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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Aaron
From: To the young woman.
You are a strong and smart person and ALL of us are very happy you are no longer living under such tyranny. You have made many people you might never meet happy. That matters!

I encourage you to reach out to NET TEAM members for their help. They will understand what you have dealt with. God DOES love you! Hears you! Knows you. And you are far more in special in God's eyes than Stair, Roberts etc. On this point there will be no debate.

Please let us know what is going on with you.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bro Mike
From: ralph's Temple Prostitution
One of the things that really irked me big-time on the farm was prayer time law enforcement.

It was found later that ralph used prayer time to make his break to a sister house where he would creep in, do his dirty work and leave in time to get back to his microphone in the radio room for the end prayer.

What would happen is I would be coming from the shop after washing up from grease and would be delayed several minute after 7:00oc. As I would walk up the dirt road and pass the window on the radio room, ralph would peer out on occasion, shaking his finger at me, because to him I was late.

I was a 40 some year old man who already raised a family being scolded like a teenager for messing up his timing to a sisters trailer.

Other similar accounts of ralph controlling peoples time are when he kept us long hours in the dinning-hall and would demand everyone be at their work station the rest of the day, giving ralph the timing he needed to corner the next sister on his daily rotation of sexual engagements, only to run back to the radio room to go live.

This is temple prostitution.

Ole ralph dropped the blue bomb (Viagra drug)to make mommy happy as Naomi his daughter put it.

Naomi grew up under the steady stream of ralphs perversions.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bro Mike
Hi Del

Great explanation.

Hey Thomas

It is after ralph has everything he thinks he can get from you that he has you driven out or makes it unbearable to the point no sane person could stay and still protect their family.

Either way someone else will take your house sooner or later. Its just a matter of time.

I don't know who all heard the last Sabbath clip sent by Steve where ralph is calling Mike Rowland a strong delusion?

In other words ralph is saying that those of us at THE NET TEAM starting with me are only reporting lies about him and that he is pure as the driven snow.

When men are finally punished for their evasive manipulation of God truths, as they take the name of the Lord in vain, their souls will suffer everlasting torment.

With that in mind I say to these souls "Live it up for now" "this is all you are going to get so have at it" as if anyone can stop you.

Jesus said for these type of leaders to fill up their cups and of course ralph is saying the same thing that we are all filling up our cups against him who is truly innocent.

When the average by stander sees all of these post they are not sure what to think and ralph gets a possible recruit.

ralph lets the world no nothing of his repeated adulterous lifestyle right on his farm, right under the noses of every soul living on the grounds.

Over half of them know that ralph is doing this and when he is doing this. They continue right on with the Amen's heard Internationally as if ralph was the HOLY PROPHET of the ALMIGHTY.

They are covering up ralph's deeds and quoting scripture to show that covering these repeated adulterous affairs, fornication's of the heart, is the right thing to do.

Chris G. stated in the 2001 exposure that ralph had done this adulterous relationships for 30 years that he knew of, while the Maccally's who came from Boston with ralph said he left the area at a time when some of the men were ready to kill him for an adulterous affair with their wives who were black girls. This was in the 80's.

Then on the campground where Bill and Patrica M. lived in the 80's and 90's ralph was trying the same thing with the sisters there.

Then in the mid 90's to 2001 ralph was caught again being sexually active with 6 women at the same time.

Then after this was caught again by another teenager finding ralph in bed with her mom while dad was working in the field on the farm.

And the beat goes on?

1cor 5:1 It is reported commonly that there is fornication (porneia and adultery) among you, and such porneia as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife.

Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to porneia, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

ralph is not even a qualifying novice.

2tim 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Thomas Belford
From: Visiting Family
If you have family that live at Ralph's sex farm, how it goes for you as far as coming for a visit depends on how your relative has played Ralph for his favor.

You can take chip Landry for instance, he came to Ralph's farm-letting Ralph know of an inheritance soon to come to his daughter.

Ralph started seeing dollar signs and the special treatment started for his family on the farm and those that came to see chips family.

There are those that live there that know all of Ralph's buttons and know how to push them .

Money helps allot and will make your visits mild.

Chips family was one of the few I had ever seen come there with Ralph talking good of them after they had left his sex farm.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Del
From: Alabama
The only sign that I see regarding Ralph Gordon Stair is the fulfillment of false prophets, lying teachers and wolves/hirelings misleading the sheep.

Stair has offended me when I was on the farm with his perversions of the scriptures, contrary to the Spirit and his shady dealings behind closed doors... As it is written ,it would be better that a millstone be roped around Stair's neck than him to offend those drawn to the Father and chosen by the Father, not by Stair...

Stair does not even have an accurate understanding nor knows what holiness is and is perverted. A house divided against itself will not stand... Stair is another division within the organized religion system that entraps others searching for the truth with a sincere heart.

When I stayed in Canadys, I disconnected the speaker in the house so I did not have to hear his preaching, so I, as the spiritual head of my family, could pray and hear from the Spirit, not occupied and interfered by the radio going on 24/7/365.

What you preach, on holiness is one thing, and what you do is another, which comes from your heart. The fruit you bear is vile, The Father is your judge, and I have been commanded to judge no man but to judge righteous judgment and to judge the fruit brought forth. Ralph, you bear the fruit of a wicked man, not evil, but wicked. You will have your reward and it is not what you think it is.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mike
From: Sarah in Charleston
Yes Tammy is right when I lived there all of our phone calls were being listened to for even the most basic local service such as autoparts.

stair had Geoff S. wire up the phone system right off the radio room to hear all calls.

The mail box was checked daily by one person (For sometime it was a young boy NICK)and brought directly to the radio room where ralph stair would open these letters to read them if he thought these letters might have an impact on one of his members especially.

All communications from letters, phone calls , visits, are a threat to the opposing side who dominates the persons completely and does so through a constant flood of danmation from God.

They (Farm members) are conditioned to breath, eat and sleep the philosophy, family is your enemy.

Family will cause you to lose your soul and so on.

Then the next step is to hate all evil and your family is no exception.

So now you are a "Christian"? bread to hate your family?

Yes that is right. Remember how demented the Leader is and how he bullies everyone there and you can mostly pity each of those poor souls.

Some of the little leaders there are beyond pity like ralph so bring your shield as they will be out to shoot their words like arrows at you in an effort to discredit any thing they can about you, if it looks like you might be of some influence with your family member.

Brother Michael
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Tammy
Around '99 my parents were there and I was "thinking" about going to visit them. I was told that I had to stay at the compound throughout my entire visit. I could not stay at the local hotel and go visit them during the day. I found this very controlling. My husband, who lived there tells me that this might not be the case for everyone, but it was for me, maybe because Stair knew I was against the whole "compound"/"cult" way of living.

I was also told I had to abide by all their rules, which includes, no make-up, had to wear long dresses, etc.

When you go visit and they don't think you can be recruited you will be treated like a second rate human, meant for destruction. The leader knows that this kind of information is circulating and this is intentional to make for an uncomfortable and intimidating atmosphere.

Also, do not expect to get to cozy and have intimate "family time", it just will not happen, they will not let you have that family/quality time you might be looking for.

take care,
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Sarah
From: Charleston, South Carolina
What should I expect if I go to visit family that is living in Walterboro at the Overcomer Ministry? Are we welcome?
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bro Mike
From: Blubber Stair
Yeah blubber stair is still blubbering away trying to draw in some more young blood, then testing the waters to see who is the most open to an adulterous affair.

People seeking a sign are open game for ralph with him calling himself the sign.

And this business of ralph saying he is Jonah?
No way is a man of God like Jonah ever compared to a some fallen leader whoring from house to house in his community.

Wake up Farmers and lets pull some weeds.

Just as always year after year some victims have left and some stay.

Today those who are still there and have chosen to hope for the best with ralphs reform are sadly met with disappointment.

ralph goes on slipping around the grounds creeping into another girls house to see if she is willing to lay herself down for what ralphs calls the work of gOd.

With one strategy or another and after many years of perfecting his appeal through fear and seduction ralph overcomes his newest pick ONCE AGAIN.


So now it's off to the dining hall or pulpit for another blubber stair blubbering session about what amounts to nothing.

Chip Landry, Timothy Jones, Robert, all of you, and if David were alive today, you do not have to permit this leader to crucify Jesus afresh daily in your homes. This is to your open shame.

Arise and thresh.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Brother Stair Says
From: I am the sign
A wicked an adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, here I am.
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