Daniel DeMeyer's Testimony/Letters

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Mr. Ralph Stair
"Overcomer Ministry"
12680 Augusta Hwy. Walterboro, SC 29488

Mr. Stair,

Since the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY saved my soul in 1975 it has been my prayer and desire to serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST with an excellent spirit and so with this in my heart and mind, I consider myself when I approach others.

Since you've openly set yourself above all others, and openly manifested the unwillingness to submit yourself to others-therefore any attempt of others approaching you to entreat you, becomes very difficult and seemingly impossible. But with GOD, all things are possible! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

After twenty-one days of prayer and fasting, I'm drafting this letter to you and making it known...for this wasn't done in a corner.

When I came down from Michigan to the compound in Canadys to confront you to the face on Wednesday, December twenty-fifth 2002 at high noon was for the fact that: l)You lied to me 2)You didn't level with me 3)You didn't come clean.
I just repeated the three things that I had said to your face three weeks ago.

Ralph, you must know that you do not have a spell over me any longer.

I have confessed to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY that I allowed a man to get between HIM and me and that man was R.G.Stair, who for a while cast a spell of deception and seduction, hypnosis and mind control, And Ralph, for this breach of trust,! could not and would not sub-ject(let alone submit) myself or my wife to your captivity any longer.

Ralph, it's important that I convey to you my belief, in that the Bible says that GOD will forgive all manner of sin, except the blasphemy against the HOLY SPIRIT.

The past sins you "confessed" of ADULTRY prior to Passover 2002, was in truth a "reduction" and false pretense as to the whole matter.


None-the-less, I forgave you because I trusted you because that's what you confessed. I even told you that I loved you, for I had loved you. But I'm just another one in your long list of people that you abused and violated any trust as a brother/sister/friend and then damned our souls to hell.

The reason I confronted you to your face and not in a corner, was because you boldly stated, since you got out of jail, that: "You could not sin anymore." You sure tried to pull off your "Immaculate Deception" (oxymoron), but it just didn't fly Ralph.

Going back earlier last year, you approached me at Passover 2002 (March-April) and wanted me and my wife to come live there. Wow! What a decision for us! We went home, listed our home, then came back for Pentecost (May), at which time you were in jail. Your scribes, spin doctors, pharisees, bullies and hypocrites carried on the "Dog & Pony show", not fully revealed to us at that time. We accepted many things, telling ourselves that we had a lot to learn about community life. We poured our hearts and souls into everything we did there and also preparing to come back to the community very soon. Which we did in Sept. with a full pickup truck and trailer load. We spent that month, waiting for our home to sell. This started our "community life" with many of the precious saints of GOD, that we met there and grew to love.

I know the Scriptures say that Moses chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of GOD than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. I, too, wanted to be with people of like precious faith. One of the stark realities of your "law of subversion" was that we were suffering affliction from the "man of GOD" who set himself up many times as God.

The next trip back to Michigan, we lowered the price again on the house, as you had advised us to do. We came back the last week of Oct. with another truck and trailer load and stayed for most of November. We kept getting signs, to hinder us and warnings to beware, but we were suppressing them, thinking it was the enemy and yet it was the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ralph, I wanted so much and looked forward to the Restoration of All Things. I told my wife that we should soon see a turn-around and there should be Fruit of Repentence But only to find:

-You made Bro. Al lick the floor
-Bro. Enoch, beaten up and tossed between you and Dave Marrata
-Bro. Mark, not knowing which end is up
-All of us being told we were full of iniquity(Come now, there would then be no room for the HOLY SPIRIT)
-Sis. Nancy crushed for dropping a piece of bread
-Having to hear you denounce and demonize any and all who came into your mind (Who's full of iniquity, Ralph?)
-Railing accusations and low blows about all who left the compound and were not there to defend themselves.


-Tormenting Sis. Marcie with the "proverbial carrot" and holding "faith" over her head concerning the healing of her eyes
-The same holds true for Sis. Lois and her arthritis
-It goes on and on, as you kept hammering.

The Word tells us that as far as the East is from the West, so far has GOD removed our transgressions from us...never to be remembered against us anymore. But you Ralph, thrive on "new dirt" (knowledge of believers' past, confessed and forgiven sins) so it can be more fodder at the next mealtime.

Also, patience is the fruit of faith and I have witnessed neither from you.
We are spirit beings and to be guided by a "still, small voice".
We are not caged animals that have to be whipped into shape, or controlled like Pavlov's dogs.
You stand presiding and pontificating as the profane standing in the place of the holy, ruling by fear and intimidation. Remember Ralph that the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. YOU ARE NOT OUR MEDIATOR NOR OUR JUDGE.

Near the end of November, we returned to Michigan to "cut" (so to speak) the sacrifice...our home as an offering.We "climbed the mountain", that's the point we were at for we were still willing to return to S.C.

While waiting on the realtor, we visited Bro.Jeff and Sis. Andrea Hutchinson desiring fellowship on the Sabbath days, patiently waiting, praying, and listening to the "broadcast." We got deathly ill the second week of December(as mentioned to you when I wrote to you,sent a fax after that week had passed.) Never in our married life had Nancy and I ever got sick like that. We were both in bed for almost the whole week together, and the "spiritual warfare" was ON also. We kept praying and asking GOD to show us what was going on. As we nurtured one another back to health, the LORD was in our midst mightily. We talked and prayed at length, seeking His will. During our talks we had much time to reflect on all our experiences at the farm. We sought the LORD as to why we had sinking feelings and uneasiness in the depths of our souls and spirits. We didn't call anyone, nor did we go seeking "dirt." But within a couple of days, a series of phone calls and correspondence came to us!!! We were stunned, we ached all the more, we wept and wept. What a nightmare exposed, as I talked to many a broken spirit who had suffered under you: abuse,lies, blackmail, rape, theft. And then they were damned to hell, thrown out to die with cruel mockings to accompany them and no place to rest their weary heads. It was the LORD who intervened and stopped us from going any further, it was the,LORD who wanted us to see what was going on. Otherwise if we had known prior to coming back at Pentecost in May, then we would have been: "Spying out your liberty". But what we really found out was that you're in bondage.


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