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Jackson and Roberts were now in contact with one another concerning at least three separate situations were Stair had been implicated in a pattern of abuse of his office as a leader and brother.

Roberts and Jackson met and then proceeded together to confront Stair with many of these issues. With threats of going to the law Stair was forced to confess. During all these proceedings many others were asked to attend. They all agreed to call several large meetings to decide what to do.

Men were called in from five different communities across the United States. This would be the first knowledge that most of them had ever had of Stairs conic lying manipulation and pattern of abuse. Before the meetings in the tabernacle Stair stood up to talk in the dining hall at meal time and began telling the group how he had called these meetings so that he might lead the people of God in repentance and that even he needed to be forgiven to.

Stair has shown over and over that he doesn't mind lying about things, as a matter of fact he has lied so much that a person can tell that even he believes those lies. He is able to convince his people of almost anything he talks about. They believe him regardless of what the scriptures say. Yes here in the coming meetings we will see many who rejected the truth that this man Stair is a false prophet.

Meeting time came and Stair gave a brief but unclear version of what he had been doing over years. Sixty men sat and listened to him say how that he defiled these sisters and by putting his hand down and touching them. Was that all or did he go farther. As stair was beginning his confession he then asks the group to receive David Jackson's explanation of all that he had done. Jackson one of the best preachers the Overcomer had ever had continued the confession under the direction of Stair. Jackson gave a very clear account of how Stair had been using his position to manipulate people and events in order to fulfill his inordinate lusts with many sisters. In other words you could say that Stair would lie cheat and steal to get what he wanted and still able to maintain that what ever he did, God would make it right.

As we continue with Jackson giving Stair's testimony please note that Stair was walking from his office to the main meeting room while he listened. Jackson proceeded to let the group in on this new release of information. Keep in mind that their were several such meetings and everyone was not in every meet. One thing Jackson let the group know was about how Stair would send him (Jackson) away up town or to another property while Stair proceeded to sweet talk his wife behind his back. Stair, he said was doing that with other wives also. When his wife told Jackson, he couldn't receive it at first. Instead he began observing Stairs actions more closely. Stair,he told, had been called on the carpet and confessed to promising the young teenage girl's husbands if they would only bless the Lord by giving up their bodies to Stair for sex. Stair would run out of his office at times and demand us "to get the strange looks we had off our damn faces." Over and over he said that. David Jackson kept repeating that forgiveness was not the question here but Stair shouted only louder we all need forgiveness. Those are nice words but he should have not been doing those thing for 30 years and still calling himself the most powerful authority on earth for God, that was the issue. The issue is still true or false? Chris G. his right hand man for 30 years said this when he heard the news, "God almighty Stair we have been going around this mountain for 30 years". What did he do you ask, well let's continue. Jackson declared that he had been under great spiritual stress and stated so when he said to the group that we all need to know how painful it was for him to find out all of this evil. He also used the phrase dodging bullets because he had to face the reality that Stair was false while Stair continued to batter him in the regular daily group sessions where Stair runs around in a dramatic display. He thunders that a person is going to go to hell if they don't stay in tune with what he is saying. Then he will deny that he ever implied any thing of the sort when he is asked what he means then he turns the group against the person who ask's him any questions saying you do not question authority. Jackson continued that Stair had been sending him away on jobs like monitoring at the school house on Friday and going over to his house and trying to hug up to his wife. She was ashamed at first to tell David, thinking she would not be believed and she wasn't wrong about that. David Jackson told how two teenagers were thought to be pregnant by Stair as is part of what had exposed him. Also that they both had bad infections and sores in their privates. One black girl sat on her screened in porch for three weeks with hard boil like lumps in her in her hands also and in her mouth.

There were so many when I stopped to talk with her it was noticeable that she was in pain to use her mouth at all. While she sat alone at her house Stair as always addressed this sickness as he does address every little thing. He told us as a group that the girl had spoken against the Lord. He said that she had hoof and mouth the mad cow disease. When I went over to see her and what was the matter I offered to look at her hands and she told me not to touch her because what she had she knew was able to pass over to me and she did not want me to get what she had. So there was a sister Allison there most specialized in creams for a persons skin so I asked her to go see her. Allison made some creams and gave them to her. I remember Crickets response that these creams she somehow knew would have no effect on what she had contracted. Stair began making arrangement for her to get married and her new boy friend now for a few weeks was helping her get food and water.

Jackson continued that after Stair had married her off shortly after he sent her husband on a small job and knowing he was gone he went over to the mans house and helped himself to his wife as he had always done. For several years now Stair had been using this teen and she was used to him and since he wasn't stopped in the past why should it seem wrong at all to her that the prophet of the Lord was in love with her a lowly black girl. He had convinced her that she was a chosen vessel for the masters use and everyone seemed to think nothing was wrong with it. No one stopped him. Even her father to this day still has done nothing to stop him from doing it again to other teens. In fact Stair elevated her father William to a powerful position in the pulpit the week all of these things came to light. He knows it was wrong but feels he can't do anything about it so he said he would let God punish the man Stair. Stair treats blacks as slaves and in South Carolina slavery is not completely gone yet or at least the attitude is still around. I watched these black brothers in the camp get verbally abused and beat down to a place of defenselessness. They could no longer help themselves they were emotionally destroyed.

Well it has been long enough and time to start writing again about the things that happened to the saints of God at the Overcomer farm in Canady's South Carolina.

To some what summarize it looks to me as though Stair is a pathological case. Any man who in the name of the lord that can destroy or subvert whole houses without feeling guilty or can overcome the weaker vessel, by surprise or by advantage, and proceed to force himself upon the victim, has no conscience. Sometimes the weaker vessel turns out to be brothers as well as sisters and what I see is that Stair likes to take advantage of people in general in anyway that elevates him to a level of position and power as the supreme authority. He first convinces his group of listeners that he like God loves them but after he receives their property and money he begins his second approach that keeps a person struggling with life by telling them constantly that they are bordering on destruction while he proceeds to create circumstances impossible for them to measure up to. Eventually he has the right to throw a person out of their homes into the street or at least he thinks so and by the time he is through with his process of making a person look like a criminal before the group they believe he has the right to do it. Stair will always wait until he has thoroughly battered his opponent and all really are his target in the end.

As long as the men there all go along with him no matter what evils he commits they may stay, but must never judge him on any matter regardless of what Scripture says. It is a remarkable thing to see a man able to hurt, steal, lie, and do evil and still be able to bounce back in the same breath with a judgment of damnation on everyone but him. Worship he says is the issue and I know now what he means because every thing Stair has done is related to what he wants from everyone else and that is to kneel to his every command. First he gets a shot in the arm so to speak when a family obeys his instruction to come to these farms. Coming to these farms is not wrong in its self. Stair then continues to test his followers with one instruction after another untill he knows for certain what he will be able to get away with and just how he may do his next move. Stair has great experience and uses it to take advantage of the inexperienced. By the time some of the sisters had a change to know the Lord he was teaching them evil and creating an appetite for sex in the name of Jesus. When Stair was confronted in the tabernacle meetings briefly admitted to all these sins of the flesh and spirit still demands complete and total adherence to his rules and guidance. The attitude Stair operates in is designed to drive a rational righteous saint either out of the farm or out of their minds until separation occurs. Stair has shown up in the homes of almost every man at his farm while the man was away, to approach his wife. Some wives reported only that he asked for hugs. Others said he grabbed their behinds or just simply would pull her close to him taking a hug.

It would seem that in the end one of Stair's greatest thrill's exercising his control is to physically rape a vulnerable young virgin after relieving her parents of their charge to watch over her. Stair wants these girls to worship him so he not just takes them sexually over and over, and that without shame, but as he uses them he requires that they believe that what he is doing is Godly. This is unthinkable to saints. God's people will always know when they are doing wrong, even if they keep doing it for a time.

When stair confessed, now that I think of it, his only concern was that everyone keep their place since they to had done it too (sins that is). Instead of shame or guilt, what most people would expect in this situation of repentance Stair only frantically played his set role of a mad man. What I mean is that the spirit of Stair know's from experience what is needed to control people so at this stage Stair continued demanding his place as leader without true remorse knowing that they would revolt and leave on their own just like he plans from the start. Those who did not leave right away he continued to grind their faces daily until they gave up. He says that we all have blasphemed the Holy Ghost and should not have left and should have forgiven him.

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