Brandi Wright's Testimony

Brother Frank Responds

Brother Frank Loupe called and spoke with me about his daughter, Brandi's letter to the net team. Frank has confessed that he was wrong about the whole situation.

At higher ground after long years of fights and a destructive critical relationship that he was in with Bonnie Frank said that life was becoming unbearable and exhausting and I agreed with him on that.

His daughter, a member on the higher ground community for only 4 years like Franks second wife Bonnie claim he was crazy for listening to Stair. Bonnie, Franks wife began noticing how a young girl, 25 years old was showing Frank affection. Like Brandi said, he would play his guitar and this younger woman would draw close to Frank and this made Franks ex-wife Bonnie mad. For years Bonnie was telling Frank he had flipped for following Stair and of course we were all entangled and felt forced with cruelty to obey Stair and his rigor at least to a point.

Instead of Frank and Bonnie coming together more as a result of our connection with Stair they found their lives being torn apart and that's nothing new, we all know that. Everyone has had to battle for their place as Stair would use every method to separate even husbands and wives. On top of that as I spoke with Frank (he called me) he explains how that Brandi never lived with her dad and after growing up and wanting to become more Godly moved to higher ground knowing her father was a holy man.

Frank tells how he demanded that she ( Brandi) and her boyfriend do things right and get married as many of the younger generation thinks nothing of their premarital sexual activity. She was used to having almost everything Frank says and Brandi consequently was given the best house and you name it to keep the peace there.

It seems that after the year 2000 and Stair's exposure that the others in other communities began to speak out against Frank and he is not the only one who has had to take a good slap for being a minister under Stair. Many have come and gone and Bonnie I know personally was not pleased at all with Frank and his life style and she spoke of it and showed it. Bonnie has gone back now for over a year to the old life where her and Frank met drinking and drugging or smoking pot. Frank is not condemning her at all just reporting what has happened and is sorry that his life with Bonnie was a failure. Bonnie left and months later Frank was filmed Brandi said with Robin. I asked Frank about what she wrote, how the teens were in the rafters, and he said yes, that at the end of a year of secretly showing love to each other Robin and Frank would meet together in her room because it was impossible to go outside for walks in subzero temperatures and he 40's and her 20's and in a community where forbidding to marry was in the hearts of those there. Frank and Robin felt trapped knowing they would be opposed waited on the Lord.

Robin is a crippled girl that has gotten Franks attention and I personally am very glad for them. Robin as young as she is can not walk far before she must sit down and Frank really loves her. Robin walks with a cane today. Brandi feels that because they were together and she has a picture of this that Frank and Robin were having sexual intercourse daily behind everyones back, showing up at breakfast like nothing happened and THAT is a damn lie and that is coming from my mouth saints and Frank told me they never did that before they were married. Frank said he was ashamed that he was getting a divorce and was being loved by such a younger girl knowing what others think in their evil minds.

His ex-wife Bonnie was gone now a year and back to her sins and I asked Frank what happened and he said that he was" feeling his iniquity" and felt it was time to take this matter before the brothers and did at the time and he asked if anyone did not think he and Robin should get married he would not do that and they all agreed it was ok and they were happily married and still are and I am glad for them and pray that they will be successful in this short life, there is much and I will get back to you saints.

I love you all,
Ps lets get all the facts God bless.


Dear Mike,
Hello its Brandi Wright again. I am relieved at your apology you had me worried that you had been seduced by Frank and was suprised after what you had been through with Stair. I was suprised that you put Franks response up. Of course he would defend himself wouldnt Stair do the same if he were permitted to respond? I hope for everyones sake that you erase his response to relieve any confusion it may be causing others. There are some facts that id like to discuss to shed the truth to the lies in Franks response. For one Frank says I always had everything I wanted, it is false. My mother raised me and my 2 sisters alone withthe help of state aid he was unfaithful in sending child support for me and there was much I went without!! At times I lived with my Grandparents who were able to provide my basic needs, but I didnt live luxouriously. Bonnie does not drink and do drugs!!!! She did not willingly leave the farm he drove her out. He even told her to go to bars to meet a nice man. That if she wouldnt leave he and Robin would leave the farm, he even packed up things up for him and Robin to leave incase he couldnt convince Bonnie to leave. Franks other children also know the truth but they will not say anything to offend him because they are in fear of him disowning them as he did us (which we are ok with because the feeling is mutual.) Frank is one to talk of ungodly sexual relations and fornication. He has had many adulterous relationships in the past. My husband and I were virgins when we met and weve always had a monogamous relationship. Frank told us we didnt need to be married in the worls eyes because once 2 people were intimate God considered them married, so this is what we went by. We wanted a wedding with witnesses and adventually had one, but of course our families didnt know so they thought it was fornication, though they said they understood the reasoning. they didnt know of our wedding until years later and were hurt that they werent invited. Frank also wanted us to hide our marriage from Stair. Frank was the one who was against marriages not the community. A couple who had been together before coming to the community were made to seperate completely, and had to ask and ask to court and adventually marry. He finally permitted it but not without a fuss. Frank didnt tell pastor Roberts or Stair about his divorce and marriage until months later when pastor Roberts came for a visit. I was commanded not to tell Stair or pastor Roberts. Why would something righteous be kept hidden? Also I never said he and Robin had sex every night, but naked people dont usually play chess. There are other things that can be done and not called sex,(ask Bill Clinton.) My point is that a married man ( a so called man of God at that ) has no business spending the night with a single girl. As for the temperatures being below zero for an excuse to hide in her room, it was warm enough for us to bring newborn babies out to go to meals. Bonnie wasnt against Frank for trusting Stair. She was deceived by Stair like the rest of us. Robin isnt a cripple, she can sand furniture with an electric sander, build rock walls, rake her yard, (should I go on?) Last but not least I was not given the best house. The house we lived in was a very old one which was already on the land when it was purchased. The walls of the house were infested with flies and mice. On rainy days it reeked of mouse urine. We didnt live in the house alone there were always others there, Frank and Bonnie, and brothers and when the brothers left Frankie and Nicole came. So the whole family was in the house. The space of the house we had was a 9 by 10 cubicle. For all 4 years minus about 2 months. Once Frank married Robin he was going to move out and he wanted us to move upstairs in his old room, we were about to have a baby and were hoping to have a place of our own since all the other families had their own homes, but he insisted we stay in the house. He told us he would move into his trailer as is and he would help us get the upstairs done before the baby was born, but that didnt happen. He left all of his junk upstairs and completed his own trailer. We finally got permission to move his stuff to storage and he didnt lift a finger to help. We had to remodle the upstairs to make 2 rooms 1 for us and 1 for the baby, build new steps the existing ones were dangerous, rip out the existing walls and insulation which was full of flies mice feces,mice bodies and birdseed, we had to put up new insulation and walls ,mud, paint,etc.... It wasnt complete before the baby came. Since we didnt have a private house brothers were coming in and out while I was in the process of giving birth it was humiliating!!! We lived in our nice rooms for about 2 months until we could no longer swallow all of the lies and deceit. That is all for now. May the truth be made known.
Bless you all!
Brandi Wright

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