Lawrence Skenandore's Testimony

I quit a job in NC paying 65,000+ a year. Had a 54,000 home in which we had a balance of 10,000 due on it but we let it go back to the company so my family and I could live on a Christian community in Canady’s SC. Our two daughters were allowed to live there first. The head leader Ralph Stair found several different reasons why my wife and I could not live there when our daughters where first allowed to. This made me very suspicious. We were not allowed to visit our daughters, they were totally separated from us. I remember the words of Ralph Stair, that those two girls were heifers. I was not to have anything to do with them; my wife and I were in pure unbelief. Stair further instructed my daughter that they were not to even talk to me and if I tried to talk to them for them to walk away and tell him. His reasoning for this was that there would be no families in heaven. I could not believe what I was hearing! I was determined more that ever to find out more of what this person was all about.

Finally after about 4 months my wife and I were allowed to move on the farm. Our two daughters were afraid to have anything to do with us. In a secret talk with my youngest daughter she told me one afternoon she very sick with menstrual cramps and how Stair walked into her room and closed the door behind him. My daughters totally trusted this man as a man of God. She was very shocked when under the pretense of praying for her, Ralph Stair started fondling her and when she told the other women there, Stair started sexually harassing her for any and everything she needed. She told me of her need for the repair of her eyeglasses. Stair was the only one that could get this done but upon the return of her glasses Stair required a hug, but with a promise from my daughter not to tell anyone. My daughter is legally blind without her glasses, so she agreed. But, the hugs turned into Stair’s hand roaming. She shrugged him away. I confronted Stair about the matter. Stair informed me that a few of the girls left because of the way I was handling them, was the quote from Stair. I armed my daughter with a 9” folding fillet knife and instructed her if he tried to rape her to use it, because all of a sudden the preaching the man was doing was on how the women were going to be raped and they were not to open their mouths or they would go to hell. My daughter kept the knife strapped to her leg night and day right up to the day she left there.

The father of one of the girls that left there confided in me. This man was hurt deeply and told me that Stairs problems even involved Stairs own daughter and that I should watch for my daughters closely. Then shortly after that another minister there asked me to meet him in secret at the church. I met him there and he told me the same as the other minister told me, that I needed to watch my daughters because of Stair. I questioned the minister about the shocking news I had learned earlier. The brother confirmed the news that Stair had sexual involvement with his own daughter. From that point on, I tried to get my family away from Stair.

There were several issues I questioned Stair on and the main one was how could he place so many mobile homes on that farm without proper water or sewer. The trailers have wood stoves in them; they are not installed properly. This farm is only 50 miles from the coast and the trailers are not tied down. The electrical service to them lies on the ground or hangs in the trees. I asked Stair how; his reply was “I have friends in the inspections department.”

I actually saw for myself a young boy call 911 because his stepfather there on the farm was going to beat him with a rope. The boy ran and called 911 and then hid waiting for the police. When the police came to the farm Stair met them and told them that the boy was not there. I was surprised when the authorities just drove away with no further inquiries. The next day Stair told the children that he had friends in the sheriffs department and they would always call him before they come out. I don’t know if this was true or something he said to scare the children.

Lawrence Skenandore