Table of Truth Ministries
Brother Ben

Dear Brother Dan, Bro Mike Bro Tim and everyone else that is a part of the Net Team.

Friday evening a realization dawned on me.

After years of preaching against long hair and the proper attire for the brethren. After seeing the photo of Bro Dan and hearing his testimony of God wanting to using him just the way he was and that he did not want him to change. After hearing Sister Stairs testimony of apology to Brother Dan for misjudging him.

After recalling that some where I read about RG and his wife visiting with a well known preacher and sister Stair asking this friend to please talk to her husband. As I sit typing this message; I am think Sister Stair realizes that Bro Dan was Gods man to give RG a last final warning to repent and do what is required of him by the Father. Better yet I hope that RG realizes this. How many of us truly see the marvelous hand of God in this?

Do you Saints out there realize that RG has been rebuked and reproved by a man of God with the outward characteristics of a man that; he RG Stair would not allow into HIS services.I am sure that in any other situation that RG Stair would of have condemned Brother Dan to hell.

I am extremely impressed by Brother Dan's statement I took off my sun glasses and RG would not look into my eyes but rather looked down and finally when I did manage to get him to look into my eyes there were tears there that started to well up.

Are the tears a sign that there is hope for RG to truly repent and to do the proper thing?

I surely hope so, but only God knows for sure. By his mannerism and life style he has dishonored God and blasphemed Gods Holy Name. I do hope that God will be merciful. But I do believe that it entirely depends on RG Stair on how he will respond to those that are rebuking and reproving him. We all know that God is rich in mercy. IT MIGHT ALREADY BE TO LATE FOR RG STAIR. It could be that he has already been turned over to the devil for the destruction of his flesh so that his soul might be saved in the day of judgment, what ever the case he must be stopped from wrecking havoc among the brethren who truly love the Lord.

Let me close by saying that he would be very wise, not to fight against the men that God has sent to him. He would fair much better to accept Brother Dans judgement sent from God, to repent and then surrender his position to some one else.

God bless all of you who have helped in one way or another in bringing the situation at Walterboro to a climax.


Table of Truth Ministries
Brother Ben