From Glen and Kay

We were so glad to find your web site after three years of no contact. Our family, like all the others, left all and joined the community that was set up in Canada. We endured as faithfully as we could for a year under extreme mental and physical abuse. When we were told to finally leave after a year, it did not come as a shock. The brothers many times told us that they were praying us out of there. We could say a lot about the tremendous fight it was to stay up until that final day but we'd have to write an exhaustive book about it all to cover all the unbelievable circumstances. When we were told to leave the land, it was a Sunday afternoon, we were not given any reason for being told to leave but to go and wait on the prophets word. We were given $400.00, our van, children, and essentials. It took us two full days with only one stop after 24 hrs of driving to cover 3000 miles to get to our parents home. Glen was very ill when we arrived and weighed 116 lbs, Kay was down to 120 lbs. Glen found work while waiting on word from Stair to be able to support our family. We sent letters and offerings and they were accepted and we received letters back confirming they had received it and that we were to continue to wait. When Br. Simon died Glen called Stair to give condolences and asked he he could go to the Maine community for Sabbath meeting and Stair said he'd think about it. We waited for months and then Kay who was in contact with a sister was encouraged to help make a quilt piece that all the other sisters were involved in. Some how this got back to Stair that we were telling people that we were still accepted. We were rebuked over the air as being Esau's hated of God and on our way to hell. Stair called Kay a Jezebel with a lieing spirit. Kay call the sister who knew the truth but she said that she had to believe the prophet even though she knew better. It took a year to get over the fear that we may be on our way to hell. It leaves a person with no hope to live and a dreadful fear of dying.

It's been three years and we are finally in contact with some of our dear friends that were ripped away from us. We know the pain that you experience and we can truly say that time does heal. We still love you all and would like to hear from you if you remember us.

our e-mail is :

We would love to have contact with a number of people we dearly miss and love.

with all our love
Glen and Kay and girls

My name is Kay from Canada. My family was the first family to go to the Canadian community in Saskatchewan. I've been shedding many tears as I've been reading the testimonies of many people my family knew. We can confirm about the many two faced actions that went on and I personally can attest to the fact that Mr. Stair does in fact corner women alone. My family stayed at the overcomer farm for a winter. On many occations Mr. Stair would come into the sewing room with me when I was alone. He would talk to me in a calm manner ( very much out of his character) and would often give me a very embracing hug. The one time when he was preaching after a meal, he came over to me in front of my husband and leaned into my face and with a big grin said "If I were 20 years younger I'd have you!" Stairs wife never talked to me much after that statement. I'm sure many who were there could remember that Stair would never rebuke me like the others, but would use me as an example to the other sisters for endurance, because I was the only sister up in the Canadian community, and that's a very length story in it self that I may tell at another time. When we left Stairs farm to go back to Canada, Stair hugged me good bye and kissed me right in front of my husband. It confused me a little but I passed it of as a father saying goodbye to a daughter. He made me feel favored and my humble husband didn't think anything of it because he trusted Stair as god's man. I've been through much grief and mental anguish but time has healed many hurts. We left the Canadian community in tears and confusion and it took a year after just to be able to pray again, not knowing if we were hated of God or not. Like I said there is just so much I could write, but I'd need time to write down my memoirs. I no longer feel condemned. I know that when I went to the community and gave up all I meant it and I know that God knows my heart. Now I believe I have finally come to know God's real heart and it's beautiful. May god bless all my old friend and I hope to be able to be reunited through email.

Feel free to email any time.
my email is:

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