Stair Prophecies Death

Part one

Yes sir that is what happened. I (Michael Rowland) was there and heard Stair on International shortwave radio and also in our dining hall say that Simon (Wayne Douglas) would soon die a miraculous death and he did just that after only 30 days in Nigeria.

Wayne returned and the people at the farm let him starve on his sick bed for weeks. One day Timothy Jones frantically took an air tank from the welding shop and hooked it to Wayne's face but it didn't help to much by itself. Timothy wanted to start an I.V. but decided that would not suit Stair and gave up. David Morrada came over to Wayne's house while he was deathly ill and stomped and thundered onto Wayne's porch yelling out in sheer mockery to Douglas, HA raise up and walk where is your faith now we will see who really has any faith. This turned my stomach so I told Morrada to tone it down and of course he told me to shut up as he always spoke to me. I would go over and wash Wayne's body while he was barely able to set up with a basin of water soap and a wash clothe. Wayne would only smile a little he was mentally disoriented. He was in good heath yet what ever had gotten into his body after returning from Nigeria was causing his mind to wonder he just couldn't think straight. Stair acted like he was sad but only said it was happening so maybe we could raise him from the dead in Jesus name. However at the time we had no idea how psychotic Stair was about life in general.

He also didn't like Kirk telling him it was wrong to keep using sisters and teen sisters at his campground so Stair started doing the same thing with Kirk right after Wayne's death and Kirk, I don't mind telling you, got out fast and so did the Brunners, Brad and Stacie.

Stair told the world for years how Wayne would die soon and also Stair spoke that Kirk Higbee would go to Russia and perish as well. Something is badly wrong here. Wayne died after long weeks of Starvation and the body was taken up town to a doctor for checking. Willard Long came out to talk to Stair about what had happened. Just before this happened, Timothy was told to hurry and remove the air tank from the welding shop and hose that was taped to Wayne's mouth. Stair said it would cause a big legal battle if the officals knew this and asked us all to stay quiet. Stair also forbid anyone to call his mom or brothers as this too Stair said would cause us extra trouble.

Part two

Also at the time of Wayne's death Stair came before the Group and said he was the kind of man that had a hard time crying at peoples funerals, so he addressed those of us that way saying if any of you are finding it hard to cry about this Brothers death put on a little like I do that will make the Lord happy and it looks better to the others. All these types of comments I believe were designed to drive away Kirk, Mike Brunner and anyone else possible and it works.

Stair immediately started what he call's prophesying over Kirk to the end he would really just shut up about ALL the hidden on going rebukes they engaged in. You see previously to the latest group who came to the over-comer 6-7 years ago Kirk and Martha were living at the campground before it was sold (in the late 90's) where they had been experiencing the same kind of sexual disaster. A 30 year old girl named Shirley and her son troy were being abused also with a young blonde girl, a teen very pretty. Stair was using the girls in Jesus name and Stacie's husband to be, a young man named Brad was living at the campground and he also had to bare this false prophets abuse while knowing every thing done. Years later Brad would come to me at times on the Stair farm and say he was about to share with me something I would not believe then he couldn't find the strength to do it. Others filled me in on what he meant and I knew that Scott Rienert, sister Bush, sister Bennett and the Robinson families were telling the truth. Kirk, Stair told the group was trying to rebuke him at times in his radio room and Stair explained that he was soon to go to Russia and die a martyr's death. He kept deliberately provoking Kirk to get him to leave and David Morradda also showed great hate for Kirk, Enoch and Wayne. They were all treated like little boy's. In fact Stair always addressed Wayne as boy while telling the group he would die, oh and that he, Stair, would really have a hard time after he was gone and Stair would go on and on about how hard it was for him to prophesy his death and that it was a secret from the Lord and he Stair said he couldn't stop the word of God.

I believe Stair is getting people at his farm to do things from just his (Stair's) simple suggestions and he tells them all not to make God a liar so each one there has some responsibility to see to it that the word of God coming out of Stair's mouth doesn't just fall to the ground thereby making God a liar. Stair speaks what he wants done and the others there who are afraid of being exposed or of going to hell try there best to see to it that all that Stair says is accomplished what ever the cost.

I have felt the presence of murder from David Morradda for years and especially after I walked up on him one night with his foot in the door at Mary Bonners house across from the dining hall entrance. She (Mary) was in her night gown and Morrada was half way in when I arrived. He stopped and glared, I always acted like I didn't see that. I kept doing what Christian's do just overlooking faults and after a while Morrada let it go and to prove it when he got sick and his eye went out until he could not see I offered him some eye medicine and he gladly took it and tried it for a while showing that he at least excepted it from me as an act of kindness. Yet we all who were in the know knew he was playing with the teen girls and often he was called down by brothers who could not help it and who were younger. Kirk was driven away and Mike Brunner because Stair was to close to being found out by these men and Stair knew it. Stair said that Wayne would die soon and was blowing his own head out of shape about how his words had come to pass and that Kirk was next.

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