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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Paul NC
From: "Commune Thing"
The Bible is The Word of God, and it is the Only Sure Word we have to go by, as I think you will attest to. Just because I "believe" I am being led by The Holy Spirit - does not mean that I am. I have to "search the Scriptures to see if these things be so", as we are told.

It seems so clear to me on studying The Word that there is no place where it tells us to do some "commune" like thing that you see in the Farm and other similar situations. Those first century Christians lived in Jerusalem and the other cities in THEIR HOUSES as they did before they came to Christ; persecution scattered them aboard afterwards.

Now, I agree with you that people are deceived by others, and because they want some person or thing they will readily deceive themselves, and thus get burned, and hopefully learn the hard way, at last.

I only entered what I felt in order to "help" in response to Help's plea. I hope his brother will read and listen to the advice he is given at this Site, and I hope they don't make a terrible mistake.

I also pray that if they do proceed with their plan, that they will eventually come out ok.

Praise God.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rowland
From: No No Baby
I am sorry Paul but I must say for the record that your prospective on this whole issue is disconnected from the actual workings of this dilemma.

You see HELPS BROTHER is thinking that he is following the Holy Spirit to the best of his ability.

Don't touch the hot stove to someone who does not know what a hot stove is, means nothing at all to them.

Many take Paul's approach "Just read the Bible" why are you sucked in? Why are you not more spiritual? Why are you going against God's word?

You see they don't realize yet that they are doing just that.

I have a little baby in the room right now at my house. The baby is told don't do this or don't do that.

The baby does it anyway. My approach is that I am the adult and must correct the child when it throws it's cereal bowl across the room.

No matter how much I tell the baby to leave the bowl on the table, stating all of the reasons of a mess the little ones just got to try it out.

The baby's brain is not developed as much as mine yet it learns very fast.

If I beat the child half to death every time it does some small thing it won't live long emotionally.

Giving warning to the little ones in a loving way leaves room for the beginner to come back to me for further direction that will come year afer year.

The hope is that they will recover themselves out of this snare that the powers of this air have been laying for mankind for thousands of years.

If they don't recover themselves no one can.

Bottom line is HELPS BROTHER hears what he thinks IS the voice of God because these leaders are hiding behind the letter and using it to control.

Helps Brother must learn somethings on his own the hard way just like ALL of us.

stair knows this and is counting on it.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Paul NC
Not speaking of myself, there is a lot of spiritual wisdom that is in the many testimonies and witnesses that Help's brother could get here, but I wonder if it will get through to him at all.

The ALL that Father God wants from us - is ourselves, our hearts. All of your material positions don't amount to someone spitting in the ocean to our Lord and Master. He told us this abundantly in 1Co 13........ I don't know, getting this across is kind of like telling someone not to touch the hot stove, but the reason why they shouldn't is not REAL to them until they actually do touch it.

He required the young rich man's goods simply because in his case they were of more importance to him than the Master was. His heart "treasured" them. That is why He told him to go and sell all that he had (in his case, not just the extra).

If you have absolutely NOTHING but the change in your pocket, or if you are a Bill Gates in wealth, God is not stupid, God is not a fool, HE knows exactly how to "try" you to see if you value HIM above your own self! What person(s) or thing(s) do you have in your life that you have placed above the Lord God? HE KNOWS.

Help, your brother is not acting responsibly towards his wife and children, and I suspect that he is taking what seems like the easy way out in regards to that responsibility - "I can't get control of this group. It is too hard. I will move to some commune and let the overlord of that place whip my family into shape.". I sense a form of 'escape' taking place here; an escape from responsibility. And the Lord knows how "passionately" the brethren here have warned against deceiving yourself and falling into that trap.

I have said all I will say about this. Either the Holy Spirit will move this man's heart - or he won't. I wish them well.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
Bro Mike & Bro Paul have spoken very wise word's.
They have shown me my error in following a man instead of our GOD I thank God for them they do know Gods word. And they do put God first.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
Bro Mike and Paul have told you truth
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Michael Rowland
From: Lying Spirits
ralph will aways be able to sucker in someone here and there right in the face of all kinds of lies.

This farm will take everything you have and boot you out so when your brother is thrown out be there to help him back up.

You will be the only example of God he gets coming out of that place.

Don't tell him you told him so just help him put his life back on track.

He is hypnotized by some of the angels of light who have been around for thousands of years, seen thru the person of ralph stair in the flesh.

They will lie cheat steal any or everything they can without blinking an eye.

"THEY" are many powerful lying spirits who have perfected the art of getting folks to believe THEM.

If you or anyone you know loose their money, this is nothing.

Nothing these demons do will keep God from saving the elect.

You are predetermined before the worlds were formed.

Later those who are recovered will no doubt want to add their voices to the countless before them, as a warning cry.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to give ALL like those did in the book of acts. They were not giving to Jesus, they were giving it to holy men who did right with the extra.

That was then and this is now. Now God says it is the time for many false leaders to do their dirty work right up until the great and dreadful day.

This is a cheap price God has us paying to expose these devils operating through the flesh of individuals.

Can you imagine these false leaders selling their souls for some extra change, sex with many virgins or even same sex relations?

How cheap can these people be to sell out so low?
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Paul NC
From: "Help's brother "
It is always distressing and perplexing to hear about people like "Help's" brother. They have no understanding of The Holy Scriptures when they blindly run to sell ALL that they have and that their family depends on and rushes to give it to some "man" thinking that they are "finding Jesus" or acting righteously.

(And don't give me this dumb quote about Christ' telling the rich man to sell all that he had and come and follow Him. Christ is in heaven now, and NO MAN is in His stead here on earth, so don't sell all that you have and give it to a sinful, erring man.)

It would be a long study in 'The Spirit', so I am just going to say, tell your 'mesmerized' brother that IF he can understand, read Acts and you will see that the first disciples sold EXTRA of what they had and gave to fellow disciples as each had need. Also, note that they went from "house to house" (those were their houses sir) breaking bread and praising God. THEY DID NOT QUIT THEIR JOBS AND SELL THEIR ONLY HOUSE TO BE DEPENDENT ON SOME "OVERLORD"! If they had TWO houses or land, then they sold the EXTRA in order to help a brother or sister. There was NO COMMUNE out in the country where one man was owner and master hiding behind a tax-exempt religious corporation.

There is 'something' else wrong with this man's brother. He is using this as justification for his trying to 'escape' from something else - it has nothing to do with what God wants him to do; he has some other problem. Why can't they read the Word of God and have some "spiritual common sense"!!

Ananias and his wife were not killed because they kept back some of the money, nor would they have been killed and not in Christ if they had not sold the EXTRA land at all! They were killed by God because they LIED about it! Wake up!

Jesus said if you have TWO coats and your brother needs one, give him one. He did not say give both of them away and thus you have to go and ask someone for a coat! Wake up!

If you really think that Stair or any other man is so 'essential' and important, then give them a donation from time to time as you can without ROBBING your own children! Wake up!

The woman in the temple threw in all of her living (that she had at that moment)! She didn't come there and EVERY single day and week throw in EVERY single penny she had and then had to go and beg or whatever! Wake up!

Use some "spiritual common sense"!

Help, your brother has a completely and totally distorted view of what God Almighty and Jesus Christ want from him.

I am probably talking to a brick wall, but, there you go.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
From: Help
Tell him to read the testimonies written on this site. And to pray for guidance.

Go to the scriptures with him that is where stair is deceiving him. Ask him to show and explain why he should be with stair then ask what he should do according to the scriptures on all the witnesses that have came out of that whorish system of Stairs.

Pray he wakes up
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Help
Ok so my brother and his young family is getting rid of his house and stuff. He just telling me to get out of the flesh he following jesus. Could you tel me something i can say or show him to stop this? Please help if you can they have a new baby and a teen.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rhoda Stair Hamby
hello net team i am his youngest daughter
just wanted to let you know
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