zealand is made just for you! Keep reading to see everything you need to know about the mechanics behind these popular games and precisely what you need to know in order to start playing ASAP.

Reel Symbols and Paylines

When playing online pokies real money games, players will discover that the games usually offer three or five reels, each of which showcases a variety of symbols such as popular cartoon characters, letters, fruits, numbers, or other well-known icons. Each of these symbols has a unique value attached to it, which is usually shown on the paytable. By producing a certain combination of symbols on active paylines during your spin, you can then win a specific coin value or prize.

For those who don’t know, paylines are the lines where the symbols must appear to trigger a payout. Classic pokies games usually have a single payline on which to win, while modern slot games like video pokies often have multiple paylines on them. This provides players with more than one way to win.

RNGs Rule

Within the heart of every online pokies game is a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a fancy way of saying that there’s a software program that is designed to generate random outcomes each and every time the game is played.

By doing this, game producers can ensure that every result is independent and unpredictable and cannot be easily calculated. Doing so keeps the game fair since it ensures that no player or any online casino can influence the outcome of a reel spin.

When players hit the spin button, the RNG will pick the number it’s currently using, to show the corresponding and particular symbols upon the reels. This is then shown to the player who will then either win or lose their spin.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

One of the fun things that most online real money pokies include is a set of bonus features for players to be able to activate. These are usually displayed as wild symbols or the offer of free spins. Wild symbols are those that can be substituted for other symbols to create winning combinations for the player.

Another bonus feature in some of these games is the scatter symbol which can activate free spins or bonus games for players to enjoy. The free spin option allows players to spin the reels of the pokies game without using funds from the player’s balance. During free spins, the game plays automatically which means any winnings are added to the player’s account.

These in-game mechanics are what make pokies so unpredictable and fun for most. After all, the chance to hit it big and spin the reels for longer is an enticing draw.

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