Daniel Demeyer's Testimony/Letter Continues

-It was the LORD that stopped the sale of our home.
-It was very clear that we were to come out of that whorish system.

Remember-religion begins with DO.
Jesus cursed the fig tree of religion-The DO'S and the DON'TS of Regimentation.
Christianity begins with "DONE"
No more can we turn a deaf ear
No more can we turn a blind eye
Otherwise, if we do, our conscience would be seared.
Enough is Enough!

Ralph..What's the purpose of this waste? That was the question that Judas the traitor(the one holding the $$$ bag) asked and yet you have repeatedly asked the same question on your Show. As you consider the word that goes forth on your Radio "Programming"Show and then in real life, contrasting with the reprogramming word that goes out when you "Show Out" there has arisen an element of confusion...So, maybe you can clarify this question: Does your head come off when you face the Pope...or does it fall off after you hang yourself? It seems to me that your bowels have already gushed out. Ralph, why did you betray the Body of Christ with kisses?

I looked at your schematic, I'm not ignorant of your devices. Oh, and in case you didn't know..the seams in your wool covering are unraveling and your fur is revealed on your puffed-up, exalted chest. Your "voice" has a raspy growl when you rage, Grandma.

So, What's it all about Ralphie? Well I'd have to say it's all about The Love of Money and it's all about YOU, the Last Day "Profit" of god.

A very dear friend of mine, Mr. Arnold Hewson had mentored and discipled me right after I became a Christian. He was 96 years old when he went home to be with the LORD in 1991. He would often tell me: "Experience is what you get when you're looking for something else." How right he was and never in my life did I ever expect to see and experience what goes on at your Compound.

Since I've become a Christian I have never been in such an environment where sin does abound as much as it does there on the compound.

All the evil work that I saw just grieved my spirit. And it's root is the Love of Money. Ralph, according to you, you are the one RESPONSIBLE since you are the "Strongman" and since NO ONE can ^Minister" to you...then in reality you are the one who brought on or allowed every evil work that is in operation there. Isn't that something?! What wickedness in high places! The Short Wa,ve, the Internet, the Hot Bird, etc.! etc.! You had set yourself up for a big fall Ralph.


Ralph I know this is new information for you, but you can check it out in the encyclopedia. A parasite needs new blood to continually suck to exist. So even though you deny it, people have provided for you. How sick!

It's quite a deceptive machine that you've had going there Ralph., as you kept on turning those cranks and wheels (spin doctors) and as you (taking double honor) Cried Aloud! "Pay no attention to that man behind the Compound, Do as I say and not as I do! THE GREAT RALPHIE has spoken!" But, not too much longer, as the curtain is being pulled back and you lose your hiding place, for it has become more obvious that you've already lost your edge, as evidenced by your frantic, out-of-control, raging.

Oh GOD, Is this the ONE who deceived the nations?

When I came down there on Wed. December 25,2002 at noon to confront you, I knew that I was faced with a dilemma.
1) I was going in alone into a pit of vipers and lie-ons1 den.
2) Knowing that...if Ralph's lips started moving the lie is then in process due to the spells and seduction.
3) Since Ralph doesn't play fair and acting like a weasel to get out of submitting to the truth and would try to twist anything I might say.

Ralph, do you remember, as you recently demonstrated the age-old technique of Rope-a-Dope? You were up on stage "showing off" and in the process. .. "Showing Out." on how to get the upper hand. How educational and timely. Now that, many of you there, were lulled back into post hypnotic slumber(at ease in Zion-so to speak) and supposing that you had gained your purpose, since you "set sail." I came in on that Wed. and employed what you had equipped us with. The element of SURPRISE! Now if the Press were there and ran with the story, the headlines might read: DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES "SEER" GETS BLINDSIDED AT HIGH NOON

Oh Daniel, was your GOD able to deliver you? Oh King, Live Forever! Yes, my GOD was able to shut the LIE-ONS mouths and take me up out of the den. And yes, oh King, thank-you for enabling me to shake off the viper that "letched" onto me in that pit of snakes.

And oh Heavenly Father, thank-you for receiving me back from that far country of now Can-you-see S.C.where I found myself eating of the husks and slop that the swine love so much. Father, I know nothing is too hard for you so I have a request of you concerning the enemy and how he uses men and NOW ONE MAN IN PARTICULAR.

This man: Ralph, Gotta Snare and is using it to trap and take captive your people LORD. He is just like the enemy mentioned in Your Book, LORD.


He's been a thief and is still involved in thievery and has robbed and still is robbing, and has killed and still is killing, has destroyed and still is destroying. How long LORD? How much longer? Please set your people free LORD.

It has become very apparent that anything good, pure, holy, is just another challenge for him to try to conquer and turn into a corrupted state, just as soon as he can.

LORD, he also tried messing with my wife, trying to divide the covenant that we have with you LORD.

Every where he goes, just since he says he repented, he leaves a devastating wake of destruction and waste. How long LORD? How long? There seems as though there's no limit to his attempts to humiliate your people, he really stoops low. With his spells and his mates' web, they have an insidious ability to trap men in their snare. They are using their Madison Ave. advertising techniques of "bait and switch." They've betrayed innocent blood! There's no fruit of righteousness. There have been no attempts to biblically restore all of those that they have defrauded. LORD, how long LORD? How long? I've even noticed that he has increased his commerical air time on his show to get more revenue. HOW LONG LORD?

Ralph, this year I used up the remaining of our savings to give to the "Overcomer Ministry" only to find out that its' use was to Trap Men and subvert the truth and to pay your legal fees and bonds. What a deception!

I had to borrow money to make the trip down there to FACE you for your breach of trust by FALSE PRETENSES. You defrauded us. Never in my life have I asked any ministry to give back what I had given as I had given it UNTO THE LORD. Likewise concerning "your ministry" I had given unto the LORD...I thought. But now knowing of your fraud, because you breached any and all trust, for the first time in my life I'm asking you to return at least twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00) of the almost twenty thousand dollars that I've sent to you over the past seven years. You know that fourteen thousand of that was given to you in the year 2002. I can not justify you keeping that. Because I am to be a good steward, the LORD knows I'll redistribute it to those with legitimate causes and those "overcome by your ministry."

LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Ralph the "Radio Programmer" did us much EVIL with his seductions and deceptions. Please LORD reward him according to his works. Yes, LORD, we know that You will do all things RIGHT. The truth will prevail.

Ralph, Lord willing, I'm going to try to find some means of employ to make it through the Winter and then try to sell our near-empty home in the Spring. As of right now I have no spendable money and need to pay this month's utilities and expenses.


It just wasn't the money, sent to you, but when we came back here to Michigan, we also had to face the fact that our home here was near-empty, as we had dispersed many possessions. It was also time-consuming on the five trips down there last year, and all associated expenses and losses.

We're still thankful that the LORD spared us a total loss.
LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, We praise and thankyou for your goodness & mercy!

The only drawback to all the effort going into this letter is that like other truth brought to your attention is: just that you'll subvert and twist. So that's the reason I've made and am sending a number of copies to accountable sources. Now you're being watched closer than ever Ralph.

I challenge you, also, to post this letter in the dining hall for all to read. I'll stand up to any and all for scrutiny- but only with witnesses. The prince of this world has nothing in me and neither do you Ralph. I allow and encourage all my brothers and sisters, reading this letter, to spread the word.

Ralph, the truth is the Great Falling Away is not with those who left (as you keep perpetrating) but with those who stayed, knowing what really went on.

How silly Ralph, now since you operate under the delusion and illusion of subversion and perversion, where it's the same also in the "kingdom of hell" where: Right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down and down is up, in is out and out is in. etc. etc. You know, the confusion you cause.

You lead with truth but not to the truth, Ralph. Also you eliminated apostles in your doctrine so as not to have anyone over you. Isn't that something?

Oh Ralph, King David was not known as a prophet as you try to pass off. Check the Scriptures, big guy. He was known as Jesse's son: Shepherd boy/Shepherd/Giant Killer/King/Patriarch/Father etc. etc. but not prophet and even if he were, it's still spelled differently.

Ralph, the Sabbath days we spent on your compound were anything but restful. You always took advantage of the opportunity to dominate the day. Squandering the saints rest with more sermonizing (oh that's right you don't sermonize)was very draining and exhausting. You quench the Spirit of GODf and you're a devourer of peace, joy and precious time and you do it with feigned love. You just can't stand the honesty Ralph!


Now to the Authorities reading this:

-Ralph Stair stalked my wife twice one day when she was all alone.
-There has been mail tampering and phone monitoring.
-When I went in to face him on Wed. Dec.25,2002, his thugs/henchmen and bullies showed up and "showed out". They tried to provoke me physically but I didn't "bite". Then, when I told them not to touch me, Ralph stood up and not only assaulted me, but followed through with battery, twice. That old boy just doesn't listen. He's a frail old man who's weak in many ways, so he didn't hurt me physically as I'm 6'1", 205 Ibs. and 51 years old. I did not touch him.
My wife and I are Christians and we're not going to press charges., but we wanted you informed of his recent behavior.

One of the saddest things that I had witnessed, was when that cult leader- Ralph Gordon Stair cast his spell over that group in the dining hall that Wed. Dec.25. He turned them into "zombies" that were somewhat paralyzed from thinking or acting apart from Ralph's control. It was like a switch had been turned on. It grieved me more than you know, to see the affects of an evil and wicked work. I wept inside and after leaving the compound, I shook physically from the spiritual oppression I had encountered.

There have been a Great Cloud of Witnessess who have gone before me, and some are still captive at the compound. They have and are enduring a great fight of afflictions and a trial of cruel mockings, yea moreover of bonds and imprisonment.
I praise GOD for the Faith they have demonstrated in the midst of the fiery furnace and I pray that their binding cords will soon be burnt off and set free of their captivity.

I am so thankful for my new-found brothers and sisters who were able to escape from the hands of this predator and tyrannical, ego-tiscal dictator. They have taken their now meager resources and networked together with the LORD directing to provide a way of escape.

Praise the LORD and may ALMIGHTY GOD bless you! We love you and we also stand together with you to help continue the exodus and into the land of promise...out of that whorish system.


Shame on you Ralph, and look at that look on your face! Why has your countenance fallen? Just go and do right! But you can't stand the honesty, can you? Your twin towers of honesty and integrity have toppled. Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

Ralph, I've been able to convey this to you without any anger toward you. I'm directing this to you just for what you've done since you got out of jail. Why do you always want to "lock horns" with anyone who stands up for truth?
Ralph, you really have not manifested any fruit of repentance unto righteousness. I hope, for your sake, YOU REALLY DO RIGHT.


Daniel Paul DeMeyer
10088 Irish Rd.
Millington, MI 48746


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