Mana (Stanwood) Mull's Testimony


Greetings, To my Brothers and Sisters in the name of The Lord, Jesus Christ,

My name is Mana (Stanwood) Mull and I met Nathan Stanwood through hearing about The Overcomer Ministry.  I married Nate in the year of 1989 and during these years I came to hear about Stair and The Overcomer Ministry.  We also contacted The Higher Ground Community (Frank Loupe) as well as we visited there about 4 times.  After 3 years of marriage with Nate and dealing with dialysis and other health problems, he passed away with heart failure.  During these difficulty years of trials for me going through “the valley of shadow of death”, I kept in contact with Stair and he told me to come for a visit at The Overcomer Compound, having David Mull drive me down there.

Stair finally married David Mull and me in Nov 2003.  And we immediately moved to the compound.  In the first year living there, I worked with the sisters in the kitchen.  One afternoon we heard a sexual orgasm take place over the broadcast, lasting about 45 seconds over the international radio.  My husband stated several brothers raced to the radio room to cut it off.  Stair was in the radio room watching pornography and was not aware the obscene sounds going over the airways.  Stair explained it was bleeding over from another program.

My duties working with the sisters included harvesting, planting, and watering the garden.  I was told and expected to work all the time, even when I was tired or sick.  I was told, the sisters were “to be seen and not heard”.  One time, I was told by Teresa Stair that I was to work in the kitchen with Rose Larivee (Dennis Larivee’s wife).  Every morning, when I would go to work to do breakfast, Stair would always show up alone in the kitchen.   Stair would look at Rose and STARE at her up and down, just simply watching her every move with LUST and smiling at her too! When it comes to making morning muffins for breakfast, Rose would make a special dish on the side for Stair to eat and to enjoy her cooking.  By the way, stair eventually denied my husband special meals because of his allergies.

During my stay at the compound, my monthly cycle symptoms would cause me physical and emotional instability while standing on my feet.   I would be in pain all the time and I had to physically push my physical limits.  After about a year and a half, my husband and I had not consummated our marriage yet because of my health and Stair commanded us to do that, right in front of everybody on the radio worldwide.  That was humiliating and embarrassing to me!  As I was a high-risk pregnancy.   Then, to my worst fear, I became pregnant for the first time and it wasn’t until I was at 7 months pregnant that I was having some unusual pain in my abdomen.   But I was told to keep working and since they were short of sisters on duties, most of them  overloaded with work.  It came to some point where the pain was  unbearable. Finally, I came to the BREAKING POINT!  The baby was not coming out until full term, a few more weeks to go!

I was sitting in a chair on a beautiful day, at 9 months pregnant, in our trailer.  My uterus was draining large amounts of infection.  I had been pushing for almost 2 weeks and the baby would not coming out. It was in the morning, at 9 months, when Stair opened the door of our house and barged in and stood in front of me, my husband was beside me.  Stair asks me if I wanted to go to the hospital.  My reply was yes.  At this point, I was having such excruciating pain and blacking out to the point where I was having a vision of a beautiful stairway that leads to the sky ,like Jacob’s Ladder  in  surroundings of  a colorful garden, many colors like Joseph’s robe.   Then I was taken to the emergency room and I was given a C-section to remove the dead baby girl.  The Dr. stated that I was at very close to death. 

Stair recovered the body from Charleston and wanted to bury the baby girl, even before I could get out of the Hospital.  Stair was very angry, like a mad man.

My recovery was slow and long and stair was not tolerating me very well.  He said I was faking everything.  I went to the Dr.  And when stair found out, he told my husband to stop going to the Dr.   Of course, he denied saying this in front of everyone in the Dining Hall.

After my recovery, at about 6 months, I became increasingly and seriously ill with abdominal pain and lethargy.  I decided I needed to see a Dr. as this was not good.  My husband asked stair if I could go see a Dr. and he refused, until he knew my in-laws would pay for everything, and then stair happily agreed.  After 3 weeks in PA, the Dr. said I had a systemic infection (infection traveling throughout the body) and I was again near death.  Stair was only concerned about when I was coming back so I could get to work.  During the interim, my husband called me and stated we had to leave the farm because stair had assaulted him, demanding he leave the compound.

After living for 5 years at The Overcomer Ministry sick and near death, within a short time after leaving,  I am doing much better in my health and I just Thank The Lord for His Goodness and Mercy!

Stair is a lunatic and his brain chemistry is off balance probably from having syphilis and gonorrhea for so long.  Stair is a mad man and I don’t believe he knows what he has become.   He is a very sick man.  I remember working with the sisters at the compound, the sisters would tell me how Stair would come up to them and ask for a “hug” and whisper for “sex”.  Many sisters were offended at stair asking them for sexual favors.  Also,  I remember  the incident in the Dining Hall that Stair would humiliate me and pointing at me,  stating that it was my fault that I had caused the baby’s death.  But, you cannot deliver a breech baby without intervention.

Another incident that I remember .  One morning, Rose Larivee was starred down by R.Stair and Teresa saw him and stated “GO AHEAD, STARE AT HER” everyone heard.  Teresa was no doubt very upset. Then Stair says to the whole group “Teresa has bipolar” and  because of all our iniquity that she is the way she is, or something like that.  I would be bipolar also if my husband was whoring around the compound.  Stair hugged me on at least 2 occasions, however, I did not think anything of it.  No sister is safe there on the compound.  Stair would often come up to us sisters and ask if we had seen “sister Stair”, we told him “that way”, Stair would then go in the opposite direction, after Rose presumably.   Stair is aware everyone knows about his sexual promiscuity, he no longer cares as no brother will approach him about it.  The sisters all say “you just have to forgive him, forget, and move on”.

Christopher Landry and Ann came to see me off, during our last day there on the compound, he (Chip) stated "Stair was wrong for assaulting your husband", and Landry stated he "does not believe everything Stair says or does is right".  My question was, then why does he stay there?  Landry stated “he is what he is”, I’d like to know what exactly he is then….

Please email me any questions


Mana (Stanwood) Mull