Letter to Allen Weiner

Dear Mr. Weiner:

This is regarding the information that Michael Rowland is telling on the broadcast about Ralph Stair. I wished to God that is was a lie and maybe it wouldn't be so painful. But it is the truth. He nor anyone else has anything to gain by spreading anything false about anyone. My family is torn apart because of that ministry. Here is something to ponder: If this isn't the truth then why in August of 2001 did over 50 people just up and leave there? It was a struggle for people to stay at the place called the Overcomer. We debated with it everyday. My youngest daughter was sick and the next thing she knew, Ralph Stair was in the room with her stroking her hair and saying things that he shouldn't have been saying to her. She tried to pass this off as nothing because she didn't want to cause trouble and besides that she couldn't believe that was happening especially while we believed he was a prophet-man of God. He later said other things to her. During the time this was happening, her father and myself hadn't move there. For some reason he (Ralph Stair) decided when we went for a visit that our two daughters could stay and we could go back home to NC. "I knew this would be ok, since I knew for sure they were in godly men's hands". Little did I know what we were leaving our daughters in. Things started happening to them right away but they learnt how to become afraid (to live in fear-and that's not fear of God) real fast. They would not tell us anything not until after we finally moved there in August 2000. It took a little while but finally when the youngest daughter decided that she wasn't going to treat her parents the way they had quickly been taught to treat us, and that is totally like strangers, she started talking to me. The oldest one is still there and she still treats us like strangers. Stranger is the best word I can think of. That wicked spirit that's in that man didn't just start happening, this is something that's be going on for a very, very long time. It's just been finally exposed and with this set of people he couldn't manipulate by twisting scriptures to make them stay there, trust me he did try. He wanted them to stay there like so many others before, so he could quite them down, make them keep their mouths shut, not say anything to the new comers and go right back to doing what he has always done. Even now, it hasn't stopped not yet (and it want either). He's gone right back to treating people like they are absolutely nothing. That was not and is not a place where the Holy Spirit of God is even welcome. When my husband and I learnt and then both agreed that the Spirit has been so grieved it left there a long time ago, we decided that it was time for us to go. You worked from sun up (for some we were up before the sun) to sun down, you didn't have time to even read the bible. You wasn't suppose to talk amongst yourselves, especially the women. Now, I clearly understand why. He didn't want the women he was forcing himself on-or having sex with, (however you want to call it) to know that he was doing it with this one or that one. He knew that he would be caught if they did. So he came over the airwaves and started saying things "shut your mouths." I wondered what that was all about. I also noticed (this is after we moved there) the behavior of some of those women, including my daughters. Again, NOW do I understand the reasons why. They thought they had "AUTHORITY" over people there and could treat them any kind of way. For some of those women, they didn't know what they were getting involved with. They soon found out what the "prophet's reward was." One young girl, thought it was still alright and she actually defended him when she was questioned. She actually thought sleeping with him was right. Thank God she has since seen the truth. Until the Lord brings you out of there you can never see the that man nor that place for what it really is. There is no way that anyone that listens over there broadcast or just visits there will never know none of this not until you actually live there. I used to be one of the ones that quickly defended Ralph Stair, that all drastically changed after living there almost 4 months. I hope and pray that this will help you and anyone else that Ralph Stair is trying to make believe that Mike Rowland is lying. Over the last 20-25 years he's gotten very good at manipulating people by using/twisting the word of God for his own gain. The people that continue to hold up Ralph Stair's hands are partakers and privy to what he is doing. I do not want to be on that side of God, espically since His truth has set me free.

Thank you for your time, Linda W Skenandore