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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
That is my opinion on stair and the left I care nothing about a the atheist opinion about stair or politics this is still a free country.

And the Obama machine is out to destroy our system.

He is Muslim garbage

If you don't like my opinion that is fine but, I will not stop giving it for you or stair or the corrupt left. The left are pushing socialist and communist agenda along with stair.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bro Mike
From: World Truth
Beggin yer pardon sirs but it is the criminal branch of our government that really runs things.

These element of society is able to hide behind the media so to the average shmo our world looks way different than it is.

The way you figure some of this out it how the catholic clergy and leader can get away with great evil right under our nose and yet still be excepted as a holy man who has sinned.

In case most of us didn't know the NWO has done a good many things to bring down our USA. This NWO is just a small number of Satan worshipers who according to the Bible itself will rule the world FOR A SHORT TIME.

Anyone fighting these words needs to go read the news and the Bible.

Thomas is right on as always with his ever clearing mental picture of the real world in which we live.

Sorry Aaron I also understand your side as well but when comparing statements with the scripture I would have to chose the Bible pattern over a view that everything is fine and people are not all that bad, the system is bad but its the only one we have and on and on and on.

The political world is like men on puppet strings saying what they know the people want to hear and doing something completely different behind YOUR back sir.

This is the nature of a liar.

The WORD of God warns us many years in advance that this end time government would be a group of politicians who speak lies at one table.

What else can we expect from a group of leaders who worship MOLICK?

All of our presidents are on film at the Bohemenian grove in California as menbers of this very sacred society.

Her is one of many videos taken live at the all male party of gay leaders.

Its time to look around you.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Aaron
From: To Thomas Belford:
It is a very cheap shot to accuse your political opponents being like rg stair. I can assure you that NO ONE on the political left wants "full control like ralph has it at his farm". Stair is running a theocratic dictatorship-nothing to do with communism.

You were led astray by stair.

Maybe you being are led astray again by savage, beck et al. I am not trying to be mean but do not cast stones.
The arguement over which side of the politcal spectrum is more like rg stair is tempting since I would win easily, but it is off topic and can only lead to divisions.
I made a vow not to promote the athiest point of view or question anyone's faith. Do me the same courtesy on political matters. Aaron
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Stopping a ralf
The police were right when they asked where were the fathers. These fathers and husbands would have been right in killing ralf for what he did to protect their women. They do have the right to protect.

A lot of times when there is a killing, especially in the south there is no prosecution depending on the cirumstances especially when it is in self defense or defense of the family.

That is why the Bible tells us rather give place to vengeance. Vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord.

God is letting ralf fill up his cup so that vengeance can taken place
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Aaron
Greetings and peace to all members of the net team. I appriciate your hard work to expose rg stair. I was disappointed by the recent SC supreme court's reversal of a lower court's ruling. STAY STRONG! I feel very bad for the people still at the 'farm'. I know many of you are still devout christians. Remember that atheists like me are your allies if not your bretheren. I still listen to rg stair because I cannot believe any man can lie so much and so often. Again, thank you all for your efforts. Aaron
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
I believe judgment has already been set for stair and those that back him. I believe GOD doesn't want man to judge Ralph I believe God has given all at his farm a chance to come out of Ralph's church system and they have chosen Ralph for there salvation so they have been gathered for the tare burning all we need to do is warn now of the trap there and not be silent like many others have done. You should not want brothers and sister's to be hurt by people that worship a man.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
The left in this country want full control like Ralph has it at his farm now I can see why men like stair & Kirk were fascinated by Communist country's It was Ralph's only way to be god here on earth. And he literally picked who he wants to save and condemn from those that were deceived into joining Giving all when they come there to live.
There has been a lot of bailing out going on with this administration of government and Ralph has been bailed out now twice. But there is coming a judgment that he will not escape and all that back him on his farm will say to (GOD) in that day lord lord did we not prophesy by thy name' and by thy name cast out demons and by thy name do many mighty works? It will be GOD that rewards the wicked that plays church to steal murder rape and call it Gods doing and will.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
Ralph has a communist style system going on at his sex farm.
Where one man controls everything and can do anything he wants to anyone he chooses. The leaders of this country are moving fast as they can to the same system to be used on all Americans soon. The funny part is Ralph always preached that he would have government prosecuting him and his system but in reality they are moving to his style of government over the people. This shows that's the side Ralph represents. Ralph is very far left in his thinking and they (The left) control everything in this country right now and the left way of doing things are as far from being GODLY as Ralph is.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Playing Church
From: Playing Court
What I find outlandish about the Court system is that the lower courts spend months days and years spending huge sums of peoples money on verdicts only to be told by the higher judges in a few moments, that the lower judges don't really know the law.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bro mike
From: Thanks Tim
I never have felt right about the way our first lawyer died (Troy Knight) then the ball being passed to another person who had to view the information second hand.

The issues to be handled inside of the so called church were and have always been dictated by ralph stair.

I think it unreasonable that men like Travis Avant and law men in general did not know that these amendments keep the courts from protecting citizens of the USA from scam artists like ralph.

This inability of the state system to protect the rights of stairs exfollowers (whatever their reason for leaving their homes)from fraudulent claims within the church with no controlling body beside ralph stair's signature on the church side
leaves a lot of open doors for unscrupulous behavior.

Jim Baker did not get away with this.

The money is second to the procedure where ralph within the confines of his 501c3 church brings in money, young girls under false pretenses deliberately aggravating emotionally those families into leaving.

Not law men ourselves we have had no other choice but to go ask someone to help us to see what could be done to stop this man from these covert activities.

Like Thomas has repeatedly states "ralph plays church at his sex farm"

My question is why do our amendments only protect money in our courts today? What about protecting people emotionally and physically based of right and wrong according to common sense?

Common law has always required folks to use the golden rule, why suddenly does the state close their eyes to the breach of trust because an entity calls itself a church?

What would the state do if someone killed a person inside of the church? Would they say well the church will have to settle their disputes internally?

Why is it ok for the state to step in on a murder and not the destruction of many families along with the liquidation of all of their assets?

Hello South Carolina

Now I understand better the comment of the local police person in Walterboro after hearing these many sorid details saying "Where were the fathers of these girls, why didn't someone stop this man one way or another?"

Another words that these fathers would be within their rights to physically do something to stop ralph from brutalizing their youngins.

Because bottom line is the law knows they can not pass judgment inside of a church and the loop holes in the law for ministers like the pope and others keeps them free to do whatever perversion they chose in the name of their gOd.

Our question is and has been where does the line get drawn? What is the limit of lawless behavior where parties infringe on one another that would warrant outside control from the state?

Thanks Tim

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