*Stillborn Infant Death Devastates South Carolina Doomsday Group* The stillborn birth of a three-week overdue, 11 pound infant boy last summer at the campground of a South Carolina doomsday prophet has devastated his small sect.

As reported in the Summer JOURNAL, *Brother R.G. Stair,* of Walterboro, South Carolina -- self-proclaimed as "God's end-time prophet to America" -- had been attracting a national following. He claimed that God told him America would be devastated in an economic collapse followed by the removal of *President Reagan* and a nuclear war before the end of the year.

Stair's 15-minute *"Overcomer"* radio broadcast was heard on almost 100 stations nationwide, resulting in a growing band of people selling their possessions, turning over their money to Stair, and joining him at rural sites.

Stair also preaches against doctors and the use of medicine. This advice was followed by a couple that recently joined Stair -- the parents of the stillborn infant. The baby died as a result of *"anoxia,"* or an absence of oxygen caused by a prolonged delivery, according to *Colleton County Coroner Robert Bryan.* No criminal charges were filed against the couple or Stair, but Bryan ruled the death could have been prevented with medical care.

(Unlicensed midwives at Stair's camp helped with the delivery.) The incident caused a tremendous backlash after Stair proclaimed the fetal death was God's will. Dozens of radio stations canceled his program and Stair ran into financial difficulty.

At press time Stair was selling off some of his rural land where he had planned to build survivalist camps.


Prayer from Michael Rowland
Oh Lord help us find the truth about what's happened to us. Open our eyes Lord.