Regina Belford's Testimony

Greetings. My name is Regina Belford, Lawrence and Linda Skenandore's youngest daughter. My family and I were visiting at the Overcomer Ministry in March 2000 for 2 weeks. When the two weeks were up, my mother and father went back home to pack up our things, for we were going to live at the Overcomer. My sister and I stayed at the farm. I was 19 at the time. Not long after my mother and father left, my sister and I were assigned to administer to an elderly sister--helping her take baths, etc. This is when I had my first physical encounter with Stair. (Before this, Stair would come by and playfully squeeze my hips or my hand saying, "Whoo, that's nice.") There was no hot water in the elderly sister's trailer, so I took a bucket and went to a trailer beside hers (which had hot water). As I was filling the bucket, Stair came in, opening his arms for a hug. Astonished that the "Man of God" was asking me for a hug, I gladly accepted. Hugging me tight and humming "mm-mm," he asked me if it felt good. I was too shocked to say anything. He finally let go of me and left. I was so bothered by this that I told my sister and three other sisters my age. We all decided to shrug it off as nothing. When somehow Stair knew that I told about the hug, my Dining Hall embarrassments began. My next encounter with Stair was when I stayed home with a fever. In my bedroom with only my nightgown on, Stair walked in, laid his hand on my head, and began to pray for me. Then he began to caress my face and fondle my hair. I also told about this and when Stair found out, he still began to embarrass me saying things in front of everyone in the Dining Hall like, "I thought you came here to serve the Lord, not to be pretty." Or, "This young lady here 'shines up' to all of the young men." He even made it look like I was after the married brothers. Stair made me look like dirt, no better than a loose woman, a whore--even to the point that one of the brothers told my friend (who happened to be a young man), "Watch out for that Skenandore girl; she's trouble." But, even though Stair marred my reputation, I still tried to continue to serve the Lord and smile. I tried to stay quiet, mind my own business, and get along with everybody. Finally, one day Stair came to me while I was doing dishes in the Dining Hall and playfully stepped on my foot. "I would give you another hug," he said to me, "but I'd be afraid you'd tell." I promised not to tell and from then on, Stair sought an opportunity to "hug me." A few days later a screw began to come out of my glasses and I couldn't tighten it properly. I asked Brother Stair to get them tightened by an optometrist for me. I went home because I couldn't see too good to do anything. I was the only one there when Stair knocked and came right in my front door, closing it behind him. He gave me my glasses and asked for "his hug now." He hugged me and I pulled back, then he asked for another. He hugged me again but this time, he rubbed my back and slyly slid his hand down to my bottom. I was so taken aback. He left my house and this time I didn't tell anyone because I didn't think they'd either believe me or what happened with the first hug would happen again. It was too mentally distressing to go through again. But, eventually, I told my friend about Stair's hug and he confronted Stair. Stair didn't deny my accusations, but he did try to sway the conversation by saying that if my friend and I left the farm, I would leave him for the first man that went by. But, my friend wasn't swayed. He knew that I was telling the truth. This is the end of my testimony and I am glad to say that on August 12, 2001, I and my friend--who is now my husband--both left the Overcomer Ministry and are now finally happy.

God bless,
Regina Belford.

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