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My husband is living with Brother Stair in S. Carolina. We have a 6 year old boy and live in Michigan.

I would very much like to join. I would like to learn from others and try to tell my story. It would be very helpful to exchange thoughts. Maybe I can help someone and they could help me. I have looked up as much as I could on the net.

I have contacted the cult awareness network. I have talked to my husband as much as I could and gotten nowhere.
I am very excited about this website.

HI. I was a resident at the overcomer for only a couple of months with my wife and son , but my wife and I will be adding our testimonies and personal experiences to this site soon.

I don`t want to be too hasty to do so as this is a most important undertaking and I must be careful not to move in the wrong spirit . We are both in prayer and waiting for a clearance as to what and how to do so.

We are both watching the building of the web site with hope the intended goal is not deviated from.

May God Bless and keep you from this present world.

In Him : Bro. Randy

I have been in contact with the Overcomer Ministry for the past six - seven years. I am beginning to have serious problems with the ministry and Stair and I would more information.

I am located in the UK and have considered going out to Walterboro.

I am 21 years old.

Many thanks.

God Bless.

Previous listener who now has a radio ministry,
entitled Table of Truth Ministries.
Monday @ 7 P.M. and wed & thur @ 9 PM.
We are attempting to expose his false doctrines.

Brother Ben

By exposing R.G. you're doing a valuable service by saving people from heart break and ruin. I was associated with a cult (the Radio Church of God, later the Worldwide Church of God) for nine years. I thank God often that I was young at the time and now thirty years later have long since recouped my financial loses. Other were less fortunate. Some were middle aged and elderly and lost their homes.

The man I followed was Herbert W. Armstrong. R.G. is in the same category as is another preacher, Gene Scott. These men are of the worst sort. Their megalomania convinces them that they are some sort of prophet, visionary, apostle. Of this they have no doubt. It's a symptom of their unhealthy mind. Tragically it is this very confidence that ensnares many.

Continue your good word, and do so without apology.


My ex-husband Dennis Cobb started listening to R.G. Stair on the shortwave radio in 1996. We were married for 16 years, together for 13. He left December 18, 1997, when our son was 10 months old. He lives at the Victory Community Place. He has remarried, and I would like to share my story.

Sanja Cobb's Testimony

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We don't want info. nor do we really have much to share... Our main reason is because the Lord is leading us to HELP.

We listen to Bro. Stair. Myself(Bro. Peter)and our son Chris, visited with the Brothers and Brother Jackson gave us a tour of the facility. I have a great deal of respect for Bro. Jackson and his family, we sat with them at Sabbath dinner at the community. You may remember us, we brought the cases of oranges from Florida to you. (around 1998).

We also attended the Gathering of the Saints, I believe in 1999. I thank God still to this day, that he lead me and my guests, out of there on the seventh day! Never had I known the fear of God until that day. Praise God!

I desire greatly to be in touch with Brother Jackson and his family again (they helped unload the oranges).

The Lord led me to this site, so I know there must be some way that we can help. (The more we type, the more I remember!)

Thank you for your time please let us know if we can assist in anyway!

May our Father bless you all,
In the name of Yeshua,
Bro. Peter Rodes and family

I was at the over comer ministry will lived there and i was also miss treated don't really have much to say at this time.

From November, 1978 to September, 1983 I worked full-time for the Overcomer Ministry. I was one of the first people to move to the "campground" (with my wife) when it was only an old motel. I took an active part in all parts of the ministry; including: services & meetings, playing music, recording & editing early broadcasts, producing early newsletters & mailers, handling mail & office duties, campground church services, farming, all other assorted business when Bro. Stair was on the road with Teresa, etc. During the five years I worked there I never received a paycheck or any income except room & board or a spot to put a trailer when we had children out behind the motel and church building which I also helped build. There were many diverse times & unique circumstances that happened during our stay there which could probably fill a book. If you have any questions feel free to write or call me. I also have copies of much of the literature that was produced during the time we lived and worked t.........

My husband and I were part of Ralph Stair's ministry from 1978-1983. We were part of the original group of people that were there when he first started the Overcover Ministry in Walterboro, SC. It's been over 18 years since we left, and I still have nightmares about my experience while being a part of Mr. Stair's so-called ministry.(I cannot bring myself to call him "Brother" anymore.) My experience has been mild compared to some of the accounts I have read on your site, but nevertheless, I realized how damaging it was to my Christian walk, especially, since I was a very young Christian at the time, and didn't know what a functional church was at the time. I'd like to share my story at a later time. I just want to say that we are part of a local church back in Massachusetts (something that Mr. Stair would preach against.) Not emphasing on the end-times, tribulation, etc., but of the love of God, his grace, and love for others.

Their Testimony coming soon

I wrote Bro.Rowland last week after reading his testimony on your website and now refuse to listen to this false prophet, and now wish to pray for those who remain and are being lied to.

Hello! I lived at the community in Walterboro from Jan10,1996 to Dec. 27, 1996, just shy 2 weeks of being there a year. I knew from the very beginning that something was just not right but couldn't put my finger on it and figured it was just the devil trying to get me to leave. After reading some testimonies on this website I realized what I was feeling was right. There was and still is a spirit of lust on the farm and it comes from R.G.Stair! His actions towards the people living there are all a result of his being consumed with sexual lust! I could write so much more but will do that in my testimony for the web site.

I pray that all the captive's at the farm will be set free and become part of what I term, "the Real Overcomer's"! God bless the work you are doing through this web site!

I have a relative in S.C. Been there for quite some time now. I don't want to say to much yet. I am afraid to say anything that may cause problems. Can you give me any ideas on how to get someone out of a lifestyle like this? They may feel as if they have no where to go, but they do, I am here for them, I have a house with plenty of room for them. I have not talked with them for several years but I had visited there once when they first went there. I do not know about religion myself, I am agnostic. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Current generation sees the ploy as something new. There are many, many spiritual lessons I've learned this very, very hard way. Please hang on to your faith and trust in God. It is not His fault, but you will indeed be freely given the grace to overcome the "overcomer."

I'll try to help in anyway that I can, but I'm pretty poor right now financially, and my mind is still healing.
Bill M.

We had parents involved with Stair. They visited there and we did, too. We also had friends involved and who are living there and/or have lived there. We are seeking to be in contact with them and would like to help all the people affected in whatever ways we can.

I have been a listener of Stair for about 5 years. I would like to receive info about him.

My name is John Paul Charlton II. I am 17 years old and lived near Victory community as my family, and later, my family without me attended. I am proud to say I never gave in, and was driven out for it, though it took some time. My entire family is now glad to be out of it.

I would be willing to give detailed accounts of Victory, but other that what is already on this site I don't know much about Stair. I had dealings with him on only a couple of occasions. I complained about Stair and the "community" to my parents all the time. Things that were being done simply were not scriptual. I'm SHOCKED (though I believed Stair a fake) what he did reguarding the women of the community. I'd like to learn more.

I don't know just who reads this,.. I'll pass on address if you don't mind for now.

Dear Tammy: He's a self proclaimed false prophet whose prophecies (for example, that an earthquake would topple Washington, D.C., some years ago) often did not come to pass.

He's also a tyrant who, based on witness reports to me, has emotionally and physically abused followers at his community. Your parents, regrettably, will probably not believe any of this, so pray for them, that God will open their eyes.

Texe Marrs

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Thank you for sharing. I too have been taken by this profit one day I believe him the next I question myself and think I have to repent. I was a fool to send him some money I recieved books I did not ask for and not what I wrote for. Every letter I get it states that I have not been sent any other stuff because overseas mail does not get through too well. Well if I receive the letter I should be able to receive the books.Also I found out on his web site a nother site approved by him saying we should go back to the law even to go as far as circumcising people. When I asked him about it I got no reply.

I really don't know what to say. In the same week the towers were hit and I find out about Stair. I have listened to Stair about 3 yrs. During this time I wandered about a few things but you dare not say anything, or you would be going against God. I have never been in any type of church setting,this was all new to me. All I know for Some reason God allowed to teach alot of people the truth in alot of things. Im not condoning what he did by any means. It is a terrable thing. He will have to answer to the God all mighty if he didnt truly repent. For me and my house it will be hard to trust another man in spiritual authority.

May Gods love abound,
Sister Julia K.

I have been listening to Br. Stair for many years. He is not afraid to tell the TRUTH! Other "religous" people's broadcasts just tickle your ears so you feel good when you listen to them. Not Br. Stair, he points out GODS TRUTH whether it hurts or not because it hits home and convicts you of your sin. He doesnt preach about topics wich are "popular" but preaches about things that other preachers are afraid to even aknowladge there existance! Just as JESUS threw out the money changers at the temple, Br. Stair throws out all false doctrines.

Br. Laino

Your'l all a bunch of asses for living in a comune. Its a form of "comunisium". Absolute power corupts absolutey.


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