Pastor Tim Cheek's Testimony

My testimony-Tim Cheek

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph through him who loved us and gave himself for us.
My name is Tim Cheek. I am a former resident of the farm in Canadys, SC I lived there from 1992 until Feb 2002.I was also a minister there as well. I was called a Pastor and by the grace that was given to me by God I labored to be worthy of that office. I, as well as many others, strove to commit myself completely to the authority and teachings of R. G. Stair. Over the course of those years, there were many things that I did not agree with in his teachings, that we were told not to challenge. So by searching the scriptures and praying for the direction of the Holy Spirit, I was convinced that the man was in error. So there was a rift between he and I in the spiritual realm. I had experienced seeing many men who as well, had these same differences of beliefs, singled out, labeled rebellious and publicly ostracized by this man. So, with carefulness and quietness, I endured. Preaching whatever the Holy Spirit would place on my heart, while trying to maintain peace between R. G and myself. This at many times caused personal grief. For example, something I would say in the pulpit would somehow convict R. G and he would get up behind me as he would the other ministers when they were through preaching, and would declare that what was preached was not for him but for the people as we (the preachers) were not sent to minister to him but we were sent to him for him to minister to us. That we should stay in our place and not try to be something that we were not, which for one was above him in any authority whatsoever. That's why I had to make sure that whatever I said was always according to scripture and never in the flesh, which was good for me.

So in Aug 2001, the confession of the sins of R. G. Stair were made known. My reaction was one of shock and grief for the people yet within me, I should have known.

In the days to follow was great tumult at the farm. As the brothers and sisters and my family wrestled with our faithfulness to God and our committed faithfulness to "the last day prophet of God". Could I hold to both? We were asked by R. G to be patient and have mercy and he would pay us all that he owed us. According to the scriptures in Matthew 18:22-35. Well, by my convictions as a Christian and as a minister, I live by the word of God. I had to be a first partaker of the fruit. So, for my souls salvation and for conscience sake, I settled it in my hear to show mercy. I had many private meeting with R. G., I then let him know that if I sensed that he was not going to change and if I received clearance to leave, I would then do so. I no longer had to agree with any of his error. I began to minister to some of the people and at the same time to minister to R. G. as a sheep. Imagine the place I found myself, not by my own desire. How do you salve a wound as deep as the wound as this!

Many had decided it was time for them to leave, and at the same time were trying to influence other to leave as well. Looking back, I understand fully why they did. But I believed that if and when I should leave, it should be by the influence of the Holy Spirit and not the influence of other men. So when others decided to leave, I was involved in the process in helping them to do so. I watched many friend and brother go. Helpless to stop them and not really desiring to, I did not interfere. But, there were others who had decided to stay and I felt obligated to help keep them there. As they told me, that they were willing to forgive and to show mercy as well. So after, it seemed, all who wanted to leave were gone, there was restored, a seeming, sense of peace. At this time, I began a time of repentance and soul searching and as always, as in times past, I preached from the pulpit these things. How that I could no longer identify any of God's people as Esau's. Maybe 'backslidden children' or 'stray sheep' but never as Esau's.

My last message delivered was on discerning the Lord's body. How that we needed to rightly discern the Church of Jesus Christ, as brothers and sisters and not as Esau's. I was never to preach from this pulpit again. I told the people, as well as R. G., that I was a pastor for God and not R. G. Stair's pastor, meaning, that I ministered by the leading of God, saying what He wanted me to say and not saying what R. G. wanted me to say. I then sat silently and watched and listened looking for the fruits of repentance to be manifested. For a time it seemed as though that it would come to fruition. R. G. promised to no longer call God's people 'peanut brains', 'worker's of iniquity' and so on. And for a time he labored to do so. Now in times past, when there was disagreement between he and I, he knew it as well as I. Now, I'm not one who can hide my emotions. My disagreements and agreements can be manifested in my face. One of the things I told R. G. was that if I began to sense that I was becoming a target by him, from the pulpit, I would then be under no obligation to honor my agreement to show him mercy any longer. So as the days progressed, Sabbath after Sabbath, he steered from the course of repentance. He began to call the people 'dummies', 'peanut brains' and so on again. And he justified himself in calling men and women 'Esau'.

I had participated in many of his round table discussions that were broadcast every night from 8-9 o'clock. These round table discussions became a place in strengthening R. G. Stair in his unscriptural methods instead of ministering to the Church. So I stopped attending. The prayer times in the church became so oppressive that I stopped attending them also and stayed at home in my own prayer closet. In doing so, I was once again made a target and singled out in the dining hall. Being associated with him made it impossible for me to receive brothers and sisters whom he would not receive and prevent brothers and sisters from receiving me because of him and his sins. I could not allow this. For I am part of the Church of Jesus Christ as well as they. And to prevent fellowship amongst the body is to do what Paul warned against, thus the judgment of God coming upon those who would do this. After much prayer and speaking with men that had left, whom I still considered my brothers in the Lord, I came to the conclusion that I could no longer give my strength, my approval or my life to the work of R. G. Stair. My wife decided that where I go, she should go, so with clearness of conscience, we left.

So now, after two years of meditation and prayer, sorting through R. G.'s error that I had endorsed, by not reproving it, and the truth of the gospel that is in my heart I now offer this testimony. I have received much insight and understanding on the means of control that R. G. has used to rule the lives of men and am willing to offer this to any saint of God who has a heart to serve the Lord without distraction and going astray into error and into much sorrow and grief. Your brother and friend in Christ,
Tim Cheek


Peace be upon the Israel of God! What would it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?What does it mean to gain the world?Recognition,fame,and riches.Three things that have no doubt found that have found their way into the church and have corrupted it.Purity is something that every true child of God has a desire for.It has been mine since October of 1991,the season of my repentance when I was first enlightened.A humble walk with theLord Jesus.To be clean and free from sin.To be saved.And then the war began.The war with flesh.The war with the will of man.Striving to be in the will of God.All of our righteousnesses are filthy rags!Works in and of themselves save no one.A flattering title is one of the great spiritual deceptions of our time.Jesus said there would be false christs and false prophets that would deceive many.If possible they would deceive even the very elect.I desire to be part of that elect.So the last thing I want to do is deceive myself.After leaving the farm,I have separated myself from any ministry work or fellowship so that i might return to my first love.Truth.I like being free!!!I want to stay that way!!! You might be interested to know that one of the last things that I said to R.G. Stair was that either I was a pastor or i had been given a flattering title as a means of his control.That I was not his pastor,but a pastor for God.A pastor is simply a strong sheep.Not much exaltation in that is there?Someone who knows their God and walks in that knowledge.I am not seeking a following,as those who do know me at all,know that I never have.I know that.I have to live with myself and my family.That over bearing burden of constantly having to be an example around a group of people,with the temptation to be over much righteous ,to deceive ones self by self righteous works.The whole religious deception finally destroyed by simple truth.He hath shewn thee o man,what is good and what the Lord doth require of thee.But to do justly,to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.No longer burdened with the appearance of the scribe and pharisee who love to be called by men "Rabbi".That is Master.Be not called Master for one is your Master,That Is JESUS!!!The lying hierarchy that has been created not by God but by the religious spirit.An error that has led many of God's people into bondage.An error that was shown to me,and yes evenfound in me.A leaven that has been hopefully purged,never to find place in me again.So,fear not little flock,I am just a sheep.A fellow saint on this journey looking for a city whose builder and maker is God and not R.G Stair or any other wolf who would feast on the sheep.A city wherein dwelleth righteousness that wil produce peace and joy that no man can steal from us!HALLELUJAH!!! So,I end as I began,PEACE BE UPON THE ISRAEL OF GOD!!! Shalom,Brother Tim Cheek

The Error of R. G. Stair

I would like to share some of my observations that I have concerning the teachings of R. G. Stair and hopefully anyone who is considering listening to him will not. And anyone who needs scriptural confirmation to assure them that their decision not to listen is right.

Jesus said that you would know a tree by the fruit that it bears. Can a good tree bring forth evil fruit? Can an evil tree bring forth good fruit? Take heed that no man deceive you by any means. That was a commandment that the Lord gave his disciples in Matthew 24. And to us as well who are his followers today. The way to keep from being deceived is by judging what you hear before you accept it. This takes knowing the scriptures and hiding them in your heart. This knowledge of the scriptures was constantly an issue with R. G. It was said by him that he learned from a visit that Richard Nixon made to China, how to control people. You control the people by keeping them poor, hungry and keep them dumbed down!!! Sound familiar? R. G controls the money, the food and you don't know anything peanut brains! And the only thing you know is what he tells you. So close those bibles and stop being Bereans!!! That is R. G. Stair's source of authority.

Open your Bibles! Read!!! Learn!!! Be knowledgeable. Paul said that he would not have us ignorant. So why should we be led by someone as ignorant as Stair? I believe that Understanding is the bridge from Knowledge to Wisdom. Get wisdom, get understanding it says in Proverbs. Pure knowledge is needed to have perfect understanding! Wouldn't you agree that R. G has corrupted knowledge? Has had his understanding darkened by his ignorance? By ignoring one vital truth... willingly continuing on in that ignorance. That one truth that I hope to share with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. In times past, before the first coming of Christ, God the Father used men to direct his people. To preserve His truth and his nature in them, until. Until what? What men did He use? 2 Chronicles 20:20 Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established, believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. By a prophet was Israel preserved. Until what? Preserved means to keep. God's people were kept until the coming of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 1:1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in TIME PAST unto the fathers by THE PROPHETS, Hath in THESE LAST DAYS SPOKEN UNTO US BY HIS SON, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds. When Jesus came, there was a change in the way that God would speak to His people. John 16:7-15. Verse 13 says, howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and HE WILL SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME. Then in the book of Ephesians 4:1-16 tells how the Father would build His church. He would give gifts unto men, that the body would be nourished and preserved. BUT IT NEVER IMPLIES THAT ONE GIFT WOULD HAVE PREEMINENCE OVER THE OTHERS. NEVER!!! 2 Corinthians 6:1 Paul declares that we are workers together with Christ. To exalt one gift above another would reject the new testament work of Christ. To try to operate in that way will bring darkness and a curse. To walk in error, to preach in error, to live in error. The perfect example of this is given by the Apostle John in the 3rd epistle of John verse 9-11. It reads like this, I wrote unto the church: but DIOTREPHES (r. g Stair) who loveth to have the PREEMINENCE AMONG THEM, RECEIVETH US NOT>Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words; and not content therewith, neither doeth he himself receive the brethren (apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, brothers, sisters, truth.) and FORBIDDETH THEM THAT WOULD, and CASTETH THEM OUT OF THE CHURCH!!! This is the apostle John judging a spirit on a man and telling you about his evil fruit and warning the saints to avoid him. Verse 11, Beloved FOLLOW NOT THAT WHICH IS EVIL, BUT THAT WHICH IS GOOD. HE THAT DOETH GOOD IS OF GOD; BUT HE THAT DOETH EVIL HATH NOT SEEN GOD!!!! Has not R. G. Stair exalted himself as the supposed number 1?! Number 1 spiritual authority, number 1 Christian community, number 1 this and that. Preeminent spiritual authority on the face of the earth? R. G has never been able to WORK WITH OTHERS. He always had or has to have the last say. And in return those that he would not receive because they would not submit to his Hierarchy, He would label as rebellious, workers of iniquity (malicious words). And forbiddeth anyone that follows him from receiving the brethren.

I Challenge R. G. Stair to let the people there read this or anything else that the other brothers have written. Because his Stairite power would be broken and he would lose even more followers. But the people there are afraid of being CAST OUT OF THE CHURCH. ESAUS< R. G would say. That old testament example that is no longer viable to those that are truly in Christ. Just think. A man thinks that he has the power to cast someone out of the blood bought church that Jesus Himself purchased, for Himself, and he (Stair) cast them into hell because they won't be seduced by his error anymore. John says that he does evil.

I will cut this short for now. But before I do, let me say this...I believe God's people are a knowing people. The Holy Spirit will not have it any other way.

One morning at breakfast, just a few weeks before I left the farm, we were in the dining hall eating. I have my Bible open and am reading it. Something I had always done. But something that was frowned upon. R. G stands to his feet, walks over to me and says "Do you understand what you are reading?". Now this was not the first time that this had happened to men in the dining hall. So, there was a stock answer that was created by R. G that was accepted and expected. IT goes like this, "How can I except some man show me?" Referring to the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip. Philip is running alongside a carriage carrying a man reading the scriptures concerning the Messiah. Well, I knew full well what to expect. So, I braced myself and said, "YES!!! I understand!" Ralph slams his fist on the table in front of me and screams ''WRONG ANSWER!!!!!" He proceeds to berate and rebuke me in front of everyone. So, I get up and walk out of the dining hall!!! WHY? Because the scripture says to go from the presence of a foolish man when you perceive not in him the lips of wisdom. Knowing that, as a pastor, I am supposed to have understanding. I will give them pastors after mine own heart, says the Lord, that will feed you with knowledge and understanding. Who feeds the pastors? God or R. G. Stair? So, I walk down the street and around the farm, and while walking the Lord opened something up to me. Understanding. See if you bear witness to this. Acts 8:26-39, Philip asked the unconverted man if he understood the prophecies concerning the Messiah. He said, "How can I except some man show me." Philip opened up the scriptures to him, Preaching Jesus. Brothers and sisters, have you had Jesus preached to you? I have. I have been converted. So this eunuch receives Christ and asked to be baptized. Verse 37 the eunuch confesses I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD. Verse 39, and when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord CAUGHT AWAY Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more. The eunuch received Christ and received the Holy Spirit and the man of God left him!!! Once the eunuch understood, had Jesus revealed to him, was baptized, received the Holy Spirit, he had no need that any man teach him anything. For that same spirit abides in all of God's people. HALLELUJAH!!!! So I returned to the dining hall with Ralph still screaming, I motioned for my wife to get our child, and we left the dining hall.

That was the beginning of the end of my loyalty to the overcomer ministry. I refuse to be a Stairite. A Stairite or Branhamite or any other devout follower of men is someone who will follow that man into error and destruction without questioning that doubt of him in their heart. This is seen on their faces as he preaches and they know it's there but will not find out why. I will share more as the Lord permits.

There is so much more to be revealed about the error of R. G. Stair, for me as well as you. Understanding. It will strengthen and help to heal completely so that we will follow the Lord in Truth.

May the Lord bless thee and keep thee.
Bro. Tim Cheek