"I'm operating as the Son of Man....Jesus Christ cannot be the Son of Man now!"

"I said if God doesn't make a move, I will tell Him (that's God) to go to he--!"

"You don't need no Scripture, I have told you."

by Joseph R. Chambers, D.D.

There has never been a day like this day. False doctrines and false spirits are preparing a world for the ultimate deceiver. Never has the model of Holy Scripture been so utterly ignored in accepting doctrines, ideas, and experiences. Apostle Paul stated, "Let no man deceive you with vain words; for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience." (Ephesians 5:6) "Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition," "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thess. 2:3,10-12)

Nothing should be treated as a Biblical event or truth unless it meets the total test of Scripture. I do not speak of arbitrary things like small doctrinal differences or personality conflicts, but rather those things that go to the heart of truth. For instance, who Jesus is, what our relationship to Him entails, what kind of experiences to which we are being introduced, and what are the doctrines a person is declaring. These matters have within them the very heart of our relationship to God and our eternal salvation.

I do not desire to speak to Mr. Stair's personal matters. There is material that deals with his marital circumstances, charges by persons who feel they have been wronged by his ministry, and clear documentation of false prophecies which were not fulfilled. In 1988 he declared emphatically that Pres. Reagan would be removed from office by a specific date and gave other such warnings of national disaster that were false and never occured. Instead, let's just look at his recent doctrinal statements and leave personal things to someone else to document.


Recently, Mr. Stair played a sermon by William Branham on his broadcast. Mr. Branham taught some very strange doctrines which you would presume Mr. Stair excepts. First, Mr. Branham denied that Jesus Christ was the eternal Son of God. Here is his statement. "How can he be an eternal Son when eternity never ends and a Son is something that is begotten of, how can it make sense." He also denied that hell was an everlasting place of judgement. "How can it be an eternal hell when hell was created? I believe in a burning hell. Certainly, the Bible said so, but it is to destroy.

Then Mr. Branham proceeded to lay the foundation for Mr. Stair's claim as the Final Prophet of God. Read carefully. "And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel all this mystery that is written should be finished. It should be taken care of in that day. Now, do you see what I mean? Are you following me? Then in the time for the seven voices of Rev. 10 to be revealed when the book is finished, there is only one thing left and that's the seven mysterious voices of thunder that was wrote on the back side of the book that John was forbidden to write. Let me read it".

He then read Rev. 10:1-7 followed by these remarks. "These seals are on the backside of the book and at the time that the seventh angel is sounding all the mysteries that are written in the book are completed and immediatly the book that was oen and written within is closed. The mysteries of God is finished and this is the mysteries of God..."

Branham continued, "There will have to be a divine-led prophet for the Word of God to come to him with the true interpretation of the revelation of Jesus Christ. It's got to be that way. God, help us. Now, when his souding forth of that's 'thus saith the Lord...."


When he finished airing Mr. Branham's sermon, R. G. Stair then laid claim to being this angel/prophet of Rev. 10. That's an incredible claim! Here are Mr. Stair's words, "As you have been listening to Brother Branham, you have been hearing him talk about a prophet that is to come. One who would reveal the profound happenings of the thunders of Rev. , and to proclaim the day of vengeance of our God. As the book was delivered to Jesus, He sat down and every eye was fastened upon Him and then He said, "This day is this Scripture fulfilled in your eyes, in your hearing." Immediately, Mr. Stair said, "You are witnessing the glorious fulfillment of that Scripture" clearly suggesting that he was the person to whom Jesus had referred. Then to continue, he said, "the end of all things is at hand. The mystery of God is finished...The climax of the age is here. The restoration of the king down to Israel is about to be completed. I pray, I do, deep within my spirit, that God would move upon your hearts of all of you to recognize the fulfillment of the Bible coming to pass in your lifetime. The gospel of the kingdom is being preached, supernaturally, by a well-named prophet of God. Ladies and gentleman, you are listening to that prophet, the one that God has raised up to climax the Laodicean age. As Brother Branham closed out the Philadelphia church and brought us into the Laodicean age, this prophet of God (Stair) will close out the Lacodicean age as we enter into the Kingdom Age. The King is coming."

The above revelation is clearly speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was given the book by the Father in chapter five. (Notice) "He was clothed with the sun and a rainbow was upon His head and His face was as it were the sun and his feet as pillars of fire." (Rev. 10:1) Mr. Stair states repeatedly that he is that prophet which he calls the Last Day Prophet, but often goes far beyond in other claims concerning himself. Here are two quotes making the above claim, "You are listening to the international broadcast, The Overcomer, coming to you from Walterboro, S.C., presenting the voice of the Last Day Prophet of God, proclaiming to mankind everywhere, the kingdom of heaven is at hand...."

He then appears to go a bit further in his claim, "I thought, what would Brother Branham tell us would be that sign and for the past hour I listened to is as he made it very clear, the sign would be the prophet, the prophet who would rise up in the Laodicean church age, close out the mysteries of God in dealing with mankind, denounce all organizational structures, pagan religions, philosophical approaches, and man made doctrines. Well, ladies and gentleman, I thought he was talking about me. I was a young lad just starting out when Brother Branham was closing out the work that God had given him to do on the face of the earth. I never thought about being a prophet, although God had told me I would be. But, I had other things in my young life that seemed to be occupying a line. Now, as I look back, how I begin to speak and tell you what the seven thunders represent, already told you the first three as they declare end time events. There are four more to go and I wait diligently for them (unclear) so I can declare them and will declare them to be the people of God." This claim by Mr. Stair is absolutely insane and blasphemeous.


Further, he states that he is to actually begin the Kingdom Age we call the Millennium (1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ). Is he saying that he is the embodiment of Jesus Christ, that he is Jesus Christ in the flesh? Let's move a bit further in his twisted ideas, "God has always used a major prophet to close out one age and bring us into another. This prophet you are listening to is going to close out the age of Laodiceans and move the people of God into the Kingdom Age."

On another occasion, he waxes bold and proclaims that he is the "Son of Man". He actually says that Jesus is no longer the "Son of Man", but that he is. Remember, Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us and, now, Mr. Stair appears to be saying that he, himself, is the flesh of the Son of Man. Blasphemy! Listen. "I said many times on the radio, you ever wonder why pastors across America never invite Brother Stair in? Why, because I'm operating as the Son of Man. See, Jesus Christ cannot be the Son of Man now."

As the Son of Man, he, also, calls himself the door keeper. "This maybe the last weekend in your life. See, I told you the door is open or closed, come on. I'm a door keeper. Didn't I open the door for you this morning (He sounds like he is beginning to weep.) Didn't I say, 'Come on, come on in. There's mercy here, don't, don't reject it again (He is now breathing heavy.) Now, if you don't put on the robe of righteousness, I'm not going to let you back in here, I want you to do right, do right friend..."

He proceeds to say he has the wedding garment to distribute, "The only way you are allowed to come to a wedding, you have to be invited and then when you come to the door, the servants would meet you and ask for the invitation. And, if you gave him an invitation, they would then take you into an outer chamber, and you would take off all your clothes and they would give you a wedding garment to put on, and they had something prepared for you because you had been invited. I've gone back here in the closet today and got ya'll some wedding garments (praise, shouts, and clapping). I've got some wedding garments. Have I not instructed you in righteousness?...."


Now, he claims to be the judge and is charging the listeners in a way that extreme cults dominate their followers. "Is that what you peanut brains are trying to tell me, you mean to tell me that God put a special type of a ministry to perfect the saints and they ain't going to be perfected, come on, give me a answer. Smart aleck, come on! You see, I believe my words are the Words of God and if I start speaking out of the will of God and say the wrong thing God gets charged foolishly. Whose going to judge? I am. I'm going to judge you...."


Then, he uses the title of the Finisher, used by Jesus Christ in Hebrews 12:2. Here's what Jesus said of Himself, "looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the thone of God." Now, here is what Mr. Stair says of himself. "Now, I'm a finisher. Every Son of Man and the Son of Man, the son of Man, is God's personal representative on the earth at any given time. When Jesus was here, He was the Son of Man in which God dwelt with His personal Word. When Ezekiel was here, he was the Son of Man in which God dwelt with His personal Word. Daniel was the Son of Man, Jeremiah was the Son of Man, now Jesus cannot be on earth right now as the Son of Man, He has to stay in heaven until the restoration of all things and so He sends a man to restore all things. One man! When He got ready to end the dispensation of law, He used one man. You don't know him. ...John, the Baptist ended the Law of Grace, the dispensation of law, he ended it. Then, Jesus took over and established the dispensation of grace, and John said I must decrease now, He must increase. And, then, when Jesus died He passed the mantle to Paul, He passed the mantle to Paul and Paul became the Son of Man."

Now, he gets angry because he doubts they are believing him. "I don't know how many times over the last 50 years that I have had this pip-squeak generation take me on and try to tell me how wrong I am. I am the most truthful, honest, complete preacher on the face of the earth. I preach the Word of God, so pure that most of you don't understand what I'm saying. Well, I don't believe that? Then, get your b---out of here, I ain't going to waste no time on you, you rebellious one, you know who you are. Look, how quiet it got, you know why you are quiet because most of you have done that. Well, I'm just trying your spirit, (undiscernable words). Shut your mouth. Try your own spirit, I'm right. Shut up, you devil. Clean your own house....I don't have to listen to him. Then, go to h---."

He plainly states that once someone accepts him as a prophet they have no further right to even question him. Stair says, "The only thing you ought to discern, the only thing you've got to ask God to give you a witness is "Is that your servant up there? It that really the Last Day Prophet?" If you get that, from that moment on, you better not question a thing I do,. If you don't have that, then you need to get out of here..."

It gets worse, if that is possible. This man claims omniscience. He says, "You don't think that God (unclear word) me as that Last Day heard me say over, I've been schooled. I have met you before, every last one of you in my 35-40 years of preaching. I have met this spirit that's on you. I have had to deal with it almost everywhere, I've been schooled. You can walk in my presence ten seconds and I know where you are coming from."

This man is either insane or he is the worse false prophet I have ever researched. Progressively, I have documented by his very words on audio tape this blasphemy. He also claims to be infallible and sinless. Here are his words, "...Now, this world's so afraid that I might think I'm infallible like the Pope. First of all, I'm not the Pope; I'm in Christ and I'm infallible. Christ knew no sin and I'm in Christ, so I know no sin...amen!"


When he does his talk radio, he does not tolerate being doubted or questioned negatively. Here is one response to a caller. (You could not hear the caller.) (On His Open Mike) "Why don't you go to h--- you dog, how's that? (Pause while caller speaks.) I've already said it. You need to get right with God, you know that don't you...You just go to h--- you barking dog." How does a man claim to be the Son of Man and talk to his callers in this fashion.

He even gets angry with God if he thinks his predictions are not going to be fulfilled. Here is one of his slanders to God. "I said, if God doesn't make a move, I would tell Him to go to h---, and if you people out there don't understand that, if you don't understand that kind of expression, so be it."


He apparently hates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture with a special vengenance. Being the false prophet that he appears to be would explain that. The devil also hates the truth of the Rapture. Here is a statement concerning his response to such a question. "Man calls me, took me on about the Tribulation and Rapture, wanted me to give scriptures about it. I said you don't need no scripture, I have told you, I have told you. You hear me world, you hear me church world, for the Bible, whether you like it or not, you peanut brain, the Bible backs this prophet up. There will be no Rapture of the church before the Great Tribulation and if you do not live to go through the Tribulation, you are going to face your Tribulation in your death."

He further said of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, "That's a lie from the pits of hell and all you that continue to believe that lie are going to damn your soul in eternal damnation."


On another audio tape he plainly reveals his concept of Israel as a nation. This is his statement, "God has always stipulated that Israel was His chosen people and that the church now has replaced Israel . Some folks don't like that, but the Old Testament church was Israel the chosen ones and the New Testament church is the same; Israel, the chosen ones, chosen in Christ of our Father Abraham. we are the seed of Abraham, ladies and gentleman, if you are in Christ, if you are born again, if you have been baptized with the Spirit...."


Apparently, Mr. Stair believes in the Serpent Seed doctrines as William Branham taught. While there are different angles to this basis idea, it is taught by some that Lucifer has sex with Eve in the garden, producing a hybrid seed, which is represented as present day Jews. This is also a main text among many or most "identity" proponents. Mr. Branham, also, taught the doctrine of "Jesus Only" and that the truth of the "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" was a doctrine of devils. I have not documented this in Mr. Stair's teachings, but he plays William Branham teaching these ideas on his broadcast.


No one has the time to document every false teacher. It is grueling work to copy from audio and radio tapes or to read the materials necessary for unquestionable documentation. Please saturate your life with the Holy Scripture and spend maximum time in your prayer closet. Humble and sincere time in the Lord's presence will prepare you for discerning the host of deceiving spirits. Do not believe this hype you are hearing of a great worldwide revival in the established churches. There will be spiritual results among a remnant of Godly saints, but the Bible's end time warning is of false prophets, a false anointing, and great apostasy. Believe the Word and find yourselves a simple church of brotherly love and Godly living while you prepare for the Rapture of the Bride. Do not expect things to get better. There will be incredible tribulation in a general sense as we await the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

> This article has been documented by tapes of Mr. Stair and William Branham, as aired on the broadcast called The Overcomer. The tapes are available for your research.

Joseph R. Chambers, D.D. Paw Creek Ministries 5110 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte, NC 28208

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