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The Net Team
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Saturday 07/21/2007 9:03:49am
Name: Tim Butler
E-Mail: brother_tim@remnantshope.com
City/Country: Tracy City, TN
Comments: I got an e-mail this week from the lawyers who represented us in the civil suite we had against Stair. They told me that they had attained a court order and that all the money awarded us in the lawsuite is now in the courts hands.

Stair is spinning this as giving us the money but the truth is that he is still appealling the case, so much for giving, huh Ralph!

Wednesday 07/18/2007 6:31:51pm
Name: Brother Michael Rowland
E-Mail: Mrowland55@earthlink.net
City/Country: Macksville, KS
Comments: Greetings Saints

I want to keep us up to date on THE NET TEAM charges and give each of you an opportunity to help keep our website here with your offerings to the Lord.

Last time I paid the bill of $29.99 for a 3 month period and we are past due now.

If you were one of the one's who feel led to help please do so now, and always remember THE NET TEAM is nothings more than a non-profit site that is here to help.

My home address is

PO BOX 341

Thank you for helping

Michael Rowland

Tuesday 07/17/2007 4:05:49pm
Name: Visitor
City/Country: White Pigeon, MI
Comments: I have a cassette message of Ralph where he states, "If Christ doesn't return by 2000, I'm a false prophet."
He was correct. Does that make him a true prophet..?

Sunday 07/15/2007 11:21:33pm
Name: Repeat from September 2005
Comments: A few days ago, Stair, trying to explain why his man-worship, mind-control cult compound is located almost exactly on the 33rd parallel, said that 33 degrees North is the latitude of Jerusalem. He lied! The latitude of Jerusalem is 31 degrees 47 minutes North (about 31 and 3/4 degrees). The Stair concentration camp's 33 degree North latitude is the same as the northern portion of the ancient province of Babylon in Iraq. That makes sense, since if you listen carefully to Stair's 1987 "prophecy", you will hear "God", supposedly talking through Stair, utter the words "from my mother's womb". The concept of God having a mother comes from the ancient Babylonian mystery religion, and has nothing to do with Christianity (nor does Stair, except that he is a false prophet as spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ).

Sunday 07/15/2007 11:15:10pm
Name: Repeat
City/Country: Dunceville/USA
Comments: I think you people are all wrong. Ralph Stair is a good man because he quotes Bible scriptures. Everybody knows that if he was a devil his tongue would come off of its rollers if he tried to do that, just like in the movies.

And all these hurricanes and earthquakes and tidal waves and stuff prove that he is a man of God because he said they would happen, sort of, I mean he said the Bible said they would happen, I mean he said in general when they would happen but he didn't have to give an exact time because he didn't say "Thus sayeth the Lord", and his tongue didn't come off of its rollers.

I'm going to send him my money so he can use it for lawyers, secret accounts, pianos for his wife, personal weaponry, special treats for his inner circle, condoms, bribes, road trips or whatever else he needs to do or buy to finish God's work.

I hope he lets me move to the farm with my wife and children too. I know that whatever happens there is right because Br. Stair says so, and if he ends up raping my wife and children that will be what God is telling him to do, or was that the Devil telling him what to do, or was it God telling the Devil to tell him what to do, well anyway it will be OK because Br. Stair says so.

You people really need to lay off of Br. Stair. He can't be a false prophet because I heard him read Matthew 7:15 and his tongue didn't come off of its rollers like it would have to if he was a devil.

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