Gregory D. Lindsey's Testimony

My name is Gregory Lindsey and I am 32 years old. I was at the community for 7 years I worked on the computers, broadcast equipment. I went there in 1994 and left in 2001.


When Ralph Gorden Stair first got the Internet he had the computer so that when you walked in you could see the monitor. Later he positioned the computer he browsed the most on where you could not see the screen when you walked in. He always said that everybody else was weak and couldn't handle the Internet. Ralph said that he was strong and could handle it.

I was using as the Internet one night and I was typing in a url for zdnets hotfiles and before I finished down dropped a list of typed url's with a porn site in it. I checked to see if their where more by going through the alphabet and found more in the list. I then went to the Internet temp directory and found other evidence. I found this more than once. I wasn't looking for this information when I found it. This happened several occasions Another time he called me in and asked me to remove some music that wouldn't quit playing. Ralph was red in the face and claimed that he was tricked into going to that web site. It was a porn web site.

One day Ralph got up in the dining hall and described in detail how you could go to a porn site and click on the people you wanted to see and watch them in the act. Then he said he didn't do it. He went into more detail and was more graphic than I wrote here. I knew by the detail he was not talking about something a person could do but it was an experience he was describing. This was all spoken in front of the women and children.

Before I left Dennis Bush who still lives there told me that he walked in on him and Ralph almost fell out of his chair cutting the monitor off and then angrily asked him what he wanted. His actions show that he was hiding whatever was on that screen. This was on the main computer.


Ralph preaches against drugs yet I was going through the manuals when I was working on some of the equipment I ran across a brochure from a doctor for some impotence drug. It was put out by a doctor, which he says he is totally against. I later was talking to one of the young boys and he told me about Ralph's daughter opened one of his packages and told him these are my daddy's pills to make mama happy.

Later Thomas Belford informed me that his son had found empty pill bottles in the trash. He Was taking impotence medication while he was raping and seducing the women.

Special Treatment

He also gave himself extra privileges. He would buy special food but was quick to condemn anyone else that got caught buying it. He claimed double honor. He would get milk and take it home but no one else was supposed to. There are many other incidents like this but this is enough.


There was a meeting where it was brought out how he raped seduced many of the women. He would use his position to pressure the sisters to have sex with him. He offered marriage to some of the sisters if they would have sex with him. He even went after some after they where married plotting to send off the husband. He also hit on some of the sisters that where married before they came there. He would put some of the single sisters close to his house so he could visit them late at night. He tried to force one sister repeatedly until she was afraid to go home. He would lie and say he didn't attempt anything with a sister. When the sister was asked they told what he did. The men went back and asked him and he would say I can't believe she said that. He tried to make pathetic excuses. This happened repeatedly. He always said we were not a spiritual people because of the influence of hell. He did not dispute this fact. Did we lose our spirituality when we left? He has cleared out the community twice before this time.

For thirty years he has been doing this, having affairs and raping.

Deliverance ??

Many of us wanted to help him get deliverance. He did not need to remain in authority after what he had done. He refused deliverance he never truly repented. He attacked those that wanted to help him by twisting scriptures. When we would leave his presence and not listen to his rhetoric he would say we walked away from the light into darkness. I just told the brethren that Jesus is the light not Ralph. There was no change. He was only sorry he got caught. Ralph later stated blaming the sisters. He said they had a whorish spirit on them. He would try to point something out about you to get the focus off of him. He even started bragging about what he did saying they all enjoyed it.

We had another meeting outside Ralph's radio broadcast room he did not want to let any one talk but himself finally he relented and let Stan Felicia talk. Stan started talking about us needing deliverance and he brought up a conversation Ralph and he had in which Ralph admitted devils had been cast out of him. Stair never denied having devils cast out. He still would not repent. Those spirits got 7 more spirits wicked than themselves. This meeting started the exodus from the farm in Canadies SC. On the way from the bank he told a brother while a brother that was in the back seat was leaving that "Brother I could of took her." There was some more to that but this should be sufficient.


Last I heard he was on the broadcast saying everybody that left had a wicked spirit. We just up and left for no reason. He tries to condemn those who leave to hell to put fear into the hearts of those that stay behind. Esau stayed and Jacob left. He tried to make us believe you had to be there to be saved. Jesus saves not a piece of land. He is possessed. He is going to hell. He is a modern day Pharisee.

This will be updated.

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