Dave Mull's Testimony


To any Brothers or Sisters considering supporting or moving to the
overcomer farm compound:

The following is a testimony of my time living at the compound. These are
facts and not circumstantial facts unless stated.

Before I moved to the compound, I had heard stair since 1996 and was
impressed by what he preached over the radio and kept close contact with
him and supported him. I met Nate Stanwood, and his wife, in 1996 in
Bethlehem, PA at one of stair's meetings. Nate and I became very close
brothers. Nate visited stair a few times, but stair would not let him move
there because of his need for kidney dialysis. It didn't strike me at the
time, but why would God not heal Nate if you have to be in a compound in
order to be saved? By the way, this is pastor rice's doctrine, even though
it says no where in the Bible you must be in a compound to be saved. Well,
I just blew it off and in Jan 2002, Nate died.

Stair said to come for another visit, and so Nate's wife Mana and I headed
to Walterboro, SC as we were commanded. I was perfectly healthy. Little
did I know, stair was waiting for me to get out of debt so as he could move
us down there and be married. Stair approached me and said he confessed
his sins and has been forgiven, little did I know, he again lied to me.

Mana and I married in Nov 2003 at the compound and for the first 2 years,
everything was uneventful, except I developed a cough as soon as I moved in
there which slowly progressed through our five years there to severe, life
threatening asthma. I had no family history thereof. Stair was praying
for me and buying me herbs, but to no avail. Then he began sending brothers
to pray for me as he did not want to deal with me anymore. I would spend
nights on end in static asthmatic attacks , I thought sure I was going to die. I
would sleep during the day, if my asthma broke. I was able to get away
with this for some time because moratto thought I was working on broadcast
support and stair thought I was working out in the field with the brothers.
Finally, stair became angry and commanded me to leave the compound, I
refused until the third time later when he barged into my cottage and
pushed me around my living room a few times and demanded I leave now. I
said nothing to him and waited for him to leave my cottage. All I could
see was the devil in his eyes. I was trembling. I called family and asked
them to help me leave this compound. Stair gave me a little money and my
two vehicles back, practically destroyed by the brothers as with everything
else we brought there. By the way, I never saw nor heard of anyone being
healed while at the compound that stair prayed for.

At 18 months into our new life, from hell, stair found out I had not
consummated our marriage and ordered me to have sex with her or he would
give Mana to another brother. My reasoning for not consummating was
because I knew Mana could not handle a pregnancy. Well, sure enough, Mana
became pregnant and little did we know the baby butt breached and because
we were not allowed to go to the hospital our baby finally died and Mana
was about to succumb, until her family called and threatened a law suit if
Mana dies, and so stair and jones came to our house and authorized us to go
to the Hospital. Mana had to have a c-section to remove the body and Mana
was not expected to live.

Stair had prophesied Mana would have a baby boy. Another failed prophesy
of his. Stair said he would pay the $30,000. Hospital bill, stair paid
$100. And left the rest for me to pay.

After this ordeal passed, stair became increasingly angry with us and
attacked us both daily in the dining hall to the point I became angry and
hateful. We were humiliated and shamed daily. I never did show out as
Jesus was my example.

Sexual gratification had become an obsession with the brothers and stair.
At first, I thought it was cute and innocent until I observed and heard
brothers constantly meeting with sisters and even into brothers trailers in
the late evening hours. Righteous indignation soon enveloped me.

Stair is a habitual liar and a sexual deviant. Stair screams and hollers
and beats his wife, not to mention the brothers. There is no woman or
girl safe there at the compound. Believe me, I know. When stair reads
this, he will tell me to "go to hell", I guarantee you this.

Stair has changed the Sabbath to be 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday and this is
not biblical. Stair says "whatever comes out of my mouth is thus saith the
Lord". Stair mocks Jesus on a daily basis in the dining hall and
everything he talks about has a sexual connotation to it. Stair admitted
to us his homosexual tendencies and says we brothers also have them. And
so, your son is not safe their either. I am told stair brags to the elite
brothers that he can have any woman he desires. Stair habitually marries
brothers and sisters whom have been previously married and divorced. I
don't believe this is Biblical. We are not allowed to read the Holy Bible
or quote it in the open, only in your trailer, except Christopher landry
whom at times stair appoints. As moratto says, "stair is the word of God",
such blasphemy. Stair believes he is equal to or above Jesus, and is quite
obvious there. I have been told recently first hand, that stair now uses
the F@#%, S$%& and Bitch word during dining hall sessions. I do not
believe stair is a prophet or man of God. Stair commands "double honor"
yet rarely gets it unless he seizes the moment himself. Stair states he
has spent over 200,000.00 of God's money on his legal defense. That is,
money you and I sent him. Stair is a con-artist. That compound is not
self sustainable as stair spends thousands of $$ every month on food as
their supplies are rapidly dwindling. The only thing that grows there is
garlic, onions and sweet potatoes and some fruits, as God has time and time
again smote their crops with pestilence.

It has been over two years now since we left the compound and my body has
healed itself to the point I can work a job now. I feel I have stepped
out of a parallel dimension. If stair is a prophet of God, then let me tell you this, Iím going to be the next pope.

You may email me any questions as this space is not adequate to detail all
our trials there.


to stair:  Do not bother emailing me until you repent of your wickedness and
bring forth good fruit, if you can.


Dave Mull