by Michael Rowland

Hello brothers and sisters, Mike Rowland here asking for your prayers as always. Things sure have turned around lately and the lord has really set me free. Brother and sister you know me enough to know that I'm no angel or think I'm to good to forgive a sinner but God almighty we've got to draw the line for the lord's side again today. I have been pondering and writing about what has happened through being part of the Overcomer group.The attorney general of South Carolina and the solicitor of the county has requested more of the details of the things that have happened on the farm. I am one of the few who know almost all of them and sometimes I wish it was someone else's responsibility to report them that way I could just run away and hide,however God chose a wretch like me knowing what I would do and say. I spent 6 yrs of my life going the last mile of the way with Stair as my example and the Lord has shown me the wickedness in his house. I could go on and on.

I thank the Lord for having gotten a chance to know you all and I have always been blessed by your presence. Under- standing all that has happened sure does explain alot of things so I guess I'll just keep talking about it and writing.

God Bless!

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