(SOURCE - PROPHECY TAPE. STAIR'S PROPHECY FROM GOD TAPE SENT OUT IN DECEMBER 1986) God again spoke to me....God said to me as I would go to the Soviet Union that within seven (7) months, that would be March of 1987, that we would begin to bring to pass the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies concerning the Soviet Union in the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel. Did you hear that as I said it to you plainly? The Soviet Union is going to make a military strike eventually against Israel but to do that they would have to incur a confrontation with the United States and so they're going to deal with the United States first before they make their move against Israel. 1987 is going to bring us to a 40 year generation from the beginning of the restoration of Israel....Here we are at 1988 and how quickly all these things can be fulfilled.

As we begin this month which I believe between April and May we're going to see a great economic upheaval in the United States of America. So dramatic that it may cause Mr. Reagan to step down and Mr. Bush to take his place and then we will have our next president whether we like it or not. By the commands of God we're heading toward 100 radio stations.

God has promised me I'll be on a hundred radio stations covering every segment of this nation and that he has commanded his people to sustain me.

The demise of the United States is soon to take place. I urge you to understand that before this year is over you will not know this nation as you know it to be today. There is going to be a great political shake-up and an economic collapse of our economy and a limited nuclear war is going to shake this whole world.

1st month of 1987, the prophecy, "Thus sayeth the Lord" will be broadcast next week.

Before this year is out American will not be known as she is now known...The climas of all things is at hand. He told me it would cost me my life. I'm prepared for that. There is not one organized religion today that is doing the will of God. And on we shall go into the month of April, watching, looking, and anticipating the terrible signs of the coming economic collapse, the romoval of Mr. Reagan, and the inevitable limited nuclear confrontation with our enemies as God uses them to whip us and chastize us and necessarily punishes us for our total rejection of what God has given us.

Don't ask me to bless this people. When they pray I will not hear their cry. I will consume them by war...The prophecy...Thus sayeth the Lord. When it's time for me to go, I will go from the scene as quickly as I came.

The judgements are at hand. This year you will see. God says pray not for those people any longer (Americans). He will not repent therefore we (America) must be destroyed.

The day I made this broadcast....we've been reading the headlines of the president's decision to send troops to Honduras and it wouldn't surprise me by the time you hear this broadcast that the troops have engaged in combat and perhaps even some American casualties. Are we now setting the stage to remove Mr. Reagan from the presidency of the United States? You mark my word, ladies and gentlemen, he is going to fall from his height of popularity. They are going to remove him. In some shape or form he is going to step down. You are going to witness some terrible, terrible, transformations in American politics and in economics. And I anticipate before this month is out we will be well on the way in that direction.

The prophecy (1st of 1987) God gave it to me. The words and the works of God will not fail. Thus sayeth the Lord continues: I will not tolerate it no longer sayeth God. So beginning this year, sayeth the Lord, at the time schedule for my fulfilled prophecy is quickly being accelerated. I am going to bring the judgement of this nation. I am going to bring you down. I am going to make you as nothing. Your power as a military might, your power as a political power, your power of economic strength will all be as nothing... I will see that you are damned...Now hear me America, I am going to bring you down. I, The Almighty God am now speaking it by the voice of a prophet ordained by me with his words in my mouth. You have spoken against him but now you shall see that the vision and the burden of his heart that I have burned like coal in his bosom as he cried out to you to return, shall come to pass. You are going to witness it with your own eyes...(end) It will happen...It will come to pass. It will not be altered. There is nothing you can do to change it. A miracle is taking place as God is supplying the funds (to get air time). As we are preparing cities of refuge for Christians to gather. There's no need to hold on to it (money). It is about to come down around you.

(prophecy cont's) Wake up Christiandom, for the judgements of the Lord now in 1987 are going to be fulfilled heavily upon this nation. You will see a great upheaval in Washington, you will see a political turmoil take our political process to it's very knees. It will make Watergate look like a picnic. You are going to see a military conflict that will cause the American people to lose heart and there will not be home of the brave and land of the free any longer. You are going to see the American dollar collapse to such a degree that even the gold and silver standard shall become nothing... The day of judgement is at hand... Judgement is in America today. It begins in the year of 1987. It becomes reality because of the voice of my servant, the prophet, who has obeyed me to speak. Hear ye him. (end) It was just a little while ago that God told me to make an effort to go on 100 stations. God has provided the money. We have small farm.

(prophecy cont'd) God told me in September of 1985 before we would witness the end of 1988 that three things would take place in the United States that are going to bring terrible judgements and destruction upon our land. Number 1, the most popular president, Mr. Reagan, we've ever had will not finish his term. You may see that happen and come to termination any time and maybe by the time you receive this cassette. Secondly, that's going to cause great chaotic conditions around the world and the economics of the world are in such bad straits that there may be coming a world bankrupcy and the cancelling of all currency. The American economy is going to go busted. Thirdly, nuclear war is already been planned...and acceptable to both sides. The end is in God's time and that is now. Any moment, any day, we could see a beginning of catastrophies that will be like a domino effect, one will trigger the other. The removal of Mr. Reagan, either by death or by assasination or by willingly stepping down, could take place. The collapse of the stock market causing a shudder through the economic system of the entire world, followed closely by a nuclear exchange that will eradicate the powers of both the United States and the Soviet Union. Then, ladies and gentlemen, a situation developing because of hunger, famine, strife and political unrest and economic reprisals out of which the antichrist will arise....

I will not pray for this nation of ours. I am weary, God says, with repenting. I am not a man that I should repent but ever since the days of Noah men have gone astray...I will destroy you. I feel deep within my soul that God is going to speak from my mouth at any moment and from that word of God there will be the destruction of America...These are the days of vengence and God is going to have it spoken. The price will be my death, but not until the time allotted and appointed.

STAIR- I believe that Reagan will not finish his term of office. I don't know what manner of way he will not do it, whether he's removed by either sickness or assasination is always a possibility, or maybe he'll step down and allow Mr. Bush to become President so he can run as an incumbant.
JERRY PENNACOLI (HOST)- When do you think the world will end?
STAIR- I believe before the year 2000.
JERRY- Are you being controlled at all by this man down there or do you come on your own free will?
LINDA MCCOURT (former member)- I certainly did go on my own free will.
JERRY - I understand that you turned over $46,000 to this man?
STAIR - That's not true- the money is in the bank in their name. They're the only ones that can get it out. Their's is the only signature that's required.
JERRY - Do you believe the world will be destroyed in a nuclear war?
LINDA - I believe everything that Brother Stair is teaching, yes sir!
JERRY - I understand you had trouble with your first pregnancy and had to have a C-section and Brother Stair does not believe in medicine or doctors. How are you gonna deliver this baby?
STAIR - Brother Stair does not believe in medical doctors himself. Linda may go to any doctor any time she wants to. We have hospitals here...
JERRY - We have one of your newsletters here that says, "Warnings to the people of God, stop running to doctors for healing."
STAIR - That's right. I have a right to speak to God's people and tell them what I feel is God's will for their lives.
JERRY - But you just said Linda doesn't have to...any doctor she feels.
STAIR - But she don't have to do what I tell her. If she don't want to go, she has a right to do that. This is a land where you can still practice religious freedom.
PASTOR MIKE DILUZIO (RESTORING LIFE CHURCH, DARBY, PA.)- Do you believe you're a prophet of God?
STAIR - Yes sir.
DILUZIO - Have all your prophecies come true?
STAIR - Yes, most of them have come true and your're gonna find out...(audience cuts him off). Was Jonah a prophet of God? What he spoke did not come true. The point is we've got seven months to find out whether I'm a true prophet or not. And then I'm off the scene one way or anther.
JERRY - What happens if your prophecies don't come true?
STAIR - Then my ministry would go down the tubes and everything would be gone. Then I'll be off the radio and no one would listen to me and that would be the end of it.
We don't have no place prepared in Alabama. No one's been permitted to go to Alabama. (CHANNEL 3 NEWS 4/24/88)
Something is going to shake America before this month of May is over - Removal of Mr. Reagan or the collapse of our economy or a limited nuclear war.

- I asked Brother Stair what happens if his prophecy of a nuclear attack on America does not happen this year. His answer - in that case we may call him a false prophet. But some of the members of his church said that even that would not shake their faith in Brother Stair.

Before this year is out you're going to find out that I'm a true prophet again because the thing that I am speaking is going to come to pass. Mr. Reagan is not going to finish his term of office and we're gonna see a financial shake-up this year in this country before it's over. How bad? It will affect the rich man.

WALLY KENNEDY- He moved to Walterboro 10 years ago buying an old motel.
STAIR - I believe that there's a very great possibility that we're gonna see a terrible economic shake-up in this nation before it's over which may bring about pressures for Mr. Reagan to step down. But there is going to be some reason why Mr. Reagan will not finish his term of office. On October 19th when the stock market fell my people came running to me and said look Brother Stair, you've been predicting this for a long time but I said it's only the beginning and they said, what do you mean and I said I don't know but it's not going to go to the bottom. And then the Lord spoke to me and he said within 7 months I will bring it to the bottom. And those seven months will end here in the month of May and we're gonna see a shake-up somewhere in the economics of the United States of America before the month of May is over. Now that's a direct prophecy and you're hearing it straight. Now I promise you, you got 30 days to find out whether I am talking the truth. And I am gonna say like anybody else, I am gonna do like old Elijah, let it be known that thou art God and I am thy servant and that I have spoken all these things according to your word.
(KENNEDY)- What if it doesn't happen?
STAIR- Then I'll say I am wrong. I will say I missed it and I will get on my knees and cry out to the God or mercy to forgive me. God has told me when I am going to die and it's not this year. I know what year but I don't know how.
KENNEDY- (Will you be a martyr?)
Stair- YES!

All of the above are DOCUMENTED through audio and video tape.
This was typed and put on the internet by Tammy Lynn in 1999.

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