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----------------------------Jim Searcy (JS) / Charles Dowell (CD) interview excerpt:

JS: You have been working on setting up a big double wide trailer and that is a very dangerous operation which is especially dangerous in this case where you are setting it on a sloping hillside. One thing about the Straightway Community that the Lord has anointed you to lead, is that Brother Stair has the spiritual oversight. You look to him for spiritual leadership. Could you tell us what a difference that has made and just how important that spiritual authority is in a community of faith?

CD: Sure I can, Brother. You know the bible teaches us that if you receive the prophet you receive the prophet's reward. The prophet's reward is revelation truth. Beyond that the blessings that the prophet has, will come down upon those who are walking together with him. The prophet of the Lord, at this time is Brother R.G. Stair. He is the voice of the last day prophet of God. Prophet Stair has oversight, spiritual oversight over this community. Brother Stair will tell you, that he does not try to come to the communities or run them, but he does take the spiritual oversight of them. What that means is that he determines, with the gift of spiritual discernment that he has, he determines who to move on to the land and who not to allow to move on to the land. He has such an outreach that people are constantly looking to get into community lifestyle. Prophet Stair is definitely God's man, and an anointed man of God, for this last days time frame in which we live. We are blessed of the Lord to have such an anointed man of God to take the spiritual oversight of our community.