Tammy's Testimony

My name is Tammy and over three years ago my parents (Rick and Lynda Schwein) joined False Prophet R. G. Stair's farm, The Overcomer Ministry, in South Carolina. Once I realized they were in a cult being run by a man who claims to be "The Last Day Prophet of God" I quickly went to work to learn all I could about this man and his ministry.
There was not much on the Internet about him, but enough to start with. I taught myself how to build web sites so I could start exposing him online myself. I did find Lori Eldridge online, who exposes false prophets and teachers, and together we started putting critiques and testimonies online. Her web site can be found at:
End Time Prophets
What I have learned from former members and from my parents was that R. G. Stair demands total obedience and needs to control everything and everyone. He has a very abusive personality and when his time is up he will have left a path of destruction that is unimaginable.
R. G. Stair abuses his followers spiritually, emotionally, verbally, financially, sexually and physically. This is all documented by ex-members testimonies. This can also be discerned by listening to his broadcasts from time to time. Calling his member's peanut brains and other name-calling.
Over the years he has caused many broken hearts, broken up families, taken their money, gotten them to sell their homes, give up their life savings, their pensions then later kicks them out, and used his so-called Godly authority to sexually abuse young girls and women. R. G. Stair is also the sole cause of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases there on the farm. Plus babies being born dead, babies dying at two-weeks of age…….being buried and then dug up and buried again.
Because he teaches to reject modern medicine and doctors this has resulted in a few deaths. Deaths that very well should have been prevented by simply going to a doctor. 
He also teaches to reject your own family. Claiming your family is a sin to get rid of. This has caused grandparents, parents, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands and other close family members to lose them that is much like death and leaves an unexplained and hard to understand hole. They know they are alive but all contact and communication is gone. They change into a different person and they are completely lost to you while under the influence of Stair's teachings/doctrines.
After studying mind control and how it works I have also learned that R. G. Stair uses every single form of mind control on his listeners and that is why you hear people who join his cult have been listening to Stair on radio and once he gets them to join he keeps them through the same methods of mind control.
When my parents told us they were living on the Overcomer Community. I e-mailed Mr. Stair and asked him a few questions. I explained who I was and that I loved my parents and wanted to make sure they were somewhere where the true Jesus of the Bible was taught. I asked if my parents could come home for visits, asked if I could call them........Then I asked Mr. Stair who Jesus was to him personally. I also explained how important that question was to me. tamrowland@embarqmail.com

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He e-mailed me back and told me I could call on certain days at certain times. He then said NO my parents could not leave......because if they did they could not come back. He did not answer any of my "other" questions. But he said, "There, I have answered all your questions." Needing him (Stair) to understand the very importance of my questions I e-mailed him again and asked him if he could PLEASE just very shortly and simply tell me who Jesus was to him personally......I then included my own writing of who Jesus was to me.
He not only refused to answer my question, but also was furious with me. Then had my mom call me and tell me to stop bothering Brother Stair.
Later Stair offered to pay my way to visit. I declined the offer mainly because I had small children and could not take them nor leave them.
I learned that if I did come for a visit I had to stay on the Overcomer farm the whole time. I could not stay somewhere else at night and visit during the day. I had to obey all their rules and regulations. While on the phone talking to my mom one day I could hear Stair yelling in the background. I asked my mom what was he yelling about, she said, "Oh, he is mad because he went to town to buy flowers and they tried to overcharge him, you know how people do you." Then she went on to say she would love to have me come for a visit but I would probably get yelled at, but getting yelled at never hurt anyone.
When my mom and dad joined the Overcomer they left their home in Kansas, leaving behind one set of parents, a daughter, two sons and 9 grandchildren. Not to mention aunts and uncles.
This from a 7 year old: One day she had a sack of candy and while she was talking to me she opened that sack and picked out a piece of "super bubble gum"......opened it and popped it into her mouth.......and continued talking to me......until she started chewing. Then all of a sudden her face expression changed and she stopped talking. At first I thought maybe she choking on her gum. But she let out her breath and said, "Oh, this reminds me of grandma." You see, my mom always had that bubble gum in her purse and she would give her some all the time.....it was something special from grandma.
This from a four year old: One day she asked, "Did Grandma leave because I was bad?" WE told her NO, but she then said, "I think grandma left because I was bad."
While my parents were living at that cult for over two years it was like a very long nightmare. Our prayers were answered in August of 2001 when they left along with about 60 other people.
This proceeding in me getting a hold of Michael Rowland and starting our web site, "The Net Team"
I have made new precious friendships and our work here on the Net Team is not finished yet. But I believe R. G. Stair is finished.
I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful work and I also thank Michael Rowland, Lawrence and Linda Skenandore and their daughter Regina, Michael and Kathleen Duval and their sons Tom and Steven, Pastor Dan Catlin and his wife Linda, Brother Ben, Kathleen Rae, Thomas Belford, Eric Pfund and his wife, Kelly Burgess, and I know I am forgetting lot's of wonderful people who have helped us along the way. I love you all!