Linda and Lawrence Skenandore Submitted Information

My name is Linda Skenandore. My husband and I have something that we would like to send you. As soon as I can get it converted into a wave file, we will be sending you a message where Ralph Stair is saying if Jesus don't come back in the year 2000 he will shut his mouth and go sit under his gourd. For the last fews weeks (and last week live) he said he did not never say that. My husband has the proof, Mr. Stair is a liar.

Mike Rowland's testimony is right on. He is telling the truth. We wasn't there when all that took place but we were there from Aug 2000 to Nov 2000.

Please post these up on the web page if you can. They are in this order: The first recording was recording on 10/05/01-friday before last, he is asking for someone to send him a tape saying that he did say Jesus is coming back is the year 2000. The second one was recorded in June 1996. He said if Jesus didn't come back in the year 2000 he would shut his mouth. Let me know if you have any problems listening to them.

Linda & Lawrence Skenandore

So here they are!

These audio files will be back up soon!