Poison spews from their lips
Tongues of serpents are evil men
The painful silence of encouragement and comfort;
they simply have never been

Feelings, thoughts and opinions under attack
Words that burn with fire reaches the soul;
Struggling and confusing, the penetrating knife of betrayal
It's all about power and control

Another sort of beast arrives;
It is a similar evil in a different skin
the soul overwhelmed cries

Day after day, year after year cruel angry words damage;
we begin to ignore
The final cruelty is their plead of innocence and we are blamed

The heart breaks and then deeply wounds

Look up! All seekers of peace and those wanting to be free
Never will our Savior tell us that deep wounds suffered
were merely feigned

Turn to Him and He'll hear our plea;
Never will our Savior say He does not know;
never shared our pain

He's the only one who truly knows and understands;
Because He was also wounded by evil men and
by those He loved
by Tammy


About YOU

For He said to the snow, 'Fall on the earth'
each snowflake unique, one of a kind
Displaying His inexhaustible design
with each and every one

He formed you and covered you in
your mother's womb,
He knew you before time began
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him

He has placed eternity in your heart
Your soul is precious and given by God
He fashioned your heart, none is like you

Out of their own hearts those you trusted caused
you to fear and doubt
You shall know them by their fruits;
Those that exhalt themselves;
For from their hearts they caused deception, lies and
delusions trying to destroy your very soul

There is a Messenger, a Mediator
to show man; His way and His righteousness
Your soul is precious to Him

Look to Him in faith and He delivers you
from the plots of evil men, who plan evil
things in their own hearts.

Oh, love the Lord, all you saints
For the Lord preserves the faithful
And fully repays the proud person
Be of good courage
ALL YOU who hope in the Lord
by Tammy


My Message to R. G. Stair

Does your soul seek love
Are you in constant pain;
From the arrows of hate you deploy;
The answer can be found in the hearts of all you have tried to destroy

Can you not see?
Can you not hear?
Can you not feel?
For God's Love is Real

Is not your spirit hungry;
feeding you mind with selfish pride
All your ways and words are twisted
Plain and simply, you lied.
So cold from clothing yourself with all unrighteousness
A heart full of madness and agony
Is why you crucify all honesty and purity.

What is left to prove?
What is left to seize?

The answer is simple;

Can you not see?
Can you not hear?
Can you not feel?
For God's Love is Real

The answer is Christ
by Tammy

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