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Name: Brother Mike
Here's that guys website who takes on religious hypocrisy.
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Name: Mike Rowland
From: Wanting to believe (Fearing)
Hi Jason

Yes people fear other men who say that GOD told them.

They want to believe so others around them except them. It has nothing to do with GOD excepting them.

The most typical response they people offer when told that they are in an environment that is unholy is "I can Handle it"

Young people go to bars and hang out with drinking buddies saying they are Christians, believing they can hang out without being effected.

This is no different when brothers hang out with unholy people is a wooden cHurch building, than the bar scene.

Scripture tells us that doing things against God's ways are the ways of the heathen and we are to "learn not the way of the heathen".

The ways of the heathen are evil ways and will corrupt God's people.

We are called out of that. Elected.

It is evil for a secular leader to go against the law of God in favor of gay marriage or any other wicked heathenistic practice.

Today wOoden cHurch leaders are much like a politician in that they are generally in favor of whatever the people like.

The people want the lies of Santa Clause/hippity hoppity to the fertility bunny, ghosts and witches for devils night and Halloween...................... shamrocks and pink clovers of the magically land of the the Celtic Irish, the list goes on forever.

Afraid of not pleasing all of the people around them so they have to keep all of these days so they are not cast out.

Ps They will do almost anything to please men but for God...?? Well their gOd is their own way. They talk the talk but in actuality they hate HIM. Their actions show this.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jason P Adams
From: Organized Religions
Very well put together.

You obviously put some study into that.

I really never considered catholicism more than a cult of "The lady". Jesus said,"No one comes unto the father but by me". That pretty much sets catholics apart as doing their own thing.

As far as other organized religions,I really don't put much thought into them. There is so much deception out there. I wonder what happens to people who refuse to believe because of their fear of being caught up in those deceptions.

Wanting to believe but fearing it at the same time.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: America Gov. Religion
From: A Christian Nation?
A Christian Nation

When Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) declared the United States to be a Christian nation, he was not the first person in national leadership to make that mistake. Boykin and his kind would gladly turn the U.S. into a theocracy where Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, and especially atheists would be most unwelcome.

However, this is not a Christian nation. This is a secular nation, home to individuals of many beliefs and of non-belief. This has never been a Christian nation.

Before the U.S. was even a nation, several of the colonies — Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Georgia among them — were settled by individuals escaping government-decreed Christianity in England.

Even before then, Native Americans practiced their own religions based on spirits of nature. Those religions survive today despite official attempts by our federal government to exterminate them in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

At the time of the Revolution, the colonies had a significant Jewish population. Haym Salomon — a wealthy New York merchant who happened to be Jewish — not only staked (and lost) his personal fortune to finance the Revolution but also negotiated subsidies from foreign governments for the conduct of the war. Salomon's loans to the Continental Congress were never repaid.

Colorado Bishop Warns Catholics

Denver (AP), 14 May 2004 — Catholics who vote for politicians in favor of abortion rights, stem-cell research, euthanasia or gay marriage may not receive Communion until they recant and repent in the confessional, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Colorado Springs said.

Bishop Michael Sheridan's pronouncement was the strongest yet from a U.S. bishop in the debate over how faith should influence Catholics in this election year.

The discussion of withholding Holy Communion had previously been limited to politicians themselves.

Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter, a Catholic, criticized Sheridan's letter.

"I just think this is a tragic direction for the bishop to take," Ritter said.

"My great fear is that it will drive Catholics away from the church,
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Neil
From: Punching Bag Family
Well it's just another witness of the upper room and the torment and deception that went on there. Yes the family that was always the punching bag for baker is well documented.

Chuck was a man of God and protected his family with Love and direction through it all.

We can go on and on, but this was a season of our lives that has strengthened my desire for the truth.

We will all stand before Him and give an account. James Baker and his own lusts and self desires, he WILL have to answer for, God help him.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Religious Babylon
From: wOoden cHurches
This religious system mixes the truth with the untruth so that the people may not be able to perceive the truth through their eyes. False doctrines are the pedal on which this whole religious system operates in a surreptitious manner. The scepter of this religious kingdom is the pride. They do not accept the truth because their hearts are full of pride and hypocrisy. They are Pharisees, worshipping God outwardly and looking like whited sepulchers which indeed appear beautiful but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness. They outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within they are full of hypocrisy and iniquity (Matt.23:27-28).
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Religious Wkoredom
From: America's Churches
Economic, materialistic and religious kingdom

There is purely an economic, materialistic and religious kingdom in this world, being established on the foundation of money and wealth, and not on the laws of God, especially the doctrines of Christ and His apostles. It is well entrenched on religious practices and customs. In other words, it is a kingdom of trade and industry with a religious covering. Every ruler has committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies (18:3). This materialistic and religious kingdom is quite opposed to the kingdom of Christ. This kingdom does not trust in the one true God and His Christ as revealed in the Word but in the wealth and the religion of nations. The religion of nations means following a set of religious rules and practices without the truth. This materialistic and religious kingdom makes every ruler forget God and His laws, especially the doctrines of Christ and His apostles so that he, by virtue of his material prosperity and religious practices, commits spiritual adultery with this global economic and religious system that is called Babylon the great. It has corrupted the whole world (19:2).

This unseen, materialistic and religious kingdom still exists today. How does it exist today? It exists in every form of worship of idols and in every religious system that persecutes the Body of Christ. It is the great w**** that sits upon many waters with her hands stained by the blood of the martyrs of Christian faith.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Brother Rowland
From: Cage of Hateful Birds
America and All of the other Nations are mentioned here in the Book of Revelation. They are all lumped together.

The wkore of Revelations is a religious thought process that loves lies rather than truth.

Over the last 40 years in the Ministry I have met many wonderful souls, and also those who were very hateful. These were always the religious folks.

The religious people of the world today are constantly making a mountain out of a molehill so to speak or making their ideas into a Holy War.

We are told to hate evil in the Bible but not called to use violence, such as physically killing those around us for disagreeing with our understanding of what we consider to be the truth.

The religious mind of the 21st century is described here in the Book Revelation

Rev 18:2....Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

A people who feel that their God given Holy war permits them to hate others are unable to repent.

Babylon means confusion.

How can people repent for something, that to them is not a sin? They can't.

This is the process of gaining a stronghold over men's lives, to reverse the rolls of right and wrong so an individual is unable to ask for forgiveness.

This is what reprobation is. A process of these roll reversals, whereby individuals can not come to the light because they believe that they already are in the light.

Generally the high mindedness of our current religious society, is one of the greatest advantages that the OVERLORDS of Darkness use against men.

It is a religious peoples choice and they WILL have it no other way.

Don't say the devil made me do it. It is your choice.

Jesus told us that very few would be able to find the straight and narrow way that leads to life.

Today's thought concerning God is a wide way where mega Millions will gain entrance.

This is confusion and is in direct conflict with the words of God in the flesh(Jesus).

There is not a more hateful grouping of spirits than the ones found inside of those who call themselves Christians while they do everything that Christ hated.

Willingly they do this. Ignoring the warnings because of religious confusion. Their cHurch (wooDen bUilding) tells them that their biBles tells them that they can do whatever it is they want to hear.


America and other Nations peoples have received the wide way taught to them from childhood.

They are very religious yet Void of God or the Presence of God.

The witness of Gods Holy Spirit does not radiate from them, they are without the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

They have a self-right about themselves and when challenged in anyway will manifest all of the foul/unclean/hateful spirits of their father Satan that you can only imagine.

This is a murdering spirit to hate others without a cause.

This is the identifying mark of the Tares.

Spiritual fornication leads to reprobation.

The Day of The Lord is at Hand and will reveal these Tares by the fire of right and wrong.

Today the truth spoken burns like a hot fire and shows who is who.

That Burning Fire of Truth is so angering to these demons we expose that they will turn against you, even killing you saying that they are doing gOd a service.

Until it is time these demons in the flesh of religious people can not do away with us.

Stay ready.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Brother Mike
From: Bitter Years
Yes all of the biter years of living under farm leaders can make a person react wrong.

Men and women both tend to say in their hearts "I will never listen to anyone else ever again"

So that makes it almost impossible to receive anything from humanity that resembles God.

Instead the tendency is to look for what other people say is God then it must be safe.

You follow me?

No don't follow anyone.

Now all that is left to follow is yourself and that can be a nightmare.

The truth is you will never find God.

God is the one who picks and if HE reveals HIMSELF to YOU, then and only then will you find his perfect will.

We all grew and go through levels of searching and purifying, in order to see more clearly.

The scales of darkness fall off our understanding little by little as HE brings us into HIS marvelous light more daily.

You and I will never arrive at the top level of knowing God.

We may only in some small way experience only a very tiny fraction of the height/depths/bounds of Gods pleasure.

It's in HIS presences that we find pleasure and the pleasure comes in more ways than one, endlessly.

You are the called out and this means HE picked YOU.
I hope HE finds you a little more today.

In his presences there is fullness of Joy with no room for bitterness or any kind of a competitive chip on our shoulder that is trying to prove to others how WE are finding GOD.

That's the wrong direction and the plan of Satan.

Either way no manner of words can reach anyone without God having that door open, again it's HIS choice.

The first step is to live awhile and empty out all of the YOU or to let you exhaust yourself, only to realize you can not find HIM on your own.

All your prayers in the beginning years will be mostly centered on what YOU want instead of what HE wants.

It takes time to yield.
ps Take your medicine like Jesus did learning to obey from the things YOU suffer.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jason P Adams
From: To Natasia
To Natasia, Don't allow yourself to get upset over the difference of your life and the lives of others. What works for one may not work for another.

Just keep enriching your relationship with God and all else will follow as God see's fit. We are all God's children and all of us posting here, give or take one or two, are still working to get on the right path.

Man can tell you, but only GOD can show you.
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