Daniel DeMeyer's Second Letter

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Mr. Ralph Stair
"Overcomer Ministry"
Walterboro, SC 29488

Mr. Stair

It's been a month now since my last correspondence to you, and you didn't even have the courtesy to respond to such MATTERS CONTAINED THEREIN. On page six of my letter of Jan. 15, I mentioned to you that I wanted you to return at least $12,000.00 of the $20,000.00 sent to you over the past seven years. You also know that I had given you a total of $14,000.00 of that just last year ($10,000.00 in August). This money was given to you to be used for the Gospel (Good News), but you didn't. I would have never knowingly given to a cult.

You received that money really knowing why I gave it, but instead you used it wrongfully and under false pretenses and defrauded us. If you don't co-operate I will take this to the Law, should you give me no alternative. Perhaps you will likely be charged with "larceny by conversion", just in this matter alone. Ralph, didn't you know that that is criminal behavior?

I have no qualms about going to the Law, since a real brother would not have continually done what you have done and are still doing. You're living in a dream world Ralph and still not facing the consequences for what you're doing. You can't even appreciate the leniency and patience that I've extended to you and not just by me, but all the other brothers and sisters having extended the same to you, Ralph.

I also caution you that perhaps you might also have to face charges of slander and defamation of character if you continue to "rail" like you do. You know you've given a lot of air-time trying to justify yourself by demonizing others and myself. Ralph, you are wrongfully taking God's money and fueling your machine to thwart the proper and scriptural way to entreat the people of God. I told you that I'm willing to face you again for any scrutiny, but only with witnesses, but you haven't been man enough.

To all my brothers and sisters reading this, I also welcome any of your scrutiny and discernment and correction in this matter of approaching R. G. Stair.

Ralph, you're acting like a reprobate and I'm cautioning you (for the sake of your own soul) to watch what you're saying while you're "Ralfing" as you are lying to and on many of the Saints of the Most High God. If you haven't already, you're coming close to lying to and on the Holy Spirit, even to the point of no return:
The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-that's really shakey!!

You're still touching or messing with God's anointed. You have not been discerning the Body of Christ. You're trying to wear down the patience of the Saints, coming in like a flood.

You've been continuing to live under the misconceptions and strong delusion that all these precious believers are seeking your life, how disgusting and pathetic. This Remnant, whom you consider your enemies, are not wanting your life as you say, (in reality, who would really want it?) neither are they seeking your death, but rather, these precious people are all sounding the trumpet to signal that there's a grievious Rolf amongst the sheep. From the nature of your operation, if allowed to continue, it would result in the injury and death of many more innocents. We cannot be "willingly ignorant", and just roll over and play dead. Ralph, we just want you to stop what you're doing wrong and come clean. God forbid, if we keep silent, the blood will be on our hands.

Ralph, I never said that King David was not a prophet as you try to pass off that I said only to justify your dilemma. I said he was not known as a prophet (Pg. 7 of the Jan. 15 letter). It would be foolish for me to even say he wasn't a prophet as it's mentioned in Acts 2:30….therefore being a prophet…..
The point I was making to you was, he was not known as Prophet David or David the Prophet, and that it's spelled differently than profit. You were using his "prophet status" or title to justify your reason for sinning and applying it to the "pattern" as you say. That's why I took exception! Amongst his many titles, he was known as the Patriarch David (Acts 2:29), and it wasn't until Acts 2:30 that the first revelation of his being, was prophet. I know that just for the fact of him being the Psalmist David and the prophetic things he wrote that again I say, it would be foolish for me to say he was not a prophet. Also it's obvious by the prophetic examples of the "types of Christ" that he displayed in his life that led to Acts 2:30.

By the same token, I can say that Adam (our first father), was not known as Prophet Adam or Adam the Prophet and yet he prophesied that: "a man shall leave his father and mother…." Therefore being a prophet. Also Enoch was known as Enoch and not Prophet Enoch or Enoch the Prophet- although he saw the Lord coming with 10,000 of His Saints….therefore being a prophet. Also the Patriarch Jacob (the son of Isaac), was not known as the Prophet Jacob or Jacob the Prophet and yet when it came to his deathbed when distributing the inheritance to his sons, he prophesied…therefore being a prophet. I could go on and on, but the time right now limits me to be able to elaborate.
This is just another example of your semantics and how you twist and subvert the Word of God to suit yourself. It's all about you again Ralph, isn't it, you poor baby?

Thank God, that HE is able to watch over His Word. I do hide it in my heart and I know that, that Light (and It's not little) has not gone out, (like you say) just because I left your compound.

Ralph, as you know, I live in the thumb of the State of Michigan. It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here. So permit me to give you a "thumbnail sketch":
When you look at the State of Michigan you see a shape of a mitten. So when or whether you look at the back of your left HAND or the palm of your right HAND, you will always be reminded that: the HAND you've been looking for came down in winter and on your "plastered" Wall and wrote:

MANY MANY have U "TICKLED" then "U PHARTED" (often confused as: your thunders of revelation) Interpretation: (was paraphrased from Daniel Chapter 5) Even though your "VOICE" changed, your breath is still the same! So either way you cut it, it stinks.
Another word for drunk or intoxicated is "Plastered" and you're "Plastered" on your "adrenaline rush" and quest for power. Your Wall is a "stonghold" that you've put up where no one (you think) can touch you.

"King Ralph Shazzar", your kingdom is divided and found wanting (also paraphrased from Daniel 5).
I think your father, "King Nevercameeasy" would also agree.
Look at the pattern, Ralph. Do you think your associates will give you 77 hand-claps for that?

Bishop, Profit, whoever you are, you know the Roman Catholic Church has had it's problems over the past many years due to the facts that many of it's priests violated many young individuals. What also made it worse and adding fuel to the fire was that their Hierachy then violated their victims' trust trying to cover-up, because of wanting to maintain and trying to protect their own "image" and coupled with the love of money, chosing to "sweep it under the rug" and never came clean. They thought like Ford Motor Co. , concerning the Pinto fuel tanks, that it would be cheaper to pay off the "FEW casualties" than to get to the root and solve the problem. But guess what? It blew-up in their faces and bit them in the gas.

You know, if you think about it and really want to be honest, you'd have to admit that you're in the same category, "Bishop Lawless", for you also abused and violated Grace. And that's just since you got out of jail, look at the pattern, Ralph.

Ralph, according to you, this is the mandate your god gave to you:
-Get out of the city
-Get out of debt
-Get the TV out of the Home
-Quit going to the doctors
-Get out of the Churches

Ralph, what a Scam Artist you are! You didn't comply with any of the above. You didn't "give up" anything. You just traded for another.

-You traded your last city for the one you're still building there at: "Walterboro", where there's all kinds of confusion or Babel (where the swine are comfortable). Babel had a "tower" that tried reaching to the heavens. Yours' has a "SHAFT" that has it's limits but in the meantime trying to make as many connections as it can, "Shafting" many in the process.

-You traded your debt…you begged; borrowed, stole and plundered in the process to get our kingdom. Therefore you're now in bigger and deeper debt than before.

-You traded doctors for dentists and also in your case you just kept on "Doctoring" at the "Round the Rectangle Table Discussions". You brought in all your "associates" to "doctor-up" the situation.

-You traded churches and then orchestrated different hierachial positions and many times filling in as your own "POPE" pronouncing hocus-pocus ("your spell") on everything.

Look at the pattern, "BISHIP NUMB-ROD".

When Baalam's ass spoke, it was to prevent the prophet from his madness. But when yours speaks, there's all kinds of eruptions (thunders).

Look at the pattern, Profit Raalf"

Speaking of Beasts of Burden…I'm now thinking of the Shuttle tragedy. NASA chose the Shuttle because of it's large payload. There are various reasons and speculations as to what and why it happened. What is so far agreed upon is that it's left wing was severed. Was it the tiles? Was it the metal fatique or the inner and under-wing structure? Was it the Blue Laser (possible enemy)? Anyway the craft came tumbling down. What a tragic loss…WORLDWIDE.

I said all that to say this:
Your Shuttle's left wing has a "Compound" fracture and soon the truth will be revealed that THE DUVAL FAMILY WING was what enabled you to take high flight and expand your outreach. It was a dastardly thing you did to that family, Ralph, the way you swindled them out of their land. Thank God that there's a Jubilee coming where all properties will revert back to their rightful owners.

There's been many take-offs and landings but the tragedy is inevitable-WORLDWIDE. I have often heard you cry aloud against the Government's Space Program and that, man is always reaching for what he shouldn't. You know, Ralph, in many ways I agree with that, and because I do, I have to ask you about your "Space Program". Why are you reaching for what you shouldn't? Always wanting that forbidden fruit and then blaming others for the tragedy.

There's a chink in your armor and it will hinder the "Stairway" to heaven.

Look at the pattern, "Commander" Stair. When the history books are written there might be a phrase pertaining to you:
"A Legend in His Own Mind"

Ralph, it was the Lord who put me in my earthly family and heritage. I had no control as to where I was born. My father was born here and his parents were both from Belgium. My mother was also born here but lived her early life in Greece as her parents were both from Greece. I went over to Greece and Belgium in 1972 when I was 21 yrs. old, to visit my relatives there. I have over 100 in each country. I'm thankful for my heritage, but mostly for who I am in Christ, for there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free. Christ is my All in All!!!!

Back in November in the dining hall, you tried to mock my heritage but did not succeed as I did not take offense. Because, I've met your kind before. It's ironic now, that with your newfound station in Greece, your "image" out to Radioland is totally different to those precious people, than what it was to us in the dining hall, Ralph. If they only knew your other side.

Look at the pattern, "Doctor Jekyll".

Ralph, the other morning, I noticed that immediately after you were "putting on" in Prayer, that you got your "wires crossed" in more ways than you expected and slipped up on your Censorship on what you wanted Radioland to hear. Isn't that something? What secrets and lies are you hiding now Ralph?

It's good to see some of your associate members are trying to control all of their anger and bitterness that you've manifested on your show. What a mockery you've made of the Body of Christ. Oh, and by the way, do you think the Real Remnant Church (the ones who've had their eyes and ears opened to what's still going on there) will want to shallow that "Stuff" your spinning about "artificial eloquence" or "rhetoric" slop? What do you think we are, gluttons for punishment? Talk is cheap, but it's the fruit unto righteousness that really speaks. The only redeeming thing about the fact that you brought up, Rhetoric, was that you finally recognized and admitted that you were involved in it, and it almost seemed as though you prided yourselves in it. Isn't that something?

It's very interesting that just recently you were reading the description of our WORLD-RENOWNED TYRANNICAL DICTATORS and their tactics in government on how they control people. Truly it's sad indeed and what's really sad is that it describes the way you run that compound behind closed doors. We are told to cast off the works of darkness and we're also told to renounce the hidden things of dishonesty.
We are not your "kids" that you can yell at or "slap" around. We're "seasoned" adults that have been "schooled" for the likes of you.

The Word of God does not say that the people that know their god will be weak and exploit others, but rather on the contrary….
It says: The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

Tell me Ralph, did the apostle Paul (who was very prophetic) "rail" on the Bereans and damn them to hell for questioning him?
The answer as you know is NO.
If you're going to follow the Word in order to be an example or real leader, then why don't you look at when the Good Shepherd left the 99 and went after the one lost, or another example is when Jesus girded Himself with a towel and stooped to wash the disciples' feet. We are to conform to Christ Jesus and His image and not the one that you have on display, while you're filling your cup. Ralph, by your own words you're justified or condemned.

Ralph, I have a song request…the next time you're jockeying discs would you play- "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"?

Oh, and a last word of caution to those of you brothers and sisters and others included, reading this: That "smacking" sound that you sometimes hear when Ralph is PREYING is not of him "licking his wounds" as he wants you to think, but that of "licking his chops" for the next "suckers". Then after snaring them he uses their credibility to fool the masses out in Radioland to keep the vicious cycle going.

Ralph, time now to chose….
I'm reminding you that we've had an unseasonably cold winter up here and since I've spent most of my time on and with your compound last year, I was not able to build up a wood supply for the heating season. The cost of propane gas is increasing and I have not found employment yet, as we're seeking geographic relocation. I have an insurance premium due on my truck and this month's utilities have now been added onto last month's unpaid ones. I'm expecting our response as to your course of intent or action very soon, if you don't give the money back you'll be lying again.

Ralph, let me sign off by borrowing a phrase that you're so familiar with: "You people out there in Radioland….(in this case, it means you Ralph) Keep those cards and letters coming, and don't forget to send money.


Daniel Paul DeMeyer

10088 Irish Rd.
Millington, MI 48746