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April 20 and 24, 2007

Read Minister in Lawsuit Battle

Read Stair is ordered to Pay $731,679
Read Stair ordered to Pay Page 2
Read Stair ordered to Pay Page 3
Read Stair ordered to Pay Page 4
Read Stair ordered to Pay Page 5

May 17, 2002

Former Followers Accuse "prophet"
of Wrongdoing/pg 1

Picture "Stair's Arrest"

"Stair Way" to Heaven

The Dark Side /Page 3

The Dark Side /Page 4

Picture of Victims

The Dark Side /Page5

Former Stairites /Page 6

Picture of more Victims

Picture of Former Stairites

Financing an Empire /Page 7

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely /Page 8

Picture of more victims

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely /Page 9

Before Overcomer:
Daughter talks of father's
paradoxical past /Page 10

Stair's wife stands
by her man /Page 11

Stair's wife stands
by her man/ Page 12

In Police Custody /Page 13

May 21, 2002

No bail for
'Prophet of baal' /Page 1

No bail 'continues' /Page 2

Picture: Stair holding his head

Picture: Stair being put
in police car

May 24, 2002

'Prophet' Stair still
behind bars /Page 1

still behind bars /Page 2

May 31, 2002

Overcomer Ministry death
being investigated

June 7, 2002

Minister moved to
maximum security

Better Times /Page 2

Teresa Stair /Page 3

Teresa Stair continues /Page 4

Teresa Stair continued /Page 5

June 14, 2002

Father claims son's
death was foul
play /Page 1

Father claims....continued
/Page 2

June 28, 2002

Investigators exhume corpse

July 5, 2002

Judge dismisses
Stair's charges /Page 1

Judge dismisses
Stair's charges /Page 2

Judge dismisses
Stair's charges /Page3

July 12, 2002

Minister faces
more charges

August 2, 2002

Buckner Grants
Bail for 'prophet'

August 6, 2002

Prophet Stair is
out of Jail

October 15, 2004

Stair is accused of
additional charges

Nov 30, 2004

Prophet Pleads Guilty pg 1
Prophet Pleads Guilty pg 2

January 7, 2005

Preacher Involved in Disturbance

May 6, 2005

Ex-followers sue minister

Feb. 17, 2006

'Faith' Baby death Probed PAGE 1
'Faith' Baby death Probed PAGE 2