Thomas Belford's Personal Testimony

Hello, my name is Thomas Belford my family and I moved to the overcomer Oct. 3 1999. I have two daughters & two son's.

We moved there a little after Stair had started to change the way he would present the word of God. He started using sex a lot and even explained to children how to have sex using the Bible for cover. I had a hard time with this. My Dad did not put up with this kind of talk raising me. The Real church will not have this problem.

Stair wants the children to think this is normal so he can use them when they turn 16 years of age. This is when he will tell them God wants them to have sex with him and it is not a sin and if they don't they are black balled by the brothers that remain loyal to him.

There are new people there that don't know what's happening there, he will stay low for awhile.

He now tells everyone there that God had him do what he was doing since the age of 18, because the sisters have a (whorish) spirit on them.

There was a meeting when this all came out because two sisters became pregnant, one after the other. He was scared and needed help so he went to some brothers to help him hide this problem, the first problem was my daughter, she was pregnant. Stair and his wife wanted her gone. They did not want to move her to another community because his wife hated her for what God had told Stair to do to her. Stairs wife wanted to drive her some where and drop her off and tell us she left.

I believe my daughter was told that we had herbs that would cause a miscarriage. She had a miscarriage and Stair thought it was over. Then the second sister was pregnant and he got scared again and called the brothers to his rescue. Note he did not call on GOD, because GOD is not behind him any more. This time the Brothers made him tell the church and he repented and we forgave him .

I went to him and told him we needed to get away for awhile because my wife was having hard time. He was all for this because this is how it was handled in the past.

When we left he started changing his words so we would not come back and others would leave and his power will be returned to him.

The men that remain with him were elevated on the community to a higher status which is only in there head. They are called paster or prophet.

He only repented for being caught thats all.



Conspirers against the brethren. One day I was mixing paint at the Paint trailer there on the farm and I looked to the side of me and there stood Stair & David Marotta they started talking loud enough so I could here them . They were discussing about Bro Mike Duvall. and his family. Ralph told David he wanted them out of there no mater what it took then they would look at me I would just turn my head and look down at what I was doing. this bothered me in my spirit I could not believe my ears. T his is a Brother we should love. I believe now this is how they test you to see if you will join there get rid of them club after you get there money. Not all left there are part of this, just a handful.

--- Thomas Belford
Phone: 1-501-556-4090

Parallels of Satan and R.G. Stair

Ralph Stair raises hell with the members of his farm to keep them unstable at all times. Like Satan he wants as many of Gods little ones to fall from the grace of GOD as he himself has done years ago. His method is the word of God because; he like his father knows his time is short . And that is Satan's plan in this hour, which we live.

Lucifer fell from grace trying to put himself above God. Ralph has done that for years. Lucifer went to women to try to make God a liar using the word of God. Ralph has done that also. He has told the sisters that he had raped first then used the word of God to convince them it was Gods will for them to bless him in that way because of his double honor God had given him for being a prophet of the Lord God. When asked if it was a sin to lay with him, he again used the word of God to deceive them. By saying has not God said he can forgive all manner of sin. God has great mercy it will be ok with him for you to bless me this way. FEAR Satan uses fear again this is one of Ralph Stairs Strongholds. He uses any means at his disposal to bring this on someone.

He has a pastor in his line up that he would use his past against him all the time. To keep him inline. It had to do with trying to lay with someone at the community someone Stair himself was laying with himself. He would say to him in the dining hall that what he had done was common for black folk isn't that right pastor and the pastor would cower down and say yes sir. He would not tell enough to give away what had happened but just enough to do his purpose of control.

Stair was always quick to point his finger at anyone he could to focus us on someone's sin. And would preach he has no sin only the house God has gave him. Stair gets his strength from the ones there that will submit to his evil ways and do his bidding And like Satan he will reward those that do with special privileges. A little cash in their pockets is one way and even candy for the children. The love of money is the root of all evil.

If you listen to Stair in the broadcast and especially at the dining hall you can see that's the root at the farm. It kept him on the air for years so he could keep a steady rotation in and out at the farm. He will even give a small portion of money back to some of those not all that had left there because he knows it will help him look better. He knows he can say I don't have to give them any thing. Besides he has more coming all the time and when someone leaves he can talk about it on the radio and get it from someone else who wants to move there real bad and to send him all their money. He will brag about this happening every time someone leaves's the farm.

Stair has deceived many God has opened many eyes. Some that have left there say it was our fault Stair is the way he is. Truth is I was once deceived from a messenger of Satan using the word of God to my destruction. God has opened my eyes to one of Satan's devices. Stair has had this spirit for years and still does. If some of those that left there want to hide the truth and say it was there fault he was that way then it is there fault that he is that way they ran and hid there candle under a bush and are still under Stairs control because that is what that devil wants and if it was there fault they should go back to there mess and clean it up. Instead of changing their anointing given to them by God and refusing to go by there titles any more.

Thomas Belford

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