I had been listening to RG Snair for the past 6 years until he was exposed. My brother Robert lives on the commune at Walterboro. I pray everyday for him and the other poor saints in captivity. But I know Jesus reigns and we can hope in Him!

Hello...I have been a listener off and on of Stair since 1994. I have never believed him to be a prophet but have enjoyed listening to him preach on certain subjects. I never knew of his perversions until I read the testimonies on this website. I must say it has been very enlightening.

I am 39, Born-Again & Spirit Filled. I uesd to listen to Bro. Stair on SW radio. Had a bad experience and he got real nasty with me after I told him the radio I recieved did not work properly.

Brother Ken Freeze formally from Unity community in Canada. God bless you brother mike and your efforts to expose this false prophet and wolf in sheeps clothing. My prayers go out to all the saints that have been seduced and hope that their faith in Jesus wavers not.

My name is sister patty, I am Bonnie Loupes mother. I lived at higher ground from almost the beginning. I was thrown out because I would not go along with Frank and Robins lying and cheating ways.I feel that all this should be brought out into the open. I was there and I know what happened.

We listened to Stair on the radio and were going to live there or a place like it but now we know better.We will find it hard to trust preachers now.Iam glad we never lived there.It sounds like a terrible place to call home. Our names are Michael and Sherry and we have four children:Christal,Johnathan,Sarah,,and Joe. I am so glad we read your testimonies.If we didn't read the testimonies,we would have went there or a place much like it. Thank you all for showing us what Stair really is.
Michael Thomas

Listened to Brother Stair. Seeking support as Christians. Any help and information welcome.

My name is Gary and my father is in the Overcomer Ministry at the Lafayette, TN location. I just found out about the situation with Brother Stair and I want as much information as possible. Are there any people who have left the TN location? I would like to hear their story! I need any info I can to assist us in understanding this situation that my Father is in. Yes, he is a former WCG member. I look forward to any dialogue I can get my hands on. My father's name is Roger. He has been in TN for 2.5 years.

My information is not directly related to Stair but rather regarding two men that have come out of his commune and I beleve are working on building another in Alaska for or with him.

Kirk came to Oregon and began having some meetings with our Bible study group, usually the me the women were useually in another room. Many times my husband would come home and start an arguement when I asked what they spoke of.

There are alot of details that I would need to fill in, but to put it in a nut shell. Kirk was able to decieve my husband into believing that I was not saved and my husband left my daughter and I and went to Alaska with everyone else in our little group. One couple ended up leaving their daughter because she was concieved out of wedlock and most of the other couples are now returning letters from their loved ones.

I am very concerned and saddened and I pray for all of them daily. Please let me know if this information would be of interest to you and I will fill in the details.

To be continued

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