(Mat 24:4 KJV)  And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
(Mat 24:5 KJV)  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Tim Butler's Testimony
Timothy Butler's Personal Testimony

Greetings Saints of God,

My name is Tim Butler and along with my wife Pearl, sons and daughter, Matthew, Bernie and Lelah used to live on the Overcomer Christian community headed up by R. G. Stair.

We would like to give our testimony concerning the reasons that we left that place and as to the true nature of Ralph Stair, who calls himself the Last day prophet of God.

The reason we are giving this testimony about what happened is so those of you who might be visiting this web site seeking the truth would be able to know the truth. Knowing the truth is what sets men free.

It was August the 7th and I was on the road driving the semi truck that I always drove to help support the community in Walterboro, SC. I heard that evening after prayer time that Pastor Roberts, Pastor Dowell, Pastor Rice and Bro. Baker were all coming to Walterboro for a special meeting. I knew then that something was up so I routed myself back towards home and arrived home on Wednesday the 8th. The leaders had a meeting that day and on Thursday we had a gathering of the Saints in the tabernacle and this is what we were told.

A couple weeks before Stair had been crying out because of his sins. The reason he had been crying out is because he thought that he had gotten a girl, that he had been committing adultery with, was pregnant. The girl was 18 years old, Stair had seduced her by his position as leader of the community and everyone believing that he was a Prophet of God. We had been told that to bless the prophet was to bless God, the girls believed it.

She finally had her period though and Stair thought he was off the hook. Then this other girl who was about 20 years old who he had just married away to another young man thought she was pregnant. The young man was being very careful and they knew that it could not be that young mans child. Stair had been committing adultery with her even after he had married her away. She thought she was pregnant and Stair thought that he had been caught so he went to the brothers who he had confided in when he had thought the other girl was pregnant.

The brothers who were being confided in were Chip Landery, David Jackson, and Pastor Roberts. When Pastor Roberts heard of the second girl he went back home and questioned a girl who used to live in Walterboro. She told Pastor Roberts that Stair had been defiling her from the time that she was 17 until she left that place and in her diary she had noted 20 times of Stair committing adultery with her. Pastor Roberts then told Stair that the saints needed to know about this spirit that was continually taking the man.

So the elders meeting was called and the meeting in the tabernacle was the result.

It was brought out at that time that he had also committed adultery with 2 other women who were in their 30ís. One denied it but her own son bore witness that he had caught her and R. G. having sex.

The truth of why Stair was always accusing us of committing iniquity also came out. Stair was trying to cover his own tracks. He would accuse us of being full of iniquity whenever we were being led of the spirit. If we would let ourselves be led of the spirit then we would have been led to the truth of his misdoing among the saints and we would have confronted him or left. Many brothers had left that place after the Holy Spirit had witnessed the truth to them. Pastor Mike Brunner, Bro. Kirk Higbee, Bro. Scott Reiner, Bro, Taylor, ect, ect.

Stair was also sowing discord among the brethren. He would go to one brother and complain to him about someone then go to the brother he was just complaining about and talk bad about the other brother to whom he was just talking. Stair would stand in the dining hall and preach after our meals almost every day. He would rebuke and reprove people in front of everyone so that we would all fear that we would be the subject of his next mealtime sermon. He used these type of fear tactics to blind the eyes of the people and to cause the people to think that he was above reproach. He made us to believe that we were so carnal that we had better constantly be watching ourselves and not to worry about what someone else is doing. This he did to hide his own actions.

When Stair would walk in to see one of the single women when they were sick, supposedly to pray for them, we thought nothing about it because we thought that he was a holy man.

These truths all came out in the meetings. Another thing Stair did was to hold marriage over the heads of these girls. No one on the farm could marry with out R.G.ís permission. These girls would have to give into Stairs wants or they would never get married. He also told the girls that if there was a boy that they liked he would arrange a marriage between them if they would commit adultery with him. As you can see there was massive abuse of power by Stair. Men brought their familyís there thinking that it would help to keep their children safe from the wickedness of the world only to find wickedness in the place they least expected it.

After the meetings, after the initial shock was over and we could think clearly, the saints started talking among themselves and the pieces started coming together about this man, Stairís, real nature. We realized that Stair had run off all the teenage boys by making their lives a living hell on the farm because they were competition for him with the young ladyís. One of them was our own son Matthew who left because he was constantly being accused of having a lustful spirit and told by Stair that he was going to go away soon anyway because he did not know God. This along with being able to see how Stair would misuse the scriptures and twist them around to what ever gain it would be for him. One day he would tell us that we do not do things like the world and the next he would tell us to do things like the world because the world is wiser. Stair was very double minded and would not receive wisdom from anyone. A brother could tell him the proper way to do something and because Stair thought that he was smarter he would never receive it.

Stair was always untouchable. He would not receive reproof or admonishment from anyone. I truly believe that he thinks he is God. Only a man desiring worship would get on a people who love him for the looks on their faces. He was constantly calling us names too. Many times he would say to us, Damn you , Damn you.. The bible sayís that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

On Wednesday, August 15, 2001, we told Stair that we would be leaving the farm. On Thursday, August 16, 2001, several other families decided to leave also. On Friday, August 17, 2001, Stair relayed to all the families that had decided to leave that he wanted us gone by that evening. He didnít want us to defile his Sabbath which started at 6:00 PM. None of the families that were planning to leave were even really sure as to where to go considering that fact that one week ago we had never thought that we would be leaving that place. This meant that none of us had anywhere to go but back from where they had come from. In our case, we were one of the few who decided to stay in the area in case anyone who was wanting to leave the farm needed any help. At that time we didnít have anywhere to live. We were left homeless for 2 weeks until we found a place and was able to move in to it. Stair didnít care what happened to any of us. He only wanted us out of there so we couldnít talk others into leaving. If Stair really loved us as he said then he would not of put us out on the streets the way he did.

We along with 4 other families left the community on August 17 2001. Since that time many others have come out of that Sodam and Gomorah in Walterboro, SC. A total of 50 plus people left the farm, over half. Three other communities also left after seeing that Stair was not truly sorry for his deeds but rather he was sorry that he got caught. Stair kept trying to tell those that were leaving that we had not forgiven him. That is not true, we have forgiven him. We just see him now for what he truly is, and that is a FALSE PROPHET. Jesus said that we would know a false prophet by his fruits. He said that a good tree will not bring forth bad fruit and a bad tree will not bring forth good fruit. We are witnesses to the fact that the fruit which R.G. Stair produces is not good fruit. Either all the fruit is good or all is bad there is no in between.

We are a true and faithful witness to these things. May God witness to your heart that we speak the truth in Christ Jesus and lie not. May God give his peace to us all.


Pastor Tim, Sister Pearl and family

The Butler Family