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Hello, My name is Randy Bois and my family and I lived at higher ground for three years . We were directed there by Stair in 1996. We were there from 7/96 - 2/99. My youngest daughter was born in 12/96 at the farm. Frank and Chip threw us out in 1999. They gave us $160 and sent us to live with my mother making up terrible lies to justify their actions. I would like to submit a testimony so that others will not be deceived. Thank you

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Submitted March 30, 2002

We were there from 7/96 - 2/99. My youngest daughter was born in 12/96 at the higher ground farm.

Some of these examples were written by my wife Cheryl.

We first heard stair on the shortwave radio. I called one night and asked if there were any saints in our area that we could have fellowship with. My wife was listening on the upstairs radio. Stairs answer was that a community was starting in Maine and "maybe we could live with them". So we started to go fellowship with them on the Sabbath and a few months later I quit my teaching job of eleven years and we moved to Georgetown with all we owned.

The mental anquish at Higher Ground was hard to deal with and we were in constant fear of being rebuked. If you looked in the wrong direction you were accused of being a busy body. You never had the option of leaving bacause you would go to Hell. Frank always preached, "guard your mind"..because if you ever questioned him or turned against him then your light would go out and you would be in danger of being cut off ( or go to hell). He said that he never made mistakes and everything he did was right and you were not to question it or you were in danger of having your light go out.

The flu - The stomach flu went through. My wife was 7 months pregnant with 2 young boys who both had it. They were throwing up and both in diapers. The laundry piled high. Chip mentioned that his little girl had an accident one night and was given permission to do extra laundry. My wife was rebuked for having a messy room and ended up washing everything by hand. At the time she was sleeping in the same bed with our 2 boys in a small trailer room. It was October then and there was no wall across the hall, only a blanket to separate them from the outside. The cold wind would sometimes blow the blanket up at night...it was freezing in there.

Having a baby - The weekend the baby was born Frank came over to look at her. He looked down at her in my wifes' arms and said , "she's cute. Abstain if you have to." We questioned getting some form of a birth certificate made up so that we had proof that she was ours and we were commanded not to.

We had a 2 week old baby, a 1 1/2 yr old and a 3 1/2 yr old. Upon returning from a trip to NH, My wife was told that she had to cook breakfast in the morning. And from that point on she had some meals to prepare and dishwashing scheduled each week. The next morning as breakfast was cooking she sat on a couch nursing the baby listening for any of the Brother's to wake up, who lived upstairs, so that she could stop nursing before they came down. The baby was not nursing properly or sleeping much. Her crib was right above the door to the cabin. She did not sleep during the day for a year. (now she can sleep anywhere) When stair came to Higher Ground, the baby was 7 weeks old and weighed 7 lbs, which is what she weighed at birth. My wife had been talking to sister stair about nursing tips, she told my wife to drink milk. When told that we had no milk, she looked shocked and asked "can't they buy you any". my wife shrugged her shoulders and said that it how it was. Right after that Frank told my wife to put her on formula supplements. This was about the time we stopped having lunch. After a while my wife knew that she wasn't eating enough and asked permission to eat 1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich at noon each day. The baby did start gaining weight and after some suggestions from a sister from another community, she was off the formula in a few months. She is now 5 and healthy.

Working in the kitchen with young children to care for was not fun. The children were expected to sit at their tables and be quiet. This was very hard for my wife to do with an infant and a 2 & 3 yr old. At one point my wife got permission to put a toy box in the dinning hall, but the toys got in the way and it was removed. After a year of this juggling, Frank came to my wife and said that he was taking her out of the kitchen. It was just too hard for her to handle. But it went from one extreme to another. We lived in 2 rooms in the 2nd floor of the cabin. She could not do any work in the kitchen without frank's permission. If a sister needed help they had to ask him before they could ask her. Having no living room in the cabin and only the dining hall downstairs, she could only stay in our room. For 1 year she was either in our room with only the kids or outside in the summer time watching the kids play. When one of the other sister's had some free time, they would go up to visit her. She would listen to the sisters making quilts downstairs but could not join them because the kids were not allowed downstairs at that time.

One Sabbath morning our oldest woke up after having an accident in bed that night. At that point he had a "blankie". Before naptime, I washed the blankie and hung it up by the stove to dry. That afternoon, I got rebuked harshly for doing my own thing on the Sabbath. Were we supposed to let the boy sleep in a urine smelling blanket because it was the sabbath? You did not miss Sabbath services for anything. I remember one brother who was very sick in bed. He could hardly move. Frank went up and told him to come down. To get the brother downstairs, frank came down the stairs first with that brother leaning on franks back. For about a year we sat in the dinning hall on Sabbaths during friday night services and then from 10 am to about 6 pm on Saturdays, listening to first stair and then either frank or chip. This was very hard to do with the young children. It was a little easier for us than for other families since we lived in the cabin. If the baby needed to nurse or someone fell asleep, we could take them to their room.

FAMILY - Our families were not allowed to know where we were living and had no phone number to contact us. They had an address that they could mail letters to and that was it. Once I asked if I could contact my mother and frank told him to drop her a line. So that night we called her and said hello. I got rebuked because to drop a line to frank ment to write her a letter. I got yelled at for not considering all when I made a phone call when not everyone could. The only phone at Higher ground was a cell phone so calls were very limited. Frank and Chip would occasionally call their parents though. If we asked we were usually rebuked saying we needed to leave the family alone. During one visit to NH, Cheryl's grandparents asked about how we were living. We told them the basics including the octogon log cabin we lived in. At a later date they showed up one day. Frank came to our room and asked my wife how her grandparents found out where we were living. She told him that they didn't know where we were and Frank said that they were there and that if they found out how to get there by something she said, then we were out of there. It turned out that they asked at a gas station where the christian community was with a round house. My wife was rebuked for talking too much and told to learn to keep her mouth shut. In this aspect, Frank was very secretive. We were not allowed to tell anyone where we were.

One day frank was preaching that someone was using too much toilet paper. After a couple of warnings it was announced that all the toilet paper was to be collected and we would use newspapers until further notice. Another day, frank announced that lunch would stop. The brothers would eat lunch only on cold days. It was very hard to tell a hungry 2 and 3 yr old child that they couldn't eat anything until 5 pm. Eventually we learned to have the kids save part of their breakfast to eat midday.

In February of 99, our oldest child came down with the chicken pox. We never found out how he got them since none of the kids had been off the farm in a couple months. Two weeks later the other kids came down with it too. After the oldest one (age 5) had recovered, he was patting the dog one day in the cabin. While patting the dogs stomach, he reached over and touched the dog where he shouldn't have. The next day at service it was preached that there was someone there who was perverted, and it was discovered through the action of his son. The next day we were sent to my mother's house for 2 weeks until they decided what to do with us. It was then said that no one remembered stair saying on the radio for us to move to Maine with them. They said it was my way to get what I wanted. 1 week later we got a phone call saying not to come back and to come pick up what we needed immediatly. The rest would be delivered when we got settled. The Lord blessed us greatly and provided us with a furnished house to rent. When our stuff arrived we found that they sent us an assortment of this and that. We did not get enough complete bed sets for the family to sleep on. There were twin mattresses witn no frames and a full size frame without the mattress. We did get the baby furniture. The "baby" was now 2 years old and had not used that furniture for about a year..

1 year after leaving we were invited back to visit as we still followed stair at that time. We spent a few weekends visiting and were lead to believe that we were moving back. Then a few months ago we got a call from Pastor Roberts. He asked why we were sent out. He had been told that we were sent away because we had pornographic videos and sex magazines. We have never owned any of those nor has my wife or I ever rented one of those nor have we ever gone into a video store with the intention of renting one. We can only imagine what other detestable lies were told about us during these years. We never found out for sure who was spreading the lies, or why, but not many people had constant communication with Pastor Roberts from Higher Ground. A few weeks after we had left Higher Ground we got a phone call from a brother who had left. He had heard that we had left because I was caught with a playboy magazine. When I called Frank to tell him about it, Frank's comment was "don't worry about it, I know where it came from." We also found out that right after we left, Frank was preaching that I was a Jesuit priest and he was sent to infiltrate the farm. Frank also gave us a tape on jesuits.

Right from the start I noticed the critical spirit that stair used on the saints. He called himself the "Son of man', and said he was an example of Jesus that needed to be followed. He would say, "follow me as I follow the Lord". I don't see Jesus using a wicked, critical spirit on those who followed Him. Yes He called Judas a devil but that was a fulfillment of the scriptures. This wickedness is always present at the overcomer and it was present a higher ground. Constant nitpicking, and prodding at the people of God. I spent months and months with a messed up digestive system because of nerves. Being accused and being threatened with loosing my very soul!

When talking to frank now or reading a letter he writes, he talks about himself and what he lost. What about the families that he has hurt. What about the sister that he kicked off the farm in the middle of the night? He mentions that He wants to start another community. Look at what happened to Higher Ground, where he was the shepherd.

There is something out there that seems more dangerous as I consider it. Its the idea of getting the witness of the spirit or hearing the spirit or missing the spirit. Or when a man of God says that if you disagree with him then you are coming against the holy spirit and those sins will not be forgiven. Jesus had the Spirit and he was called The Son of Man. Jesus said, "Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man , it shall be forgiven him..." After I learned about stair I spoke to a brother in the Lord who lives in kentucky. He and his family live near Baker and attend services there. They are very loyal to stair at this time. My friend reminded me about the witness that I got about the prophet. He said that he is now submitted to stair because of the witness of the spirit he got years ago...and which is probably speaking to him now. During our conversation, as I told him about the things that stair had done and how I believed that he needed to remove himself from a position of authority, he would keep asking me: "what does the spirit say?, What is the spirit telling you? ,what about the witness of the spirit ? Over and over. Then he directed me to a scripture to support his position ; I John 5:9. I read the passage and answered him and I said, "Yes, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God". I asked him how he could use that scripture to strenghten his position that the spirit told him to follow the prophet?

The truth is that stair is not above the word of God. Any man of God is not above the Word of God. Even the Spirit of God Himself will not usurp the Word of God! There are so many examples in the Word where we are told that the word of God is our guide. What does the word say:

Jesus gave a command... He said beware of false prophets. Jesus said to beware. Even if you are under stair now or under a man of God please take heed to the commandment from Jesus himself . Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes He will not testify of Himself. But the Spirit will glorify Jesus. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God!

Paul had a problem with the corinthian church. There was much confusion and he needed to set them straight. He was directing them to the word of God as their foundation . What? Came the word of God out from you? Or came it unto you only? If any man thinketh himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowlege that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. I Cor 14: 36-37

Dean, who is a friend of mine and a brother in the Lord was dealing with this very problem. He wanted a word from the Lord. He wanted the Spirit to speak to him and direct him on what he should do. He prayed earnestly and after a long time he said that he actually heard a voice. A word from the Lord!!! He asked me if I wanted to know what the Lord had said to him. I said okay and he told me that the Lord said to him....

"Dean... I am in here"

The Spirit of God is in us saints. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit will always agree with the word of God.

Webster gives the definition of lord: 1. God. 2. A man having dominion and power over other people; the owner of a feudal estate. Leaders are not to Lord over Gods heritage but we are to obey those that have the rule over us in the Lord. I don't see this as a contradiction but it reflects the spirit in which the ruler operates. A man who rules as Christ in a Godly manner will seek to glorify Christ and as a result growth and peace will result. But someone who rules for their own gain or for some other reason than for the Glory of God, is that lord, and ruin will result.

I want to make it clear that living as a community was not always a bad thing. We had some good times and it is a blessing to dwell with the saints. We worked together, prayed together, laughed together and I was able to be closer to my children. In the right setting and conditions I belive that community life can be a blessing. I only write all of this because Frank wants to start a new community. If he does this then I believe that these same things will result. Frank can be a friendly chap and when he speaks he is very convincing but he doesn't have a very good report of those that he left behind him. He thinks that everything he has done was right and all others were wrong. Lets face it, to throw out the leader the way they did was drastic, but why would they do it like that? Frank was unapproachable, he would not listen, he was never wrong, the conversation would always turn to him . I can almost believe that the only way to free themselves was to do what they did. Maybe some of those who were there at the end could shed some light on this.

There were many things said and numerous instances that need not be included here. As a saint living at the farm I caused some trouble and was sometimes hard to live with as were all the others there. As children of God we do confess our sins and I have.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Brother Randy and Sister Cheryl

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