Yanique's Testimony 


Ok where do I start. I was doing some food preparation search on youtube in April of 2011, and came across this person saying they r a pastor and showing how to seal a mylar bag with storable food. I checked out some more videos and they were interesting, especially because it was a pastor doing preparations. So i showed my husband some of the videos and he was interested, and for about 3 weeks, kept saying we need to go and visit and see what this was all about. We live in East Tennessee, so it took us about 21/2hrs.-3hrs to get there. We finally made the trip on Saturday April 29th and arrived at 11am for service, it was down a little road off the beaten path called pumpkin town lane. We got there and parked our car in the gravel drive adjacent to the church, then we walked up to the first set of doors and realized we had to remove our shoes, then we opened the other set of doors leading in the hall of the church, where u can use the bathroom, get some water, sit in a couch, or congregate with the others.

Ok where do I start. I was doing some food preparation search on youtube in April of 2011, and came across this person saying they r a pastor and showing how to seal a mylar bag with storable food. I checked out some more videos and they were interesting, especially because it was a pastor doing preparations. So i showed my husband some of the videos and he was interested, and for about 3 weeks, kept saying we need to go and visit and see what this was all about. We live in East Tennessee, so it took us about 21/2hrs.-3hrs to get there. We finally made the trip on Saturday April 29th and arrived at 11am for service, it was down a little road off the beaten path called pumpkin town lane. We got there and parked our car in the gravel drive adjacent to the church, then we walked up to the first set of doors and realized we had to remove our shoes, then we opened the other set of doors leading in the hall of the church, where u can use the bathroom, get some water, sit in a couch, or congregate with the other members. We met some of them, but just said hi because service had almost started and people were on their knees, some whaling, some praying and some crying, and this was new for me so i just took it all in. Then we went to one of the rows of chairs and got on our knees and prayed some, then sat on my chair, then Doug(the call him elder) came and told me i have to be on my knees, so i complied since i didn't know what was going on and this was my first time. As we waited there for about 20-25 mns a pounding of the ground started to come up the hall way, so i peeked underneath my hand and saw a foot with black socks and some colorful pants. Then i heard something being put on a table, then the tapping on a mike, like checking it to make sure it worked. Then the voice started praying, then we were told that we can stand and great one another. Of course everyone came over and met us and welcomed us, and they were very nice. All the women and girls wore long dresses and covered their heads, I saw this on the videos on Youtube so, out of respect for them and their place I did the same. But there was one family there that stood out, it was a mother (cindy), husband(ed) daughter(misty)and her 2 children, they were dressed differently, especially the daughter and mother, the daughter wore what they would call dress of the world meaning (shirts were too tight, and skirts weren't plain enough and they both just wore a scarf wrapped around the perimeter of their heads, and never covering their hair, like the women that lived there on the compound. They lived off the compound in a big beautiful brick home with a pool and 25 acres and a garage where the husband ran his mechanic shop out of, it's a beautiful place, and had all the comforts of the world including television.

Anyways after service that morning we congregated in the hall, drank water and met everyone there and they spoke to us and welcomed us and asked us a bunch of questions, they all seemed nice, and the children loved me and i loved them and played with them. Then after being there for a while, dowell came out to the hall with his wife and they greeted us, for me there was just such an uneasy feeling, as if he was undressing me with his eyes, or(sizing me up) and in his eyes it looks like he was planning on what to do with me. Then i talked myself out of that because as we were taught , that it was the devil trying to get bad thoughts in my head, so i ignored it and went on, because my husband was having a good time and listening to all the people and talking with the other guys. So after we got done talking we were told we could come down to the dining hall and have lunch with them, so we got in our car, and that's when we got to go on the land where they live. We entered the gate and saw the first home on our so right it was tan or yellow block home, then directly across was a metal trailer, then down the gravel road on the right a green house and left another trailer, then next to that trailer a work shop, and more trailers and a basketball court leading to the dining hall. When we got inside the women were in the kitchen preparing the food while the men sat around and the children played. We got to sit at the table with dowell and his wife and that white family, that I talked about earlier. I felt awkward because i know the other people were looking at us and i feel as if they were no longer special and now we were getting all the attention, that's just how I felt . Anyways that's when we started getting told about the bible, and my husband asked about wearing of jewelry, and dowell told him to turn to a scripture and read where i think one of the apostle told the people to take off all their jewelry, and dowell told me to look around and c that none of the women were wearing earrings, so I quickly took mine out so not to stand out and seem defiant, and not embarrass my husband, because women r to listen to their husbands. That's fine I do listen when I don't know what I'm talking about or when it comes to his department and make decisions with my husband, but I do have a brain too i can think for myself. The day went on and we went down to dowell's house, it is the block one as we entered the property on the right. Went inside and it was beautiful, just like the (world's house) as he calls it, 3bdrms, 1 used as an office 2bths, the one by the front door is a guess bath, and it was as if u were in a hotel, clean and decorated, it was hot so the AC was going, there was a flat screen in the living room (but he says he doesn't use it) a couch a love seat and a recliner. We all sat down and talked about ourselves, and of course they told us about themselves. It was dowell his wife carrol, cindy, misty, ed, tyler(that's their son). I took a liking to them because they didn't seem so docile, and empty like the rest of the of the people and they actually held a conversation without letting u know u were of the world and how u needed to change. The daughter i thought was very rebellious for their standards so i was surprised they let her be there, but i like it, i felt like i had someone to relate to and she was my age. They would talk back to dowell and cindy and carrol had a relationship like sisters and that they didn't have with the other people that lived on the compound or not that I saw. We went home late that night like many nights to come leaving there around 12 and 1 in the morning, and trying to drive home, but eventually had to stop at some rest stops to get sleep and then drive the rest of the way when we woke up, i hated doing that and told my husband, but he just always got caught talking or doing something there, and i told him it's not good to stay so late and try to drive home.

Maybe 2 months after going there, my husband decided to bring his truck (deuce and military truck down, his .50 caliber gun, night vision, all the ammo for the .50 cal and a bunch more military stuff). He was previously in the Marine Corps and got out in 2009. I asked him why we were doing this and he said he just wanted to show dowell that he was preparing, and have them use the deuce since it was just sitting at our property and we only took it out to shows etc. So I drove our car behind him and he got all dressed up (helmet and all) just being funny, and we drove the 3 hrs. down there, but it took a little longer w/ the deuce b/c u can only go so fast. And I was so tired, b/c I worked the night before, and he really wanted to go down there and arrive on time that we left earlier than normal. I was sleeping behind the wheel and didn't notice until the car went off to the side of the road where it's jagged so the car started vibrating, and that's what woke me up. I really wanted to keep going and not rain on my husbands happiness, but I eventually told him that we had to stop, b/c I couldn't stay awake. I felt so bad b/c I always want my husband to depend on me that I can do what he ask me so he can be proud, and I love when he praised me. Anyway we slept and woke up in time to make it there for service. Then after we ate and the whole community went for a ride in the truck, dowell drove and my husband was the A driver, telling dowell how to operate the truck, and I can tell he was happy. I stayed, then they came back and everyone was happy and so was the kids, one of the little boys told his brother that dowell went off to war and I thought that was so cute b/c his facial expression was as if he couldn't believe it. Then before we left of course we were at dowels house again and that's when almost everyone was there, especially all the guys b/c they were there to check the .50 cal out, and my husband was there just explaining to them. They got to shoot it and enjoyed it like I did when I first shot it (only once). My husband told me he never meant to let his gun stay there it was just so they could experience shooting it, but as he was showing and explaining it to them dowell blurted out "ARE U GIVING THIS BROTHER", infront of all the other guys, putting pressure on my husband to show if he was all in. I remembering him signing over the title to dowell, and I asked him why he did that, and he said since they were building and was moving materials, that if they wanted to take it off the property, they could get insurance and on it and he wouldn't be responsible if something happened, and he said that it was staying in the family so that eased me and I was fine, b/c the understanding was that we would get it back eventually. It's what we use for camping and the season hadn't started yet so we didn't need to bring it home yet.

So dowell likes to talk and make videos that my husband gave him the truck which is a lie, he just coveted it and it fit in with all his militancy, so he didn't wanna give it back. I would have not drove it down if my husband told me he was gonna give it away, b/c it was also mine. My husband went back and tried explaining to him that we had miscommunications and that he was at fault, even though a week or so before dowell himself was councelling me and my husband about communication and that it was one of the reasons for divorce. Then on the other hand he says it's the man's decision. We all know for a fact that's not true, b/c if he decided to do this community carol had to make the decision to go along with him, so they both had to decide, it wasn't just him, b/c I didn't c a ball and chain on her when I was there.

I remember one time in the dining hall when I first got there or maybe it was the second time, I tried to go in the kitchen and see what help I could offer the women, and they made me feel so worthless, like I was no good and never set foot in a kitchen before b/c I was a woman of the world. The only one that acknowledge me was the 15 yr. old Sky, she gave me something to do and told me I could take some stuff out the fridge, and bring them out and she even showed me where to put it on the table. I wanted to help but I can tell I wasn't welcomed. I told one of the girls there(Ashley) why I didn't go help anymore b/c when I tried no one made me welcomed, and she said that some of the women that was their only job and they didn't want to feel like u were taking their job, and I was fine with that. Also there was another time when dowell was talking with granny gaston (that's what they called her) by the fridge at the entrance of the kitchen, and I was sitting at the table in the center of the dining hall next to the door leading outside, talking to 1 of the guys (ashley's) husband, and I noticed dowell kept looking my way, then he finally yelled out my name saying come here, all bossy. So I went over there and he said to clean the counter and help in the kitchen, and I didn't want a repeat of what happened before, but I did it anyway, b/c my husband wasn't around and I didn't know where he was. I never liked going down to dowels house, b/c we always got stuck there, and end up leaving too late.

We stayed one service Saturday and stayed Sunday also in the little house they have up front, by the church house. He offered it to my husband when my husband told him he was going to stay in a hotel so he could come back in the morning, so he told him no, that we need to help each other out. So we stayed there, and the night before he said breakfast was at 10 (I think) but I woke up and wasn't feeling well. So I told my husband that I wasn't going and that I would be there later, so he went on, and later of course dowell made me know that that was unacceptable and that he wasn't happy, I didn't show up for breakfast (sorry but I don't decide when I'm not gonna feel well). Anyways we went home and I was browsing around and saw a video called "Home Training" (made by dowell) and I just knew he was talking to me, so I watched it, and he went on and on, that if you told him (dowell) what time breakfast was at your house and he just showed up when he wanted to how would you feel? And of course I was upset b/c I didn't c the big deal, b/c I was sick and that's one less mouth to feed.

These were just some of the things that made not wanna be there. One morning after service, I was in the church talking with Ashley, Sky, and some of the little children were there and we were laughing and talking and have a good time. And Ashley said to me that we should go out here to the hall because "WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE HEARD IN THE PRESENCE OF MEN" and of course I was speechless. Me I'm a very happy person, and I smile a lot, so I felt very suffocated there, and my happiness was slowly being stifled out of me, and I became very miserable. The women and dowell always let me know that I was of the world and always offering advice on how to become more like them.

That family that lived off the compound invited us to their property and we went over a couple of time, and they showed us around. But most of the time we went with them was b/c my husband was deciding to move down there, and was looking around to buy a place, and they would show us around. I was never into moving there, b/c we were building our home here and I didn't want to sell it like they always told us, b/c I love our place and didn't want or have the money to buy and build another. They were telling us that when the SHTF we didn't want to be far away, we needed to be close so that we could have help if things went to hell, and of course my husband thought that sounded great. So eventually he moved all our preparations down there to their house and put it in their crawl space under their house, and made dowell hold all of our money in his safe, even though we had our own, and I told him I don't think that's right b/c we haven't known these people but a couple of months and people change, but he didn't listen, and moved all our stuff, I was so heartbroken b/c I felt like he listen to them and make decisions with them and left me out of the picture. But I love my husband and I was gonna stay by him and not let these people take advantage of him, b/c he has a very giving heart and is very trusting. At this time he was going thru a lot and needed me, and they knew this and try to take advantage of him.

He was always calling someone out in the dining hall that was his other pulpit outside of the church. He would always tell us horror stories of people that used to attend church there, and how bad their doing now that they stop attending, and his favorite ending was that "ONCE U LEAVE THIS PLACE THE NEXT STOP FOR U WAS THE LAKE OF FIRE" of course first hearing this scared me. He once said that here (talking about me) was this little black Jamaican women with a big attitude and here's (this white man) my husband that can't tame me, and I was mad b/c he didn't know us to be saying that, but I began to realise Yanique like he told my husband that u have to break someone down then build them up, that this was all that was, trying to break me, but it only made me upset.

The turning point for me was when he (dowell ) said as we were sitting in the dining hall. Me and my husband was sitting on his left at Juan and his (dowells ) brother table, and Randall and his wife (kaylani I think that's how u spell her name) on his right, and he was on another one of his rants, and he was talking about that family that lived off the property. I'm gonna quote him " Not because you, this if for ya'll 2, not because you see us associate with some of the people that come here that don't live here, mean we agree with them. They are hypocrites because they dress a certain way when they are out in the world and when they come here they dress a different way, and he didn't approve of that and we shouldn't think that they agree with that because they come here, if they can't live the community life now, then how r they gonna do it if the SHTF, an and that they weren't allowed in, and they would be stopped at the gate". And I couldn't believe it b/c here these people were planning to go there when things went bad, and he's telling us that they weren't allowed in b/c they haven't lived holy or his way (community life). This was the family that invited me to go swimming with them at their private pool at their home off the compound, and I wanted to, but I was told that, I couldn't be in a bathing suit, b/c earlier my husband had asked him "what about women and bathing suits" He told my husband that I should wear one and that Israelites don't go to beaches, but if we could find a private beach where no one could c me then that was ok, but he didn't approve of going to beaches. So when we went over to their house, the mother cindy ask me if I was gonna go swimming and I told her what I was told, and then, she started getting upset and told me that she was not going over to straitway anymore, b/c not too long ago his(dowell) daughter was at their house in a one piece swimming in their pool, and she was so upset that she started crying saying, she didn't like the fact that they cared how she dressed b/c she was in her own home. She was doing the dishes and cleaning her kitchen, and I told her that I don't want her to be upset and not go there anymore b/c I didn't want to cause any conflict between them, I just told her why I wasn't gonna go swimming, b/c my husband was told by dowell that I should be wearing a bathing suit, plus her husband was there and her son came and went, and I didn't want any of the people from the compound come over unannounced and then report back to dowell what was going on, then of course the rebuking in the dining hall would be next, so I never went swimming even though I wanted to.

So even though dowell likes to make videos and tell everyone the reason why I left was because I couldn't wear a bathing suit was a COMPLETE LIE, and he knows it, because he didn't wanna address any of the real issues why we left. Also what made me start to turn away, was b/c my husband was now making decisions with dowell and I felt as if they were married and not me and him, and I definitely didn't want this man making any decisions for my life, b/c me and my husband got this far without him. My husband started staying later and later, running around changing water heaters, going to home depot and picking up supplies, spending money that we needed to finish building our home, and completely leaving me out of the picture, and when I tried talking to him, and let him know how I felt he just told me he had to do it.

So one service I didn't go with him, but I baked a cake and send it with him, b/c I just wasn't into being bashed another service and the drive was too long, but it was like he was controlled and couldn't say no and stay home with his wife even though I asked him not to go. I kept this from everyone until I couldn't anymore, then I started to do some research about dowell, because he always says to check him out, b/c the only thing you'll find out about him was that "he was in the airforce for 10 yrs. And married to his wife for 25 yrs. And he may have gotten one speeding ticket). I tried and didn't find much, but one day I finally told the builder of our house a good friend that told me he would talk to my husband, b/c he didn't want him to go astray. He met my husband at our local mcdonald's one night, and gave him that article from dowell being interviewed by jim searcy. You can find this at the wild world of religion, dowell says " If u don't have spiritually discerment there's no way, NO WAY , u can be a leader of a spiritual community, it's just not possible. He told us that god told him to start this community, but in his interviewed he said R.G. Stair (his mentor, last day prophet) told him to start the community. I continued and found out more about this and read the testimonies and the similarities of these two and many of the other communities that was started under stair were too much, so when my husband came home I showed him what I found. He took a look at it and didn't really say anything, b/c they were telling him that I had the spirit of jezebel and that he has to try hard to fight it. So he went back the next service and I found out more things, and showed him some of the testimonies, and he became uneasy with the Eric Pfund testimony, because it happened at straitway, so he didn't go back the next service b/c he started checking out himself what was coming to the surface and started back on building the house. I got in contact with Eric Pfund and he and my husband talked, b/c my husband said he didn't want to make a decision until he heard what both sides had to say. My husband did ask dowell about stair and dowels words were, that it was NONE OF HIS BUSINESS, but since he was a brother here (I know that meant since he was giving all) then he would talk to him about it. All he said was that he was associated with him and then left. Now that's explanation enough dowell thought. So my husband hadn't gone there for 2 weeks b/c he was starting to do his own research and the drive was too long and he wanted a break and save on some gas, and dowell himself said if it's too much to drive then my husband could come maybe every other week and save on gas because he know it wasn't cheap. So one day my husband called dowell after he came home from building our house, and he sat in his red dodge, with some questions he had for dowell, and they talked for an hour. I went outside and realized who he was talking to, so I went back inside and got on the computer, then something told me to check out what was going on or what he had to say since my husband missed 2 services and low and behold there is the video just for us titled (JUDGEMENT AND TRUTH) and boy did he let us have it, but he was on the phone outside with my husband telling him to not go to the world, he is to go to the saints, but he sure went to the world (youtube) and told everyone how evil we were. So I went outside and told my husband that he wasn't to say anything yet b/c he had to watch this video that (dowell) made an hour ago. So he came and watched the video, and he decided that he needed to stay away and think. He finally decided not to go anymore, but watched via the online church and saw dowell calling every name there was, and that he had to cut a brother off. They shut my husband out anyway, b/c he stayed with me, b/c the last time he went there before he left which was late at night maybe 12, he said he went to knock on dowells door, and no one open it, and he knew that they were inside, b/c the lights were on and it was so late, and someone or carol always answered the door, so he knew he was avoiding him.

On the deuce and I asked my husband if he was gonna get those back and he tried, and dowell told him the only way he was getting it back was if he brought "ALL THE COPS IN THE WORLD, THE FBI, AND THE CIA, AND LIED and said HE DIDN'T GIVE IT TO HIM. That's the exact reason I told him to get our stuff back b/c I know he wasn't gonna because he coveted them. I really wanted them back, but I knew we were never getting them back, wanted (dowell) to give that answer to uncloak him so my husband could see who he really is. Since we were building it took us a while to get our preparations back from that place where we put it, and they called us anyway saying they wanted it from out of there place since we weren't gonna be there anymore and I wanted it back just as bad as they wanted it out. My husband and one of his friends rented a U-HAUL and they both went down and removed all our things without any of their help, even though they stood there and watched, saying things like a bad weather was coming thru, hoping that it would rain on us, but the lord held the rain off, until they got the last item in the u-haul, then and only then did it start to sprinkle then rained. They tried to talk to my husband and his friend, but it was late and then my husband's friend told them they had to leave b/c they had a long drive home. dowell really is stair.

For everyone looking to follow this man, Please visit these sites: the netteam. net, the WILD WORLD OF RELIGION, dowellisstair.webs.com and many more. Or just google false prophet dowell.

Thank you very much Bro. Mike, for putting my Testimony up, i didn't think it would get on by the way i did it. I've had a few contacts that have also left dowell's CULT of DECEPTION. I meant "SHOULDN'T" about dowell saying i shouldn't wear a bathing suit. After my testimony was put up on dowellisstair(which has been taken down), I'll put up the e-mail dowell sent to the owner of the webpage here. My testimony attracted people who've escaped his grip, and the ones that are loyal to him. There is this one his name is ROOFus, and he has such a polluted mind, telling the owner of dowellisstair that he(should come and warm me up). He's very VILE, and disgusting, just like dowell. They said somethings that was said in PRIVATE DELIVERANCE, on the website. That just showed me and put the FINAL NAIL in their COFFIN of DECEPTION, that they're not who they say they are or proclaim to be. Now i see why many don't leave, whatever you tell them they hold it over your heads as a tool to make sure you don't leave.

After my testimony, i guess his(dowell)daughter read it and she made a video on her youtube page saying she was coming to TN to "OPEN A CAN OF WHOOP A**" on me, and she also called into his blogtalk radio, saying "SHE'S PRAYING FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF HER ENEMIES FLESH" (ME), even though she's never met me, simply b/c i gave an accurate account of my experiences while staying there, and the reasons why i left. I guess she's really her FATHER'S DAUGHTER. She also made a video about homosexuality and how she has friends that are great and none what people have said about them is true, and that they are the nicest people you'll every meet. I wonder how her father answers this when people ask about her views conflicting w/his? The funny thing is, he never "CUT HER OFF" even though she's in the world, like he tells his followers to do. So it's ok to split other families up, but not his. DO AS HE SAYS, BUT NOT AS HE DOES, what a HYPOCRITE.

I also been talking to someone (Kathy) who just left his compound w/her husband and 2 children. She has a youtube page (skaismith) exposing her recent bout w/dowell. Instead of sticking w/the facts of the things she said, he makes FUN of her, and not addressing the things she speaks about, just like he did w/me. Some of the things she says, tells me he's only getting worse, and i just pray that some of those kids get out before it all goes bad. She says when she went there dowell took out our gun and showed it off and let them hold the ammo, and the guys that went to g.o.t.s 2012 had a blast shooting it. She asked 1 of the people there about the truck and they said it was a donation(what LIARS) just parroting everything the leader tells them. But she did let me know, that they are not driving it b/c they can't find someone to insure it. What irony, and how GOD works in mysterious ways, so he refuses to give back something he can't use. Just won't admit he was wrong.

THANKS VERY MUCH, it's nice to know that i can be a hero to you or anyone needing help.All the testimonies on the netteam helped us and i want mine to do the same. My husband always said i was a shining star, and i try to be for anyone who needs it. I would never give up on him or give him over to those VULTURES. That's the husband GOD gave me and i wasn't gonna let some EARTHLY MAN take him away from me w/out the fight GOD instilled in me. I think it was also a test to see if i trusted and believed in the LORD and was thankful/grateful for the husband he blessed me with. I'm my husbands HELP MEET, and was there to help him "meet" this "devil"head on :))) I want my testimony read by every and anyone looking for help in making a decision b4 moving or going to any of these places. I have alot more to say, and will be posting more, b/c he needs to be exposed like his mentor Stair.

Oh, we did buy another truck and enjoyed it before we sold it again June of this year. I really wanted our stuff back especially the gun, but dowell not giving it back, was more important, b/c i was needing to get my husband from under the spell he was under. I needed to show him that dowell wasn't who he says he was and coveted the things of the world that he told us we shouldn't. So dowell thinks not giving it back and cutting my husband off was gonna affect us. It actually made me very happy b/c i got my husband back and he was awoken out of the trance he was in. Also he is still only 85% of the way in deciding to SUE me, i guess he never found the other 15%, haha. Just always blowing smoke, and it only suffocates those who thinks he's all powerful, but i trust in the TRUE GOD to protect me and not some man. He did get up in his BULLYPIT and told the "saint" to pray for our destruction, but we knew GOD was our protection and nothing he sent our way would affect us, we just sent it back where it came from.

I was thinking. The reason why GOD hardened dowells heart and have him refuse to return OUR things (like Pharaoh refusing to let his people go).

If he had returned OUR THINGS, then i think i would have just gone away,(I KNOW I WOULD HAVE) and not warned anyone, and shed LIGHT on the DARKNESS. I would not be telling my story of the experiences we went through and learned from, and letting others learn from us.

I would have just chalked it up to "SAME RELIGIOUS STUFF DIFFERENT DAY".

Also knowing and letting others know that GOD is TRULY FAITHFUL and will NEVER leave us in or time of need.

Was a thought that went through my head time and time again, and it was like a "LIGHT BULB" went off and made me realize it was all done so these devils can be EXPOSED. It truly is a small price to pay to HELP others see the light.

So i'm actually happy it turned out the way it did, b/c now i see the BIGGER and BRIGHTER PURPOSE of why things happen the way they did.

Here's the e-mail dowell sent to the webpage owner, and why he took it down.

From: Pastor Dowell
To:TC (town crier)
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 2:45 PM
Subject: Hi Sir This Is Pastor Dowell


It has come to my attention that you are the one who has put up a website against me. Sir, I do not know you, and I cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing. 99.9% of the people who say bad things about me are just offended, they have never "if I have ever done anyone wrong," They have never came to me personally and said this is the reason why I am offended at you. If that was the case, I would do whatever I could to get it right. However I am not allowed the opportunity to ever face my accusers and those who have made me their personal enemies. This of course is not fair. It has come to my attention that Philip and Yanique are the ones who ask you to put up this site.

May I ask you a question, have I ever done you any wrong? Apparently, Yanique thinks that I have, but I can prove without a shadow of doubt that I have not done her wrong. She is according to the Bible, allowed to tell her side of the story to the people of the Church, "if I have done so" and they as well as myself would be glad to hear it. As a matter of fact I would be more than happy to video tape it for the whole world to see. However I doubt that she will want to do this. So in the eyes of the Bible, she is the guilty party. Also, it is against the law of this land "America", to slander and defame the character of another individual. This is a punishable crime because it effects the life of the individual, their livelihood, job, "if they ever decide to run for public office," etc. I have been advise by attorneys of the law that actually listen to my ministry to sue these people and they would do all the footwork. It would be easy to trace and find all who are involved.

I informed them that at this time I am not ready to move forward with this. However this has not stopped and many people are just out right tired of hearing these kinds of things. So I am almost force to move forward. I do have the time and money to pursue legal action against Phillip and Yahique Elliot. There is enough information on the internet to do so. I am at about 85% convinced to go ahead and move forward against them to protect my name from these type of people. John Reed said that he has spoken with you and he ask you to remove the website. That of course is totally up to you. He also mentioned to me today that he said all of those things just because he was mad at me. I told Brother John that I forgive him and I will also forget everything he has done and will receive him with open arms as a brother. I am happy John is back in the Church again.