David & April Morton

I lived at Higher Ground with my wife April, we where with the church from 10/93 till 10/97,there we where at least I was ridiculed in front of the church at many occasions,and rebuked constantly while Frank used my wife as his favorite and used her as an example for the other sisters, and always told her to hold on cause I wasn't going to be there much longer,later I found out he was setting up a plan to rid me from the farm and his wife and try to take my wife for himself.If you would like to call me and talk and ask me anything feel free to, and to the rebuttel from Frank about Brandi's letter, All I can say is don't trust any man, Frank is a lier and he believes in the lie. Bonnie is a very good friend of mine since she was 14 years old , and I have known Frank from before they got married.