Michael R. Rowland's Testimony Continues

Greeting in Jesus holy name, I have been watching over the interacting statements, remarks and I really don't quite know where to start. I realize that there has been much oppression throughout all of our involvement with the Overcom(her) ,RG Stair, Canady's farm, voice of last day prophet.

While I lived there I also experienced many good relationships with the brothers. I can not speak for everyone because I could only be in one place at a time and so with that I shall continue my report. Usually I was always out and about the grounds before and after going to working outside the farm at my refrigerator shop. Before going off to work to my shop, I would check or maintain the walk in refrigerator freezer that I had built with other men months before. I was in charge of getting it functioning and was told to keep it going and for the first 5 years I did. Many have put a dollar figure on it to total $20,000 . Just one electric motor at 7 horse used to power the compressor came to $500. After having this commercial refrigerator finished off in detail our brothers Stair of course began showing it off as our tribulation storage. Stair wanted it designed to keep food cold after only running it for 2 hours a day he said. I was not an engineer but between Kirk Higbee and I, we actually made from calculation the hot coil and the cold coil to pass freon. The box is a custom job that is very impressive and could have only been completed by 10-15 different men. Stair began to show it to everyone who came to the farm. Everyone would look at it and say that it was nice and wondered did it cost less to run or more per square foot. Well I don't know about that because you never get something for nothing and that is what I said in reply.

Soon some of the other community leaders came and while they were visiting liked the idea of one big box instead of 8-15 little one's setting around everywhere. Pastor Roberts like the thought so well that he found a used frig-freezer that was mostly only a metal shell of a building with doors and parts for freon too. At the time none of his men had a certificate to handle the gas and this is where I entered the picture. Stair sent me to Victory and I lived there while rebuilding this walk in refrigerator. Pastor Roberts directed me to see the brothers that could help and gave me the thousands of dollars needed to pay for all the pieces.

Now I was staying at Victory and observed the life of the children , mom's and dad's. It was far different there because at breakfast there were only a few men folk and mostly women and children and I mean lots of children. Pastor Roberts displayed his love for all the children as they would sit with him come over to him that he might hold them in his arms. It became clear to me that this man Roberts who has never had any children had a great desire for helping these young families and in return they shared their hearts of love together.

You might say Oh brother Michael everybody does that on the surface but I am not a fool and I do know when a person is putting on or nice to my face only and everyone was very kind to one another there. This place was far different then Stair's, each person had there own house and wives and children and job's and money and freedom to go hear and there WOW. This was unreal seeing them come and go just like you would in a community down the road. After I show you Victory then I will show you the difference with money at Stair's farm.

Stair always bashed Roberts behind his back for having so many fun things for these mom's and children to do. These families gave Pastor a portion of there money from working to get things for others who had needs. They help each other and yet they all have a say in matters and no one is a slave to anyone. These men agree and spend there money on what they agree on. One thing the young men did was to build a two story library gym or hall for extra classes and many other things. Out side you will find a large basket ball court with great lighting polls and this will keep the young men in shape. Stair would blast Roberts after finding out about some new fun thing they had just built or bought and called Victory a recreational park.

Like I said not to many know all of the facts about how Stair was causing division but this was one of them. On occasion Pastor visited our farm and I was glad to see him and could not understand that stair was not glad about him coming. One day I asked how is pastor he replied oh he's pastor Roberts and I could tell he was not a favorite. I liked Victory in every way and Pastor played ball with us too, while just over the way the sisters had a great volley ball net and game going. This took place at the end of the normal work in the course of a day. To me this seemed a relief to be at Victory away from the other atmosphere in Canady's yet not knowing at the time why. I had to pay child support at the time so Pastor gave me a few hundred and I was amazed because this was not required and yet I needed it so I blessed him and received it with joy.

Roberts is always working either laying block for a new building for someone or for victory or building something to make life better for his big family with all those kids LOL. At Victory many times saints have disagreed with Roberts and they do not throw each other off their land because of spats. Men and women at Victory feel safe and do not make threats about a person going to hell over every little item. Victory has a board where other men keep each other in check. Deacons, bishops and elders are what you will find at Victory. Victory victory shall be mine all mine Victory Victory shall be mine well if I hold my peace and let the lord fight all my battles Victory Victory shall be mine. God bless Victory Community.

PS Roberts is being used to help heal the hurts of two of the most recent victims they live there.

More coming when I get ready, Maranatha, all my love Michael

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